Activision has just announced the “Call of Duty Ghosts: All Access” event which will take place this Sunday, June 9th at 11:00am PT!

Rather than share the stage with Microsoft at E3 like previous years, Activision will instead be holding it’s own Call of Duty E3 event to reveal the first gameplay footage for Call of Duty Ghosts. The event is considered a “live broadcast” with footage to hit YouTube immediately after the event. The event is expected to be from 11:00am-11:30am PT and will be livestreamed.

Activision has rolled out the red carpet for us so we’ll be attending the event this Sunday. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter for behind the scenes info/pics/video leading up to the event. As a reminder, we’ll also be at the Microsoft Xbox One E3 media briefing the following morning.

So check back here Sunday for all the coverage and LIVE BLOG of the event!

Call of Duty® is bringing E3 to its fans early. Join hosts Geoff Keighley and Justine Ezarik this Sunday for Call of Duty®: Ghosts – All-Access, a live, 30-minute broadcast featuring an exclusive first look at gameplay levels from the title, as well as exclusive behind the scenes footage, interviews with the Infinity Ward team, and more.

Tune into and other online destinations across the web or watch it on Xbox’s Machinima app, available in 41 countries, on Sunday, June 9th, at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET. Additional broadcast outlets to be announced.

The event can be watched on, the Xbox LIVE Machinima App, GameTrailers, GameSpot, and DirecTV. We will also have the live stream embedded into to our live blog post. Check back Sunday for the link to that!



    Will this be in g4tv?

    • G4 is no longer a channel. It shutdown.

  • CanUNot

    How long before TmarTn, Ali-A and a bunch of YouTube faggots make a video about it?

    • xx420xx

      im guessing they’re uploading now

    • And the problem is what?… a lot of people don’t know about these kind of sites and don’t search on the internet after news and callig them faggots is just retarded

      • HenryDF

        Ali-A is a faggot – he makes ridiculous excuses for posting news late. For example, when Ghosts was revealed he posted a video about 3 hours after the reveal, and his excuse was that he had been “speaking loads with [his] fan’s on Twitter!; he hadn’t. He had only spoken to other high-status YouTubers. No one else. He never speaks to anyone else on Twitter other than “famous” people, never normal people.

        • All YTubers makes excuses, most of the excuses are just stupid… don’t see your point

          • HenryDF

            If they have to make excuses and they don’t want to just tell the truth than they are faggots.The worst thing about that excuse with Ali-A was that it wasn’t as if he’d said “My internet was down”, he’d completely lied about speaking to his fans and trying to make himself look good when he hadn’t, and it was obvious that he hadn’t.

          • Ascending Legend

            In Ali-A’s defense he is a YouTuber who is centralized around news, so of course he would upload videos about the articles in ChalieIntel. But i do have to agree with you, he does only talk to higher ranked Youtubers and not his fans.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          hey stupid guy, Ali-A does talk to people, I am just a random dude and when BO2 first came out he followed me, and was frequently direct messaging me as we tried to figure out the tranzit map, so say what you want, but you’re probably a bigger faggot than Ali-A.

      • Batman

        All youtubers take every info from here, them they call themselves as being the “1st source for Call of Duty news!”.
        And when they give some credit to charlie intel, they tell the name of the site very quickly and the link is hidden somewhere in the description, so yes they are faggs

      • aaa187

        Exactly, they are getting rich off clearly retarded people that can’t use a search engine or can’t read. Why do I want some dumbass reading me the shit when I can read it myself? Stealing content from someone else then profiting off of it.

        • Batman

          Also I forgot to mention that they are CoD VIP members and get acess to play things early just because they copy every single letter from here.
          And Victor(From charlieintel) is so awesome, that he doesn´t have a problem with that, and he helps youtubers when they need help

    • Kevboy22

      lol ikr theyre all so gay especially tmartn and ali a

    • Kevboy22

      oh and i hate their retared thumb nails. it makes them even gayer

    • lMattW

      Tmartn has evolved a little bit. Ali-A though seems to be chugging right along.

