Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin talked to recently and discussed the challenges they faced after the Co-Founders, Vince Zampella and Jason West left the studio, taking 46 IW employees with them. Ever since then, Infinity Ward has been trying to rebuild themselves back up from what was left. For MW3, they needed Sledgehammer’s help in order to finish and release that game with the standards fan expect:

“For Modern Warfare 3, we co-developed with Sledgehammer,” recalls Infinity Ward executive producer, and development lead on the forthcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, Mark Rubin. “Early on we decided we needed to bring in someone to help us make that game. And what we didn’t want to do was just to use an outsourcing company. We wanted a company that was as passionate about what they were doing as we were. And to do that we need to give ownership to them and let them own what they’re working on and get behind it.”

Mark Rubin also talked about the new talent they have gotten:

We are always looking for the best talent, and we stayed that route. We are now a fully-fledged team. We are actually bigger than we have ever been before.

Infinity Ward recruited two CG guys who were responsible for Final Fantasy: Spirits Wars. Rubin said that these guys create assets that are way past next-gen:

But these guys aren’t used to that kind of development. They create art assets at cinema level, which is beyond next, next, next, next-gen.

Mark Rubin also further confirmed that SubD engine being used in Ghosts is something that has been used in Pixar films for years. Mark said:

“SubD is something Pixar developed, and Hollywood has been using it for years for feature film,” says Rubin, “Those guys have been using it in the pre-rendered sense, so it’s not real-time. But we developed it and brought it into the game so it is working in real-time. It has a pretty material effect on the way the game looks, and that’s the benefit of bringing these things in.”

Infinity Ward has also taken the lead on the marketing campaign for Ghosts, as they did for the Modern Warfare franchise.

“We could have done something else. But we wanted to make Call of Duty and we wanted to create a new universe,” says Rubin. “I approve every screen, or should I say disapprove every screenshot,” says Rubin. “You know the Call of Duty: Ghosts branding skull? We designed that in the studio.”

SOURCE: Full interview at Develop-Online


    So is IW is just like trying to show off or something now? I mean is it necessary to post stuff like this?? Im just saying im not an IW person and everyone is all hyped for this game for one reason only! GRAPHICS!

    • Your Wrong

      Don’t talk for everyone else. A lot of people aren’t just gonna buy it for graphics. Enjoy the game for its game play, not graphics.

      • JuggerNaut

        personally,i’m with cod because of they’re outstanding stories for fps game,with they’re passion that they put creating the game,graphics is just a little part that plays in all of this,unless you are a graphic whore.I hope the new universe will proove it self worth it

        • Hypnotoadwithagun

          Copy that, IW’s stories are especially good.

          • KX07

            I have to yet to enjoy a treyarch single player, they’re ok at best. IW has the best single player campaigns in my opinion. MW2 campaign being my favorite.

          • iSwedishVirus

            I really have to disagree with you, the COD4 campaign was great no doubts about it! However MW2’s campaign was good but it had it boring and protracted missions….and MW3 was just basically a repeat of MW2’s campaign if you think of it. In Mw2 Shepard try to start WW3(sorta) and he fails(or does he?) and at the same time Soap almost dies and you have to save him. In MW3 Makarov tries to start WW3(sorta) and kinda succeds i guess…and guess what? Soap get’s injured again and then dies! MY GOD lmao. And yet again some missions where boring and really protracted :/

            To me Treyarch definitely has the more in-deept story campaign for their games, sure World At War was about WW2 but BO1 had a really deep and interesting story and BO2’s campaign was not the best but Treyarch made it great because of the custom classes, the alternative endings, choices, strike force missions etc 🙂
            But hey, we all have different opinions :))

        • Alejandro

          The stories in CoD are not THAT good… i mean, they are somewhat goofy, very very shallow, but they are very entertaining and keep you hooked. there are quite a lot of scenes which are memorable… like the eiffel tower collapsing or the warzone in manhattan or the ruins of LA, the nuke aftermath in mw1, the chemical weapons in london.

          I am not being a fanboy, but i recently bought battlefield 3, i finished the single player campaing yesterday and i don’t remember a damn thing… I don’t even remember the name of the main character. there was no involvement between the player and the story, just a bunch of extremely good lightning effects that gave me a really realistic experience… so realistic experience that wasn’t even funny.


      What I found funny was at the MW3 reveal they said “F**k you second chance!!!” but they put in final stand in the game. BO2 didn’t say anything about that, its not in there. IMO most people love Infinity Ward for its play style, british accents, hype, and its campaign/music. I like Treyarch for its campaign, score streaks/weapons/lethals/tacticals, and the feel of it (+ more but 2 tired.
      But I still like both. I feel let down a bit every time with IW(meaning less hype).

      • Soplas

        lol it’s campaign are you kidding me. I’m no longer a treyarch person their hype is bad. They lied when they said their would be a full-fledged Zombies Campaign, they did not say just a story line, but were referring to a mode where you would play along the story much like the main campaign itself.

        • iSwedishVirus

          I did some research and Treyarch NEVER said that there would be a so called ” full-fledged Zombies Campaign”, however they did say that “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′ zombies grows with a story-driven campaign” which zombies in BO2 pretty is doing. The only thing you have to do is complete all the easter eggs on the different maps and looks for clues and you will get a awesome story 🙂

    • 9410besi

      The new engine is so much more then graphics. There’re going to be new features in the game! Features that have never been seen in a CoD game. Maybe 32 MP games?

  • Jarhead

    Did they updated their sound system?

  • Batman

    Infinity ward is inspired and doing this alone? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

    Sledgehammer sucks

    • Willda Thrill

      How can you say sledgehammer sucks when none of us have played a soley developed COD from them?????? EXACTLY!

      • Batman



    • Keshav Bhat

      Infinity Ward isn’t doing this all alone. Neversoft and Raven Software are assisting as well.

      • Batman

        But they are a playing a small role. Not co-developing, just assisting

  • lolwut

    The best bit in the interview is that they’ve got two of Hollywood’s top CG guys and have made them re-do their workflow.

    Key also is that they’re authoring assets in super hi-res and then the engine will downsample as appropriate.

    AKA – it won’t look bad on PS4 just because the Xbox One isn’t as good of a console.

  • Anyone even know what IW means? (Without searching)

    • iSwedishVirus

      IW is a abbreviation for Infinity Ward…everybody knows that…

  • BlankVandal

    Anyone else notice Final Fantasy: Spirits Wars is not even a real thing?

  • BlankVandal

    It should be Final Fantasy: Spirits within not Spirit wars

  • ccrows

    I know most of you guys don’t like MW3/Sledgehammer, but IMHO MW3 was miles better than MW2.

    Infinite noob tubes killed MW2 for me.

    I actually loved running Specialist, getting the Specialsist bonus, and going for MOABS… 🙂

    • Batman

      You haven´t played alot of MW2 did you?
      MW3 sucks miles away from MW2, the noobtubes were not that big problem, only if you camp you will get noobtube.
      The moab requires too much kills for a stupid reward, the nuke reward players

  • AkaThePrestiger

    This game decides wether or not IW regains its reputation. They’re going to have to work really hard on this game to convince me.

  • Colt Doxtator

    Can’t wait for this epic peice of machine!