YouTuber, TheLongSensation has an interesting theory in regards to how the “technologically-superior global power” was able to cripple the United States in Call of Duty Ghosts… by a kinetic (orbital) bombardment.

According to Wikipedia, “Project Thor” is a real life weapon concept that launches kinetic projectiles from Earth’s orbit to damage targets on the ground. What’s interesting is that the weapon is described as “an orbiting tungsten telephone pole with small fins and a computer in the back for guidance“. If you remember prior to the reveal, the teaser hinted that Tungsten was involved somehow in Ghosts by teasing the Tungsten atomic mass 183.84.


Some experts say that Project Thor can have a yield of a small tactical nuclear bomb. Assuming his theory is wrong, what other possible scenarios do you think there are? What can leave a crater in the ground with buildings standing near by? What other kind of “mass event” do you think can occur? Let us know in the comments below..


SOURCE: TheLongSensation and Wikipedia

  • Dean

    Somebody watched G.I. Joe 2. :3

  • Rated-R619

    Yes this is the final weapon in GIJOE 2

  • Rated-R619

    And GIJOE has some links with CoD, as the beginning of the movie (playin MW3)

  • *cough*…….

  • Batman

    I knew that the KINECT would turn evil and kill everyone


  • ORB1T4L

    This device is also known as “the rods from god”.

  • TOROi3


  • Mpp4war

    A ‘bad luck’ random asteroid event that destroys the USA s industrial infer structure ,leaving it open to attack.

  • Raymond Brown

    it was in the last level of black ops 2

  • And Robbin

    The mass event? The moon drops unto earth. (nod, nod)

  • Derek

    What about Yellowstone having a volcano 40,000 years overdue for explosion and when it does it will have the impact equal to Hiroshima x25 scattering ash to Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, possibly the tip of Russia near Alaska but the areas such as Denver CO, Rapid City SD, and Helena MT may not have ash but it will have asteroids and those areas are very mountainous in the screenshot so possibly this is where the teams survives but wait the enemies are storming in from over seas to get there hands on America’s nukes but they exploded creating an even bigger mass event but its just a theory