Sony has just unveiled what the PlayStation 4 console looks like:

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Sony also confirmed that PS4 will be launching later this year for $399.

  • No online requirement
  • No used games restrictions
  • Share as many times as you want
  • PS Plus needed for online gaming

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be launching on the PS4 later this year.

  • SycoRyco

    they get to the price yet?

    • Big Pow

      ps4 $399 better than paying xbox one $499

  • asdf

    Look they copied kinect

    • Jacob Jones

      That’s like saying the Kinect copied the playstation Eye get outta here

    • BoQuan Ondatpsn

      kinect copyed wii its like me saying sony tv copyed samsung tvs its gonna be created but different companys anyways

      • alejandro

        no, play station eye was created in PS2 with soe limited augmented reality games.

  • gbro92

    watching it right now

  • Zach

    That looks hideous! it’s just a box…. said every ps4 fanboy… wunder how they feel now

    • jesus perez

      at least it doesnt look like a damn cable box or dvr

    • anfuny29

      its the xbox one in italics ps4 FTW

  • Repleteorb2

    It’s a box in my opinion the xbox one looks better

    • jesus perez

      look at your console dumb ass

    • LordPopo95

      No. This I kinda like. Everything M$ had is so fucking stupid

    • coilover2005

      Huh? The PS4 has a sleeker design then the XBONE. Not knocking the Xbone but it looks like a 80’s VCR… The Xbone is a box

  • Crazybullet919


    • Alejandro

      play station eye is so older than kinect.

  • jesus perez

    funny thing the xbox one looks like the actual box dumb ass people sad ps4 fanboy looks like a box look at your console that shit looks horrible has to have so many ventilation grills so it wont over heat and the red ring of death or the red square of death how ever it will be called

  • iKushtyy


    XBONE: Draconian DRM measures, always online, used game restrictions, intrusive Kinect that can’t be switched off, and a 38% unjustified markup on $499. (£429 = $630’ish). Anti-consumer device if there ever was one.

    Playstation 4: None of those negative things the XBONE has. Very, VERY pro-consumer. Didn’t touch on the Playstation Eye, but whatever. Also, £349, $399.

    Pfft Microsoft, I own a 360, but M$, I’m leaving you now. The NextGen war is over, Sony I’m joining your family.

    • iKushtyy

      Should also add this, from the Official PlayStation channel:


    • Look at this article Its straight off IGN and will probably make you feel a bit dumb on your always online info there.
      “The Xbox One does not require an Always Online Connection, but it does require a periodic internet connection. After connecting your console to the internet and logging in to your Xbox Live, you can play a game offline for up to 24 hours on your primary console, or one hour if you are logged on to a separate console. [1] Offline gaming is not possible after these time limits until you re-establish a connection, but you can still watch live TV, Blu-ray and DVD movies offline.
      As explained by Microsoft, “Xbox One is designed to run in a low-powered, connected state. This means your system, games and apps are always current and ready to play—no more waiting for updates. While a persistent connection is not required, Xbox One is designed to verify if system, application or game updates are needed and to see if you have acquired new games, or resold, traded in, or given your game to a friend. Games that are designed to take advantage of the cloud may require a connection. Because every Xbox One owner has a broadband connection, developers can create massive, persistent worlds that evolve even when you’re not playing.”

      • JasperGirl

        @disqus_MNiDAtN3Pl:disqus enough trying to make excuses for Microsoft just cut your losses and admit that Microsoft Sucked it up big time. Sony didnt even have to put in an effort for us to choose which console is better. Better luck next time loser!!

        • How am I making excuses? I’m setting peoples facts straight and if your to damn dumb to tell the difference from a rumor or media changing the way something sounds then your incapable of making a decent judgement. Also, if you look you’ll notice that certain things are made like they are for a reason. You want to know why it has to connect once every 24. Well it’s because it looks for updates. As for Kinect always being on it’s that way because it is listening for a voice command to tell it to turn on the console. If you want it off how hard is it to UNPLUG something. The used game restrictions are to stop someone from downloading a game then giving it to a friend so he can download it. I’ll pay more for quality that Microsoft provides. When a 15 year old crashes a network for a month I consider that pathetic and of horrible quality. When a company pays to get its consumers DLC first for big games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield 4(atleast the first DLC pack) I consider that quality. Their gonna have 13 exclusives for the Xbox ONE. I like the looks and potential some of these games have.

