Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has confirmed in an interview with Twitch TV that Ghosts MP will support competitive multiplayer. When asked about eSports, he said, “it’s not going anywhere, but can’t talk about it yet.” He also reconfirmed that they will be having more Call of Duty: Championships, presented by Xbox – which most likely means that the next event will be Xbox One.


  • Jon Cameron

    No offense to the console ports, but I don’t care about any of this unless it means the PC port will get a server browser + the ability to bring back promod. We are the fathers of competitive Call of Duty and it was ours for years until recently. It’s the least they could do if they want it to be competitive on all platforms.

    • Jacob Jones

      I agree, it should be competitive on all platforms and not just Xbox! I play on PC as well, PC and PS3 users hate that there isn’t competitive or championships that go with those systems!

      • Hassassin

        Competitive gaming only being on X-Box is like the World series of Baseball only being in America even though its called the WORLD series.
        If you are good enough for top tier baseball you go to America. If you are good enough for competitive COD you go to X-Box.
        Obviously for PC players thats a little different because baseball is the same everywhere but PC controls differ greatly to console controls.
        That said, I am and have always been a playstation owner, I hate the fact competitive COD is only on X-Box, however if I was good enough for competitive COD I would purchase an X-Box. Unfortunately I’m not so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

        • MJ Atkinson

          I’m also a PC gamer and I’ve played Promod which is an awesome experience! I do agree that competitive multiplayer should be on all platforms. So I think we should got our thoughts across to devs before it’s too late.

        • jason

          and it has ruin the cod series cause every tryhard wants to be optic and normal gamers cant enjoy the game for what it is

        • teo

          DUDE, you cant go from PC to xbox… it is not like ps3 to xbox…. it is completly different controller dude… I am competitive player on PC, well true that competitive kind of grew more on PC in last 2 weeks or so and hopefully it grows more..

        • aeles

          even better let’s make it cross platform and then we’ll see the truth – FPS competition on xbox are the paraolympics of gaming

        • Me

          I’m on Xbox, but I think that there should be competitive tournaments on all consoles. Personally, I really hope that competitive doesn’t leave Xbox due to the Xbox One possibly sucking, but it would be nice for all consoles to have a shot at the “Big Leagues”.

  • TheLuckyBoy

    Oh shut the hell up people competitive CoD is for the Xbox and needs to stay for the Xbox…. Quit your bitching!!!!!

    • Mplex

      Man we should just move everything to the PS4 because it’s going to be better, and then we don’t have to worry about them selling my info to the government, or using the kinect to watch us all.

      • No Name

        no f that ps4 controllers are gay and made for 4yr olds

        • Hello

          You suck no name

        • ccrows

          Meh there’s adapters out there that let you play one controller on another system…

        • jesus perez

          yeah but xbox one really sucks feel sorry for microsoft

          • Guest

            PS4 is the perfect console, PS4 is competing against himself now

          • Batman

            PS4 is the perfect console, PS4 is competing against itmself now

          • LegitCryptic

            Well im buying the xbox one infact im buying 3 The other 2 are going to be in a giveaway on my youtube well…ill also be getting 2 ps4’s 1 for me 1 for giveaway

      • Jake

        100% with you bro

    • jesus perez

      well xbox is shitty now

    • Jon Cameron

      I hope you’re kidding. Competitive CoD started on PC, was on PC for YEARS and deserves to be a thing again.

    • jmdf

      in fact competitive cod started on the playstation and then had to move to xbox because of PSN being down for almost a year. So pros had to move to xbox to practice and MLG and other events followed, so they should bring it back to where it started.

  • Markdg23

    I just hope they bring something for regular “pub” players to play competitively against other 6-man teams. Not everyone wants to play 4v4 (CTF,SnD, and HP). I’m not trying to say league play should go away but I personally don’t find it to be fun playing 4v4 with only three game modes. What I’m suggesting is that they include a playlist where 6-man teams can go face off against other 6-man teams competitively, because let’s just face it when your with 5 buddies smashing people every game the game gets old real quick. Not to mention it’s completely unfair for the other team that generally have no mics plugged in. Therefor a playlist for competitive 6v6 “clan battles” type playlist would be great. They could make the sub list within the playlist look something like this: 1st- TDM and KC, 2nd- Dom, Demo, Hardpoint 3rd- HQ, SnD, CTF. I’d personally like this because every time I play I don’t like having to use my sweatband class, but then sometimes I do so this could be a very good playlist for some good competition. Good or Bad Idea?

    • FarikoVadez

      Thats called moshpit series dude

      • knkn

        thats not technically called moshpit my dude. in blops2 they only have moshpit by yourself (cant go in with a party – dont know why?) or the DLC mercenary moshpit (i want to play ALL the maps not just DLC). It will be nice to see them include a moshpit where you can be in a party and play all the maps. i actually like playing a grab-bag of gametypes instead of one. BTW its a good concept on paper about 6v6 competitive, but i think they limit it to 4v4 to maintain that competitive strategy involved – 4v4 SND is better to watch and play than 6v6 (6v6 is very random) – i think there is more strategy playing 4v4 versus a 6v6 style competitive playlist.

        • Markdg23

          Well the 6v6 would be for larger a group of friends or clan looking to find some competition against another 6-person group. Also you are right about 4v4 SnD requiring more strategy but most people who play CoD have more than 3 people online that they want to play with so making a 6v6 competitive solves this as well as providing another option for playlists. Another aspect of this playlist is that it includes the more popular game modes like Domination and Kill Confirmed to be played at a competitive level. Personally I have more fun playing objective game modes going 45-35 and barely squeezing out that W against another good team, instead of throwing up 60+ kills against people who belong in combat training learning how to aim…Just saying

        • Mikey

          he’s talking about moshpit on league, it’s an option.

