UPDATE 2: Looks like Mark Rubin wasn’t confirming anything to EuroGamer. He’s unsure if they are releasing a Wii U version, and he can’t talk about it at this time. From GamesIndustry (via DW247):

“Ha! You know that’s funny, because I don’t even know the answer to that. I swear to God, I don’t. I was trying to say in the interview [that] I really don’t know and I’m not supposed to talk about it. I’m not supposed to talk about the fact that I don’t know,” said Mark Rubin

“I imagine [it could], yeah. If you look at the hardware specs, I think it would be more in line with 360 and PS3, but I’m not sure. There could be some things [in the hardware] that bump it up a little higher than that. I haven’t played with it enough to know. I have one at home, and I think it’s cool; I can’t stop playing ZombiU,” said Mark Rubin

EuroGamer’s interview with Mark Rubin has further revealed that there is, in fact, a Wii U version of Ghosts coming. Back in April, there was a box art leaked for Ghosts – as seen in the feature image, but then Activision quickly denied it. Activision CEO said, “No announcements today [on Wii U for Ghosts], stay tuned,” at GameTrailer today.

Meanwhile, Rubin teased a Wii U version of Ghosts is indeed in the works, despite Nintendo’s console being absent from the game’s list of announced platforms. “Stay tuned,” he said.

UPDATE: Few updates from Mark Rubin on GameSpot live stream on Wii U: They don’t want to talk about it yet because they “want to be mysterious” and PR won’t let him; probably not launching November 5th. Will launch when next-gen versions launch.

SOURCE: EuroGamer

  • Andres Alfonso

    Cool thanks for posting it

  • Wow

    Please… bring DLC and CoD Elite this time, Activision!


    the only reason i was going to buy wii u was for black ops 2 but i looked at the other games an it seemed pointless

    • wow haha

      you bought the wii u so let because of black ops 2? nigga, you buy the Wii u for Nintendo’s exclusives. how dumb are you

      • wow haha

        not ‘so let’

    • Nintendofreak

      you my sir need to see a psychologist

  • jrob23

    using the game pad as the dog will be unique. I know it’s not popular to say anything positive about COD…lest you upset the gamers who’ve played from the beginning and are too cool for it now, but this looks beautiful and I am on it

  • WellWisher

    Looking at the doggycam gameplay, I think the gamepad would be a natural fit.

    • David Morgan

      Is Black ops 2 on the Wii-U? That’d be really fun to place lighting strikes and hell storms with the actual pad!

      • WellWisher

        Yes it is, and yes it is!! The main problem is that there aren’t enough people online.


    I bought the Wii U for playing Nintendo Exclusives, playing 3rd party games (the games available for it), and I don’t want to pay for using the internet(no pay to play online/i have internet).

  • Tim

    Why would I buy this when there was nearly zero support, no DLCs, no camos, not even damn Nuketown or Elite for Black Ops 2? I’m done with Call of Duty. They blew an amazing opportunity with Wii U the first time. The Black Ops 2 gameplay on Wii U was amazing and the graphics were great on Wii U. But then I see all the extra shit that I would never get, even though I paid the same $60 entry fee into the franchise that a PS3 or XBox 360 player paid; really pisses me off.

  • Lycan

    Launch with the other next gen consoles? Yikes!!