    • falldruid37

      TmarTn did it.

  • The Flash

    uk time?

    • It’s live streamed on web. Doesn’t matter what time zone your in.

      • lolwut

        are you retarded? Yes it does. It still has a start time.

        Alex, 2PM ET is 7PM UK time.

      • ONE BAR

        Wow, you are stupid.

      • falldruid37

        You must be 6. WELCOME TO THE INTERNET!

    • Mitch

      If I am correct 7pm.

      • Amro

        6pm uk time

        • rockstar

          no its 7pm you idiot

  • HenryDF

    I like the new CoD logo 😀

    • Cooter

      There is nothing “new” about it. It’s the same tattered Impact font and stencilled Bank Gothic.

      • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

        perhaps that was his attempt at a joke, ay?

        • Mountin Doo

          No sane person uses “:D” while being sarcastic.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            you are wrong, watch this … oh I suppose you know everything? 😀
            I would also like to add that I am a sane person.

          • Ascending Legend

            You must be the life of the party

          • Name


  • Poplur33

    Mezadoctor how u know that don’t watch him. Also tMartin isn’t that bad just ignore all the little bs videos he does and ull be fine he’s just on a tight schedule

  • Cyber-Ninja

    So does this mean that we will get TWO different sets of footage? One shown on the 9th and another one shown on the 11th? If so will MP be shown at E3 I wonder??? ;O) ;O)

    • Batman

      We will get 2 levels from campaign on the CoD all acess event, CoD WILL NOT be at E3. So MP is only in august/september

      • Cyber-Ninja

        Why will CoD not be appearing at E3? IW have already announced they will be attending, so I’m sure we will see some different #CODGhosts footage for-sure!!! ;O)

        • It will be at E3

          • Batman

            But not at microsoft stage, right?

          • falldruid37


          • Batman

            Just stop with this shit

          • Ascending Legend

            Batman has spoken.

          • falldruid37


  • Batman

    Can someone give me a link to an E3 livestream?

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      you noob, it’s not until June 11th… when it becomes that time, use this.

      • Batman

        I know your fucking idiot, I just want to be set up, for the conference, so I will not miss a single second of that pure epicness.

        Think first before offend people dumbass

  • Kevboy22

    why would they do this before e3

    • All major announcements happen before E3. Technically E3 starts next Tuesday… Konami is actually kicking things off with their press conference this Thursday though

  • WTF

    What the fuck is wrong with this CharlieIntel community?
    If those YouTubers want to make videos, let them..
    And if you don’t like them, JUST DON’T WATCH THEM….
    Seriously ‘-.-

    • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

      Still have to suffer being plastered with their videos in the Recommended videos feed

    • Batman

      Its not fair with CharlieINTEL.

      • Luckily we’re in the business of blogging, not YouTube. We have a YT channel but its not really for news, it’s more for commentaries and events where we can record footage.

        I appreciate the fact that people are sort of sticking up for us but to be honest, it’s a lot faster to post an article than it is to make a video which is why we beat them to it 99.9% of the time…

        We’ve actually met Ali-A and Tmartn in person several times and correspond weekly with them through email/private Twitter DMs. I dont mind them using our info because it actually gives us a huge boost in web traffic.

        We’re in it to serve the community. If everyone took our news/info and reposted or reuploaded then they’re simply spreading the word in the community. In the end, everyone knows where they heard it first 😉

        • Batman

          And you guys are so AWESOME, that you let them do it, and don´t see it in the bad way

  • Ascending Legend

    I would rather see some multiplayer gameplay but thats just me…

  • toppest of lels

    oh you guys are so cute getting anus frustrated over youtubers not messaging you back. calling someone a faggot for doing that makes you like an immature faggot

    • Batman

      They steal/stole info from here, and don´t give almost any credit, and call themselves as the 1st source for cod news.

      Anyone can simply do that too

      That´s what makes at least me, mad