  • Antonio Rubio

    Wait so well we have to pay to be online?

  • James K

    “Ps Plus needed for online gaming”

    Ah, it was inevitable. SONY isn’t good on the stock market.

  • hmmm

    Correct me if im wrong but do we need ps plus to play online????

    • LordPopo95

      it’s a 4.99 per month to play. Not bad really. Considering it’s $100 cheaper and you get a fucking game orientated console not some glorified cable box that will only use it’s features in the use and you pay double the monthly payment to get the same shit you do on ps4.

      • hmmm

        Thats 600 usd in 10 years lol.. I know its 4.99 but wth.. I was really shocked by this, never thought sony would be like ms…gay

        • Alejandro

          But, you do know that sony rents you a fair number of games and extra features for PS+ users right?

          And not BS games that nobody plays… i am talking about little big planet 2, infamous2 and deus ex among others.

        • coilover2005

          Hey i hear ya. In the long run it’s $600, but they’ve got to be putting this money towards servers and a better overall online experience though. They knew the PS3 lacked that. So far they have a ton of people interested in the PS4. Look at the comments all over the web. TONS of Xbox users saying goodbye to Microsoft. They know that with as bold of an approach as they’re taking they have to back it up. No way this $ isn’t going to better our online gaming. I’m all for $50 a year for a legit gaming experience this time around.

        • BotMw

          It’s actually 500 USD. PS+ is 50 per year.

      • mark

        but get hacked by a 15 year old and hit everybody offline for a month. #FAIL its a proven business and economic factor that people will always pay more for quality.

        • iKushtyy

          People also pay more for convenience and ease of use..

      • Uzair Chief

        I don’t know about you, but I only pay 3 euro’s a month for xbox live.

      • Hey, dumbass get this it only cost $5.00 a month for XBL. Learn your damn facts, and at least the Xbox One has a few features, and lets not forget their revealing the new games at E3. Along with that they get DLC first on games. You get what you pay for with Microsoft. Also as Mark said it took a fucking 15 year old to crash PSN for a MONTH. Before I forget if Xbox One isn’t about games then why in the hell are they launching 300,000 servers.

        • ONE BAR

          Well that escalated quickly. I’m pretty sure 3 euros equals around $5? But you are right, Live has always been so much better than PSN. It would just be nice if Microsoft showed a little more appreciation towards the loyal members.

          • I just hate how ignorant people can get at times. What PlayStation fans don’t understand is the fact that while you pay for XBL and the actual Xbox itself is gonna cost more is because all of the content and features it has. I mean don’t see Sony going and getting partnerships like Microsoft is.

  • LordPopo95

    I was wondering why there was still people defending M$ on this site and then it hit me. It’s a Call of Duty page where everyone and their dog is so blinded by getting DLC early that they will just get on board M$’s dick and ride home with them 😐 Fucking morons…

    • Big Pow

      Lmao so true lol

    • coilover2005

      You hit the nail on the head 100%

    • 4Aminute

      my man ,PS4s design reminds me of ps2

    • See its funny how everyone says Microsoft is greedy. Then look at the shit they get. First to get DLC, partnerships. What no ever thinks is that Sony is to damn cheap to pay for this sort of stuff. I also think the reason behind the lower price is because, Shitty components that all easily break.

      • LordPopo95

        No I think it’s that sony are busy making deals ith company’s that make good games like naughty dog.

        • So your saying Forza and other games like HALO are bad. If you look you’ll find out that there are good, if not decent games Microsoft makes deals for.

