Retailers worldwide have now started preorders for Ghosts for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Both cost $59.99 and will be available later this year. Here are the official box arts for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 via Amazon.

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You can preorder now for Xbox One (GameStop, Microsoft Store, Amazon) and PlayStation 4 (GameStop, Amazon).

UPDATE: Mark Rubin has confirmed that Infinity Ward is targeting to launch the Xbox One/PS4 versions on launch day of these platforms.


    i’n still in mixed emotions what to get, xbox one or ps4. I have only ever played cod on my xbox i have a ps3 to and i don’t like the pad hmmm what to do..

    • Storakeren

      Hard decision I know, I just went with what my friends where getting. Even though I felt I wanted the Xbox One more, I’m going with the PS4 🙂

      • PHAT PETE

        i’ve gone with xbox just because we get the dlc 1st, smartglass an i like the pad better.

        • Ghosts

          I am going with the Xbox One! Its not only for gaming like the PS4, its for everything! Also I get Kinect for free and I don’t need vita to have 2 screen play. A lot of people will tell you that PS4 has a better hardware because of a ram GDDR5, on paper PS4 is better, but in performance Xbox is better!

    • David Morgan

      I’m going with ps4 all the way bro.


    $60.. Put a smile on my face.