Activision has sent us a video of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Jungle environment, giving us an inside look at how the jungle environment is created with their newest engine. The video is running real time in the jungle environment. They have a new feature called “displacement mapping,” allowing for high-res geometry. The next new feature is called “Sub D,” which allows for perfectly smooth curves – the video shows the difference between Sub D on and off. The new engine has brought major upgrades to allow fine details – including scraps, scars – to be shown and to see much better lighting. For guns, the scopes are “now perfectly round.” More new features include: “HDR,” “volumetric lighting,” and “real time ADSR.”

You can watch the video here:


  • Rai

    The graphics have changed, but of course people will still bitch about stupid shit. Like displacement mapping was is this other game already, or how they don’t care about HQ rocks. I actually saw a comment on youtube about the damn rocks lol.

    Although some of the tech is late, it’s good that they’re pushing their tech more so than they used to in past games.

    • aaa187

      They are also acting like every damn game has this shit. When COD is stepping up to the plate before most games, everyone shits on it.

    • David Morgan

      Took the words right outta my mouth.

  • Aleplus

    Beautiful but not bf4 beautiful

    • MeisseN

      Should get more lighting heh

  • lMattW

    The increase in graphics over MW3 is apparent, however I’m not sure that’s a good thing. The space available for each mission is limited, and if they’re using up that space with more detail that means there is less space available to increase the size and scope of the levels, which is what I am looking forward to.

    I’d prefer MW2 graphics with 4 times the playing area than the same playing area with 4 times the graphical detail.

    • MeisseN

      Nah, you forgot that this game runs on next-gen consoles!

  • Snake eyes 211

    The real beauty is next-generation fish that actually move away from you LOL

    • David Morgan

      How long before that joke tires?

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        i love how the internet is like school. the joke wears off just like in school 😀

    • it’s not funny anymore

    • Alejandro

      i remember that in Donkey kong the fish moved away from you

  • StupidDOGY

    Well , those assholes probably claiming that Crysis looks as good as this or even better , they are just ignorant fuxk and makes people feel bad about this game .

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    Tesselation or not, Stones and grass textures are simply ugly.
    I don’t understand how a company that makes +1 billion$ on each cod game, every year, can’t just take 10-20 million and hire 100-200 developers, during 6 months, and make a new awesome game engine from scratch. 20 million, in 6-7 years, is that too much, for the shareholders and ceo?
    It’s fcking incredible how above hundreds of creative guys, are ceos and shareholders that absolutely don’t give a fuck about games and gamers. They’ve been using the same engine since 2005, and only slightly upgrade it.
    The English definition for the word ‘greed’ should be ‘activision’

    A regular company, even with a low budget, always tries to make a new engine, or highly optimize it,so the next game looks even better. They will spend months and resources on it, thinking of the extra power they will be able to use, so the guys who will buy their game will appreciate every bit of it.
    For those companies, thank you so much.

    But when I see these multi billion $ companies like Activision, who make their cash by releasing the same old game with a different skin, using the same game engine as almost 10 years ago, and not a single second they stop and say ‘ hey, we have dozens of guys that buy our cod game each year, let’s take 10-20 millions, let’s hire many talented engineers, and let’s make a fucking new game engine, because our customers deserve it, and we respect them’.

    Nothing, Nada. Even ghosts on next gen will be using the current ps3/x360 engine, only slightly better. Shit, they will milk it until then last breath.

    Lazy cows, what about making a new engine from scratch, that will use the 50% extra power the ps4 has, instead of accepting cheques from microsoft, for matching the visual quality while screewing the net code on the ps3, so people can’t join games,etc, and say ‘ hey, online on the x360 works flawlessly, let’s buy that version, instead of thenps3 version’.

    When I browse the psn ps3 full games, strangely, I’ve noticed that most multi platform games weight 8.5GB. Ohhhh, why that number, I’ve asked myself? Then I thought about the x360 DVD DL size, which is about 8.5-8.9 GB. This just means that companies could have used the extra space of bluray, and offer to the ps3 gamers a hi-res uncompressed sound, for example. Or much better CGI sequences, like FF13, etc etc. But instead, the game had to be scaled down, so the 2 versions weight the same, so it fits on a single x360 DVD.

