This game will unlock in approximately 5 months, 2 weeks, 5 days and 22 hours” according to the countdown timer on Steam, which means you can now pre-purchase Call of Duty Ghosts on PC! One advantage PC users will have over console users is the ability to download the game just prior to release so that the game is ready to play at 12:01am local time, a feature that is also RUMORED to be available for next-gen consoles. Head over to STEAM if you’re interested in pre-purchasing.

FYI, we’ll update you guys once the official PC requirements are announced…

UPDATE: A new trailer for the Black Ops 2 Ghosts weapon camo has been released on Steam.


  • Polarr

    New story line information!

  • Super_Deluxe

    I can’t wait to buy it even though I haven’t seen any gameplay footage yet!!!

  • Mazthoril

    Still no ghost camo on PC… Stop trolling us Treyarch…

    • MeisseN

      And for consoles you must preorder @ GameStop..

  • Mark Nutt

    You can also digitally pre-order on PSN. And with The Last of Us you can start playing halfway through the download.