Microsoft has announced Xbox One will launch this November for $499.

You can start preordering your Xbox One today at retailers worldwide.

  • Mitch

    I think we can safely say November 5th.

    • Alejandro

      remember, remember the fifth of november ;D


    Boy that world of tanks announcement was rough.

  • asdf


  • JD

    That’s…quite pricey.

    • MIke

      what. no way thats way cheap for whats in this damn thing the video card itself is probably worth 400

      • disqus_sqEwmHIRDW

        Sony is aiming for under 400 on the ps4 which has better hardware. I don’t think you’re very educated on the matter.

        • JD

          After the whole fiesta of $599 of the PS3, I’m fairly certain the PS3 will be priced lower.

        • You obviously don’t read

          lol the ps4 has almost the exact same specs as the xbox one. Read up a bit more before making comments like that.

      • lolwut

        Are you serious?

        The Xbox One pushes out 1.23 TFLOPS. And has been rumoured to have been downclocked. Assuming it hasn’t this compares to a AMD HD 7750. That costs just $80.

        The PS4 has a 50% power advantage. It pushes 1.76 TFLOPS. That compares to a 7850 which costs double that, $160.

        In addition the PS4 also has more expensive GDDR5 RAM.

        The Xbox One has cheap components. Kinect is what is pushing the cost up.

    • sss

      the ps4 in Australia is over $800

      • lolwut

        No it isn’t. It hasn’t been priced yet.

        • Friedabacon

          It’s actually 599. I’ll be notifying the consumer watchdog.
          I’ll make a video about it later.

  • Poplur33

    Someone help idk if I should get it for 360 xbone or ps4. Hard decision

    • Mike

      Wait for Sony’s press conference later tonight

  • iSwedishVirus

    $499 is actually not a bad price at all.

    I mean think of it, $399 would have been way to cheap for the advanced technology + the Kinect in the Xbox One and $599 would have been to expensive.

  • Hawkward

    £321? Fuck this

    • iSwedishVirus

      LMAO, the latest iPhone’s and HTC’s and iPads cost about £321 – £489 but no one complainst there…

      • disqus_sqEwmHIRDW

        Are u serious? HTC’s? They have device names. I’m not sure you are very educated as u lack the ability to name devices. Anyways, those devices are portable and have pretty powerful specs for the device size.

        • iSwedishVirus

          Lmao stop acting like you know so much, okay iPhone 6 and HTC One, happy now? soon there will be iPhone 7,8,9 and probably new HTC devices so yes HTC’s and iPhone’s.

    • lolwut

      £429 in the UK.

  • Jacob Jones

    Why would it be $500? The technology is outdated, PC can bring more fidelity and has more tech obviously, it should be lower atleast somewhere around $300-$400. Xbox One and PS4 is not “next gen”

    • iSwedishVirus

      It’s called “Next Generation consoles” for a reason…the technology in the Xbox One and PS4 is the same as it is with PC AT THE MOMENT, ofc PC will outdate the technology in a couple of months but this isn’t about PC it’s about consoles.

  • jones

    lol $499 isn’t expensive at all im not a broke 26 yr old making a living at mcdonalds XD

    • Akbokz

      But you have to take into consideration, that these customers who are purchasing this $500 console, are sometimes parents who, unfortunately, have many children. With a family to feed and bills to pay, this “not expensive” is not a fact, and sometimes people may struggle to find the time (and money) to purchase the console, whether or not they have families. Js.

      • video games are a choice. going to the park with kids to have fun is free

  • Sam119

    If £429 is correct, I’m pretty happy with that, I mean for what your getting, the cheapest iPad is £329

    • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

      You chose a company notorious for having some of the most expensive hardware out there, a lot of the time unjustified, to make a point?

      Great fucking job there, bro.

      • Sam119

        yeah good point lol, it was about 1am

  • Drjay Twothousand

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  • Does anyone know if they’ll sell a combo pack that includes Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

    • Argy

      Gamestop is selling a combo pack of CoD:Ghosts with both Xbone and PS4

  • Fading Lee

    great…. a higher price due to the crappy mandatory kinect… that all the fanboys will buy anyway, which will basically tell microsoft “you can charge us for anything you want and make it extra hard just to use or share it”

    • lol

      This isn’t apple man…

  • SycoRyco

    its amazing how slow we move, look at how many decades it took us to get to a flatscreen tv, same with consoloes and phones, we are like 9 gens behind the government hardware, the guy who made transformers said it would take him like 900 years to make the movie with current tech


    i don’t why loads are moaning about the price, most pay more for a ipad that doesn’t do half of what this will do and this will lost longer .

  • always xbox

    question: do you have to check online every 24 hours because some people need to work or go to school so what happens if for one day you don’t get online

    • Ed

      nothing happens. it just checks in when you turn it on to play it, i believe. something like that.

    • Argy

      It also will check for you when it’s “off”. Although the main components are offline, there are some that stay online to run background updates and listen for your beautiful voice.