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IGN’s exclusive Ghosts content is now live. They have posted new gameplay footage as well as (2) new screenshots, as seen in the gallery above.

Summary of what IGN saw:

  • Game is focused on South America oil regions. Players are facing “resource rich” states

The U.S.’s fight with its enemies in the south takes center stage in No Man’s Land — the first level of a multi-segment gameplay demo I was shown. In it, our protagonist and his brother are making their way through an area 10 miles north of San Diego, now a desolate wasteland with the remnants of houses and collapsed freeways.

  • There is a mysterious biological threat with “devastated environment” 
  • Underwater level (already revealed) is an environment of it’s own. You have gun fights, new soldiers coming at your location from different directions. Using a Russian weapon that is weak, but useful underwater. “Enemies and the player take cover behind rocks and reefs, but also use the unique verticality to get an elevated shot or dodge fire.”
  • Infinity Ward built a whole new underwater environment
  • You have to swim from cover to cover – just like an above ground battle.
  • The dog – “it’s a remote recon scout and deadly weapon controlled by the player via a tablet-like viewfinder.” The dog can also be used for recon and distraction.
  • No ties to Modern Warfare – the Simon Riley mask is just a “fan service”.
  • IGN has also said that there will be ‘new multiplayer modes.’
  • “But instead of aiming down your sights and pulling the trigger, you target an enemy and tap the shoulder button to lunge for their throats”

Teaser of what will be shown at Ghosts: All Access Event: 

Interview with Infinity Ward’s Zach Volker: 

SOURCE: IGN (high res images via @LiamFTWinter)

  • Batman


    • Super_Deluxe

      I’m gonna pick up BF4 just in case this becomes a let down. But then again it’s infinity ward and not Treyarch developing this game so it won’t be as bad. I still play MW2 and MW3 over BO2 cuz its alot more fun.

      • JD

        Ah, the good ol’ CoD community switcheroo!

        A new Treyarch CoD game is being released and hyped up: Treyarch, we love you! Fuck you IW!

        A new IW game is being released and hyped up: IW, we love you! Fuck you Treyarch!

        Damn… so fucking fickle.

      • Batman

        I will do the same

      • Sam119

        BO2 has it’s flaws but doesn’t every cod game? Personally I think it beats the whole modern warfare series for multiplayer.

        • The Devil

          MW2 is the best COD ever.

          • Sam119

            We all have opinions.

          • The Devil

            Okay. And that’s a fact.

  • Batman

    I hate IGN video player. YT FTW!!!

  • Shocked…

    Thats it !? Only 1min?

    • Keshav Bhat

      It’s just a teaser of what will be shown tomorrow!

  • Dean

    Configuring Player… configuring… configuring… configuring…

    Blah, PoS.

  • Michael

    Did anyone else catch at the end of IGN’s article it said “new multiplayer modes”?

    • Batman

      Hopefully there will be alot of new ones

      • Rob Schneider

        yep that will make the game more innovative, problems with it getting stale could be solved easily with new game modes tbf
        Like Infected on MW3 made it so much better, I was disappointed by the games modes that Black Ops 2 added, I don’t really like them and they feel too similar to other game modes, people would start complaining about the copy and paste thing if they completely changed and added loads of gamemodes

        • Batman

          BO2 has 2 new gamemodes(dont know for sure)
          Same goes for MW3

          I want some core new gamemodes, not comunnity playlists

          • Rob Schneider

            Both would be great!

      • James K

        If that happens, the developers better make the difficult decision to cut some recurring game modes or they run the risk of spreading the population too thin to support them later on the life cycle.

  • David Morgan

    Here’s to hoping there is a multiplayer mode that takes place underwater, and you use those harpoon guns.

  • Mitch

    ”IGN has also said that there will be ‘new multiplayer modes.’’
    Please make a mode which only has an underwater map and this underwater gun

  • James K

    Very exciting gameplay…

  • Nightmare

    Oh my… Again laser sight from COD4:MW? Laser sight from MW2 was much better… And I expect to have +1 bullet in the chamber extra…

    • fsdgasdg

      hello, a noob here why a +1 bullet in the chamber?
      and what is the diffrente between the cod 4 laser and mw2 laser?

    • MeisseN

      What.. Laser sight or Red Dot / Reflex Sight? 😀

      • Nightmare

        Here we call it Laser sight :), but in game it’s called Red Dot

        • Batman

          Laser sight is that thing that you put on the barrel of your weapon, and it blind enemies, Red dot is thing that replaces your iron sights

  • abhi

    chutiya game

  • Love-Hate relationship

    Hoping this is better than Modern warfare 3……By a lot

    • Batman

      Hope this is good as MW2

      • Mitch

        I hope it’s as good as MW2 without the BS.

        • Batman


          • Mitch

            Bullshit (easy quickscoping, OMA, DC, Commando, Last Stand, Death Streaks, Nuke, OP killstreaks).

  • Joe Bob

    What about knifing? Treyarch said they fixed it but I gotta admit Bo2 had the worst knifing ever. One of the main problems in cod for years is knifing so why don’t they fix that not jumping over things which I hardly ever notice.

    • Ascending Legend

      Either way the knifing is something people will always complain about and for blops 2 they were like fuck it no more knife lunge.

    • Batman

      I love BO2 knifing, I hate the community for complain about it.

    • Mitch

      They should have a complete new knifing system.

      1). Don’t make the regular knife (panic knife) a 1 hit kill. If you just press the knife button while your gun is out, you do 75 damage.
      2). If you use the Combat Knife (or something similar to the Ballistic Knife) it’s always a one hit kill.

      • Batman

        They should use their guns to beat the enemy´s face instead of knifing, taking away 75% of damage with considerable lunge.

        Combat knife is always a 1hit kill

  • JD7046

    This has to be better than mw3 because that was the worst decision ever

  • Allen

    Anybody else upset there is no ghost riley? That is what i was mainly looking forward too.