IGN sits down with Infinity Ward’s Executive Producer Mark Rubin in this video interview where he discusses next-gen graphics and gameplay.

  • Wants world to be a character.
  • Two main focuses for next-gen engine are displacing mapping and sub-d.
  • Wanted environment to be jaw dropping and immersive.
  • New engine applies to current gen also.
  • New gameplay to “customize” the level as you go; hidden things create sub-mission or effect story.



SOURCE: IGN Via @QuadeVenn

  • lMattW

    I’m glad he talked about the controls. That’s one thing that has me locked into CoD, that the feeling of the controls is head and shoulders above every other game first person shooter. If they can stay ahead then there’s a good chance I’ll stay with them.

  • Young Hernz

    I hope the change the sprint controls cause since I played MW2 I sprint so much in every CoD muiltPlayer game and it messed up my thumbstick

    • bob

      im pretty sure in Cod you can press and sprint without having to hold it pushed in like bf3 and someother games

      • Dksksj s

        Your right!

  • “New” engine..

  • Youngsplud

    “Other people who try to copy us” are you fucking kidding your making a first person shooter what all can you do with a game it’s not like your bringing anything new here sliding and leaning has been in many games before ghost

  • Ghosts is set to be released on November 5, 2013,

    Does this mean that the XB1 also is set to come out around that time?.

    • Amro King0

      possibly yes

    • Shamans hd

      I have a feeling that both will be revealed on the same day, so ghosts is a launch title, that way everyone who buys a an Xbox one can get the game at the same time when there aren’t as many games to choose from, and ghosts would sell better. But that’s just a theory!