Activision just announced that PlayStation 3 and PC users can start voting for one of the four camos starting June 13th. Voting ends June 18th.

The two winning camos will be announced June 28th, and go on sale June 29th.

  • Anonymous….

    Cyborg for me

  • MeisseN

    Why one…………

    Then Cyborg.

  • Damien

    I like the one on the bottom right.

  • James K


  • Fuji

    Thats really unfair, Xbox got 2 camos… We had to wait a long time and then we only get one.

    • Joey

      we just get to vote for 1 but get two. Because the XBOX camo vids on YouTube say I voted for ___ because cyborg was obvious.

  • Srom

    Cyborg and Comic!

  • Joshua Fearn

    Comic and cyborg

  • mike

    we have to wait a month even for camo’s How stupid, No thanks trayarch

  • Joshua Fearn

    i also agree with fuji down there, it does seem unfair for the PS3 and PC users, believe that we should get the same DLC’s at the same time for the same price

  • Guest

    1 of the 4!? Wow… So PS3 and PC are the red headed step children of COD in other words according to Activision then??? It’s cool and all you have a lame “PARTNERSHIP” with Microsoft but this is a slap in the face. 1 month early DLC wasn’t enough?

    • MightyShamus

      Everyone only gets to vote one time. The two packs with the most votes get releases. This is the same way it worked on the Xbox.

  • Dean

    They sure dislike anyone outside of Xbox, don’t they?

    • Osiris

      They have a contract dipshit. It’s been like that since COD 4.

      • Dean

        Oh, big man. Insults like that really do measure that intellect of yours.

        • Keshav Bhat

          Well, there actually is a contract since *MW2, that gives all DLC first to Xbox; and MS markets games alongside ATVI

          • Osiris

            My bad on that info.

        • Osiris

          Sorry about that. My brother’s posting on my account.

    • David Morgan

      I’m pretty sure it’s nothing personal, just business.

  • silent

    i like cyborg camo, but i like dragon calling card. my head hurts.

  • ccrows

    As a 360 user that has both the Cyborg and Dragon, I highly recommend that you guys vote for Dragon.

    Cyborg looks cool when you are holding it, but IT GLOWS to the “enemy” and IMHO puts you at a disadvantage. Think about a gold gun from any COD game that stuck out and you were able to kill the person because of it. IMHO Cyborg is even worse than that.

    Dragon doesn’t look like much, but with some guns it has a live fire lava animation flowing on it.

    For the record I originally voted for Cyborg myself, but all I use is Dragon now between the 2.

    Just my 2 cents, and hope that it helps anyone that is stuck on the fence. 🙂

    TL;DR Cliff Notes – Dragon is better than Cyborg…

    • Ascending Legend

      Yea, Cyborg is cool because it glows and looks like something out of Tron, but Dragon is really cool!

  • Ascending Legend

    Why do they always show the peacekeeper with the new camos? the peacekeeper doesn’t look that good with a lot of the camos.

  • Hoang

    I like the comic camo, but it won’t get picked sadly. Will go with cyborg, don’t like the dragon design.

  • black ops

    i like dragon its cool and see it on the balista yaa its cool buy it



  • Hayden Kuznak

    cyborg and dragon are already chosen for Xbox why dont we vote for the other two? Comic and Paladin?

    • Dylan Craft

      bc we have a comic one called Graffiti and paladin suuucks. so i say we get dragon and cyborg the awesome ones we wont regret getting

  • Dylan Craft

    i know -people- will end up making us have comic, which if ya look then we will have two almost identical camos. Comic = different version of graffiti and graffiti already is lame dont need a second one. Dragon will have lava flow animation for some guns which is awesome. and cyborg resembles the new pack a punch weapons in MOB. In the end it comes down to, do we want similiar camos or new camos which arent copies of each other. and who cares if bc Xbox got them. obviously people on Xbox have good taste and to all saying lets have comic you are idiots and have no taste in awesome camos

    • Sammy

      lols the graffiti doesnt look like comic graffiti is kinda ugly but comic is actually really cool

    • You dumb

      Shut up you idiot. Dragon is awful, people who vote it have very bad taste. It’s looks like a rotting koi carp. Cyborg and Paladin. Comic looks nothing like graffiti, are you blind scrub? Just because it has bright colours it means it looks like graffiti? I know you intelligence doesn’t stretch much people differentiating between colours but c’mon. Dumb little boy.

  • Black ops 2

    I pic dragon becaus the background can move and the camps locks like dimond every body pic dragon

  • mike


  • drew sargent

    Every one stop being fucking retarted the best two are dragon and cyborg……….. i dont want the other shit so please vote smartly

  • Liam Swenepoel

    cyborg all the way man

  • Carl Sharpe

    Comic cause its different

    • Dylan Craft

      moron comic is another version of graffiti not even remotely different

  • Damien Wentzel

    cyborg and dragon for me

  • Takeherandsmasher Get Smashed

    Cyborg n dragon

  • Sam

    How do you vote ?

    • Sammy

      yeah how

  • Sammy

    I want cyborg and comics

  • NewbieGirl

    Where can I see witch camo is wining?

  • bigshawn

    Dragon nd cyborg !

  • Clay

    They should make one with the acu digital camo like the army uses

  • Hayden Kuznak

    well now it doesnt matter because we have all of them 😛