    The ps4 is supposed to be at least 50% more powerful than the Xbox one. Rumors say microsoft are having heat issues, and will reduce the frequency by 100-200 MHz. It means the ps4 could be like 2 times more powerful.
    So I ask you, Activision, why would your game engine not use that incredible extra power? Why will you have to make the games look the same, instead of having a MUCH better version on the ps4? This time around, you will have no excuses to make bad ps4 ports with crappy net code, which will require patches, that take 3 months to come, meanwhile, gamers bought the x360 version.after all, is the goal YOu and microsoft have fixed, right? All the cash that goes into your pockets,from microsoft, just make these kind of things possible, like a screewed netcode on the ps3, to make gamers that own both consoles go and buy the version that plays nicely, instead of waiting 2 months for a damn patch that will make the online games playable.
    Shame on you.

    No more ‘ the ps3 is complicated and hard to develop on’. The ps4 version of Dog of duty : Bones should look and play BETTER on the ps4. 50% more power are a lot of extra power. If the versions look the same, it will be solely because microsoft told and paid you, so you make the 2 versions look identical.
    Shame on you, you greedy monkeys. Shame on you.

    Now,just go to LinkedIn, hire 100 engineers, spend 10 millions, and start making a true NEW next-gen game engine for the ps4. If the shareholders receive 100$ less, next month,( example, 49900$ instead of 50000$), they will not die.

    Shit, companies like yours should be the ones to respect gamers, since they choose to buy a cod game instead of another one from other companies, you should treat these gamers with respect. But all you do for thanking them is premium passes for extra automatically-generated multiplayer maps. Bravo.

    Shame, Activision, shame.
    How fat was the latest cheque from microsoft, so you don’t even talk about the ps4 version of Cod ghosts , at E3? How much did they pay you, so you screw the netcode on the ps4? How much, for those timed exclusive dlcs, or that female German Shepherd?

    Sorry for the long post, but Activision and a few other just make me wanna puke .

    • Anvalanche

      1. We don’t care what you have to say, we heard it all before.

      2.Here, at Call of Duty, we play the game for its fast paced, frantic nature, with its smooth, crisp 60 frames per second.

      3. Graphics are a plus, but not as important as gameplay, I’m more excited by the interactive enviroments, the changing singleplayer, and its intriguing storyline.

      • HAppY_KrAToS

        Yeah, say it louder please, Activision will be proud of you.

        It’s because people like you that, for example, Nintendo don’t give a crap about 3rd party and bringing great new games to the system:
        When people should be screaming and telling Nintendo ‘ we want our version of X game as well’, instead, they flood the forums praising how cool is only being able to play a few Nintendo games, and they don’t care if 98% of upcoming games won’t be available on the Wii u, as long as mario is there.

        Sure, if nobody moves, Nintendo won’t move either.

        I love uncharted games, but I would be angry if uncharted 3 looked like uncharted 1.

        Activision had infinite resources , they could easily afford to make a freaking new engine, instead of using the same 10 years old engine, over and over. But instead, all they cared about was releasing a new game each year, and sell new maps and premium passes, maps that can easily be done in 2 days by a teenager, but still charging 20 bucks for each pack.

        They are greedy. No matter how much you and people spend 15 hours a day playing online and love it, at 60 fps, they don’t care about you.
        All they want is telling their investors and shareholders ‘ last dlcs map made another 200 million $, the first one, 180 million, and the second, 160 million, all that using a modified 2002 quake engine. Aren’t we awesome? Aren’t our customers amazing?’

    • bob

      im on your side mate

  • Codg

    Isnt IW gonna show ghosts today??

  • Alright, I’m loving the looks of the rocks and other stuff, but the way the character holds the gun still annoys the hell out of me.

  • bob