          • LordPopo95

            I didn’t say they were bad. In fact they are fun games to play! It’s just that they are not worth buying a console that has so many problems. If you want to buy a $500 cable box for 2 games then go ahead. I’m not going to stop you! But at the end of the day, a good GAMING console focusing on gamers and giving devs a more workable platform will be better than a company that covers up their terrible work by buying out companies to get DLC early any day! That’s the truth and all the GAMERS agree with me. Don’t believe me? Go to a website like IGN. Their Disqus section of any XBONE or PS4 article and it is very clear that the gamers have spoken. But on this website, a call of duty page, of coarse there is going to be a lot of ignorant fanboys. Hopefully you can see through the bullshit and join us real gamers on the light side of the force ^-^

          • They have reasons behind certain things that you people just don’t seem to get.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Woah. I (Lead Writer for CI) do not “defend MS.” I love PlayStation – always have, always will – though, I do own an Xbox. No, I’m not getting an Xbox One (not for now at least). 100% buying a PS4. I’ll get DLC second – sadly – but I’d rather play where I prefer to play over DLC.

      • LordPopo95

        No no Keshav! It’s okay man! I’m not talking about you. Because I can tell that you are not a fanboy. It’s good to know that you have evaluated the situation like a gamer and are currently going for the PS4. I played 360 but god, so much BS M$ is pulling on the consumer is crazy. It’s sad to see them lose their way 🙁

  • mark

    the reason xbox has that policy and trading games is because you wont need the disc to play games. You buy a game and install it and play from the cloud. If there was no restrictions everyone would get free games

    • coilover2005

      Correct me if I’m wrong but Cloud isn’t a MS exclusive right? I could have sworn Sony said they will be using it on the PS4 in their Press Conference

      • LordPopo95

        You are right. PS+ uses “Cloud saves” I’m not to sure on how it works. It also uses it for like playing PSone/2/3 games. NEAT!

  • Limbo

    Great , now to play online you need PS plus , thanks alot microsoft for getting to sony’s head

    • lolwut

      A pity, but at least you get free games every month unlike on Xbox LIVE.

      • BotMW

        PS+ is also cheaper than XBL.

        • Super_Deluxe

          Anyone know if there’s a pay by the year option and a family pack subscription package like on XBL?

          • BotMw

            There is a pay by year option not sure about family packs though.

      • eli

        You know xbox live gold member get 2 frre games per month starting july

        • lolwut

          You only get that until November, then it stops.

  • Jonathan Theghostsarespooky We

    Just for the children out there

  • JKB98

    I’ve been an Xbox player for 10 years, but I really think this year Microsoft is just making us pay about $100 more and delivering a piece of shit (Shitbox One) as well as probably charging us $11 a month. So after a decade of playing on the Original Xbox and the Xbox 360, i’m saying; Goodbye Microsoft, hello Sony. 🙂

  • Ascending Legend

    Wait so we have to pay for online now?

  • ccrows

    It hurts because I’ve has both a PS1 and a PS2 (along with a XBOX and 360).

    After getting a 360 I thought that Microsoft would be the way to go for a while, but besides the obvious answer “MONEY” I just don’t get why they are doing all of the BS on the next gen…

  • …..

    yes 399 in europe but in Switzerland 483.92euro (599fr)

    WTF Sony

    • LordPopo95

      better than XB1 😐 that was ridiculous

  • …..

    399 euro ? 483.92 euro in switzerland (599fr)

  • GayArc,Fartivision,FIW

    If Call of duty is going to be designed separately for each console ill buy PS4 Why? Because it is cheaper and it has better graphic than xbox 🙂

  • Hoang

    Final Score:
    Playstation: 4
    Xbox: 1

  • xbox always

    hey i say xbox one is better for gaming, entertainment, and add on. plus even if it cost $500 your paying that money for a good reason to play games tell the xbox what to do with voice command and play games like your in it with kinect 2.0 also it has so many people working on it and updating for the generations to come plus xbox 360 will be updated for 5 years. ps4 is also cheaper to get people to buy it if Microsoft made the xbox one cheaper where would they get the money to pay for upgrades, updates, and the experience you want.

  • xbox always

    also you can always use your tablet or phone to stay tuned with xbox or even control it with smartglass

    • 4Aminute

      oh what a useful feature my god

  • xbox always

    also xbox one games are $60 and ps4 is games are $100

    • Aogaess Indran

      where’s your proof.

    • 4Aminute

      59.99 idiot

      • Keshav Bhat

        Yeah^ Xbox One and PS4 games are $59.99.

  • xbox always


  • xbox always

    for games $$