Tips have been pouring in for this supposed Ghosts multiplayer gameplay/menu screenshots. Our gut told us it was fake but we wanted to confirm just in case so we reached out to one of our Infinity Ward contacts and they confirmed it is indeed fake. These images are awfully similar to last year’s fake Black Ops 2 images that fooled a lot of people too.

Huge thanks to @TrollinThunder for finding the original image used which was in the “Behind the Scenes” trailer.

So now you guys know how easy it is to make a convincing fake. Don’t be fooled when the next one pops up. If we see anything credible or confirmed real then we’ll let you guys know the second it appears…


  • lolwut

    TrollinThunder didn’t find it, someone on NeoGAF did, and they posted another image too – clearly showing why it is fake – he has two left hands!

  • MeisseN

    Eh, when I woke up this morning I wanted to hit CI and tell people my doubt of legitimacy, but here you are! Good job CI.

  • Rated-R619

    The letter says “Dedication to Onche-Onche [JV] by Dave Crewe” It comes from a french website Onche-onche is the sound when you make love and it is a popular word on this site.

  • Ascending Legend

    Screw you kyle

  • Robert

    Fucking people with no life wasting their time making fake stuff.

  • people that do shit like this have no life. They think they are trolling

  • Poplur33

    Ok what does the image even mean if it is real it’s trash

  • JKB98

    I really hope Infinity Ward makes the bullet count similar to Treyarch’s games. It’s really hard to tell how many projectiles are in my gun when they are just a bunch of white lines.

    • Jacol

      Agreed! We need solid numbers!

    • Nightmare

      The problem is where is +1 bullet? It appeared for Call of duty 1,2 maybe 3(didn’t play it) and when 4 released it disappeared…

      • JKB98

        I never knew that it was in the first few Call of Duties, but it also definitely needs to return too.

    • ur1

      this image is fake, but it shows the lines and numbers

  • Rated-R619 community laugh at american people :hap:

  • Nightmare

    Player on screen has 3 hands…