According to the video shown at Activision’s E3 booth on a 110″ screen, the mass event in Ghosts is caused by hacking of the “Odin Space Station.”

USA loses control over this space station, and someone hacks into it. US government has only minutes to warn and evacuate cities before the station shoots “rods” at the cities. The first target is New Orleans.

Here’s another image showing off other potential targets:

Here’s an image showing ‘San Diego’ has the locked on target:

Here’s an image showing the station “Tracking Projectiles”:

  • yourmazzter

    This seems really good from the standpoint of the mass event. I thought the new fish in the game were gonna take over but hey


      i hope we get a aquaman cameo

  • INFINITY WARD AI Programmer

    HEY the fish Idea was mine. GOOD

  • david

    ahh we got it right go figure

  • James K

    This smell like we’re getting another Raul Mendenez.

  • AlexT

    What happened to everything that the press & people get to see at E3 you will see here tonight on sundays Call of Duty event, which is funny as we didn’t see this and we didn’t see the mission in caracas either.

    I am fed up with the BS they feed us year in year out, the way they drip feed us information and gameplay is disgusting yet a few youtubers and press get to see and know everything months before us.

    The way they have treated there hard core customers in the last few years with gameplay features along with the way they drip feed and tease information on a game franchise that has pretty much been the same for the last 5 years is unbelievable. I hope they get what they deserve in the next year or two and the franchise ends up in the gutter.

    • Camo

      You always meed to find something to cry about hun

      • Camo

        Sorry writing on iPad, you always need to find something to cry about huh*

    • Tad

      What would be the point of having CoD at E3 then?

  • LegitCryptic

    Main antagonist baul zedendez

  • Repleteorb2

    nice looks cool

  • Trevor Robertson

    OMG Indianapolis! Im screwed if this would happen in real life

    • ORB1T4L

      A “rod” would have the effect of a nuclear bomb without the radiations, so if you survive the blast, you may have a chance 😉

  • Batman

    So the Menendez sister survived


  • Batman

    The AI fish is the main villain

  • Bob

    Seems like a great plot setup

  • ORB1T4L

    I knew it ! It’s a scary futuristic weapon, what’s scarier than that is the fact that the armies may actually consider building this kind of space stations… f*ck…

  • k1llsh0t16

    The “rods” are actually part of an experiment that the US did. Look up Project Thor. It’s awesome!