GameStop has just revealed a Xbox One Ghosts bundle, called, “Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts Bundle – Bundle Contains an Xbox One LE Console and Call of Duty: Ghosts!” This costs $559.98 and is available now preorder via GameStop website.

For PlayStation 4, “PlayStation 4 Call of Duty: Ghosts Bundle – Bundle Contains a PlayStation 4 Console and Call of Duty: Ghosts!” The PlayStation 4 bundle costs $459.98 and is available now for preorder via GameStop site. 

  • Max

    What a steal

  • Milo

    And from the looks of things, they’ve announced a one cent discount.

    • Mike

      No, the game and console added together equals 559.98 and 459.98.There is no discount

  • Jar of pee

    In the bright side , they will give you a huge discount! 1 cent 🙁

    • Ed

      nope. they want that penny as well.

  • daan

    xbox and microsoft thinking only about $$$$$$$ !!!!
    I have a xbox and I hate that you have to pay for online i already paying for my internet profider!!!
    It diseponts me that you also have to go pay for online at the ps4.

    • Jon

      You have to pay to play online for the PS4 too… Same price and everything.

      • Alejandro

        are you aware that ps+ gives you free games for all the PS platforms that are easily worth more than 50 usd a year?

  • daan

    btw This offer makes no sense
    xbox one $500 cod ghosts probably in store $59.99

  • So does anyone know if this is gonna have a skin of some sort. I hope it atleast has the Ghosts emblem on the controller and console.

  • JKB98

    In Australia, the consoles alone are $550. Fuck me.

    • here in uae we get it for like 1950 Dhs..