  • David Morgan

    Well, I’m glad to see the option is there for those who care. Personally I’ve never touched competitive and never plan to.

  • David Sync

    This is what has forced my hand to buy BF4

  • Man I Like CoD

    This is funny. No matter what, I keep playing Call of Duty. I hate League Play, but still somewhat I’ve made my way into gold division on _PLAYSTATION 3_. I hope it will be better than ever on PS4. I just hate the game modes..

    And PC players simply don’t get this because TOO FEW PLAYS ON A PC.
    Thats why I bought PS3: to play CoD with more players.
    PC: 50,000 onpeak hours max
    PS3: 500,000-700,000 during peak hours
    My friends have said I am stupid for buying PS3 for that, but atleast the game isn’t dead right away. I mean, MW3 on PC. Recently, there was 12,000 online… while on PS3 still about 85,000 – 120,000.

    Sorry for off topic 🙂

  • Batman


    • XBox is way better1

      shut up bitch xbox now has partys to talk with friends on anygame, minecraft, better controllers, and gets 90 percent of the dlc and games better and faster, next xbox I bet you haven’t even watched the trailer it is by far better and last xbox is way better quality and you are going to have to pay for ps4 and xbox one is free so shut the hell up until you have real proof that its better BITCH

      • Jaxon

        So much wrong in that paragraph that i cant comprehend.

      • Batman

        The cross game chat feature is on PS4(and comes with a headset on every box)

        Im not a bitch like your mom

        Minecraft? Seriously? PC has minecraft and its much better than the X360 version. I know because I got both versions, and minecraft is no “killer app”.

        What do you mean with games better and faster? The PS4 hardware is 30-50% more powerful than the Xbox One hardware.(Im not making it up, these are the real numbers)

        The PS4 has better quality 1st party games, the xbox one exclusives sounded meh, just dead rising and quantum break were good and we don´t know a shit about them

        PS4 PS+ comes with one free month trial(Yes it means you can get a free game at launch)

        PS4 has much more free to play games

        PS4 is not always online

        PS4 has a way better price

        Microsoft is a dick, and they said they don´t care if you don´t have an internet connection, they told “Hey, if you don´t have internet, keep with your Xbox 360”

        PS4 overall is better in all of the aspects, Im not sayng this as an fanboy, and Im saying this as a gamer.

        So yeah the PS4 is better there´s your proof, stop being a Micro$oft fanboy, they don´t give a shit to you.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Sorry, but I don’t think you really understand how Call of Duty: Championship works. Let me explain: The event is called “Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox”. Explanation √

      • Batman

        Yep I know. I was just saying to them to care more about the PS4, because most of their consumers are there

        • LegitCryptic

          That is why on the preorder all there stock is already gone. That is why microsoft is leading the console industry oh and ONE last thing You can bet PSN will cost money this time around

          • Batman

            Yes it will cost. But we get tons of free games per month, meanwhile X1 players will not get anything for free.

            And we can watch Netflix and other shit without requiring PS+

          • LegitCryptic

            we get free games 2 did you even watch ms e3 booth

          • Batman

            I WATCHED the free games are for the Xbox 360, and IT ENDS ON DECEMBER, after december no more free games. I have an Xbox 360 and Im looking forward to it. But it ends december and its for the 360 only.

          • LegitCryptic

            Im getting both the one and the four

          • Batman

            Well, I can´t argue with that, good luck.

          • Batman

            This month is fable 3(already downloaded)
            Next month is assassins creed 2 and halo 3

  • Rez

    Cant say where the competitive scene is gona stay. In PS4 or Xbox. Cant say anything about that because the console havent been released yet.Its all gonna matter,in which console the players feel more comfortable with. So just stop making fake and no logical comments.

  • MeisseN

    So small maps again? 🙁

  • Jaxon

    “Support” Yeah remember MW2 promised support.

  • Traptastix

    PS4 is much better as the f*cking suckbox

  • Batman


  • john stokes

    Isn’t this meant to be about cod championships not getting into an console war at the end of the day we wont know which one will be better until they both been released and have been out for about 6 months after all the fine tuning has been finished

  • Master Troll

    Ps4>xbone1 bf4>cod ghosts

    • Batman

      Brick>Xbox One

  • LegitCryptic

    The reason its on xbox1 is because ms puts it on… Sony could host there own but they dont and lastly you all pc players that say ms sucks i bet 90% of you are using windows

  • ZeniXGames

    cod would make tons of money putting more competitive options on the PS4, because there are lots of xbox owners switching to the PS4. If they could make competitive events in major cities such as xbox I would be going for sure. But at the end of the day Cod has to continue with xbox. Sucks for the PS4 players but one day we might be able to see something coming up for PS! and either way on MLG if you and your buddies wanna pitch in you can you buy points and play PS online tournaments for cash prizes in the US, not sure about CA and EU.

  • **Ponycorn**

    No offense to the console ports, but I don’t care about any of this
    unless it means the PC port will get a server browser + the ability to
    bring back promod. We are the fathers of competitive Call of Duty and it
    was ours for years until recently. It’s the least they could do if they
    want it to be competitive on all platforms.

    That was originally posted by Jon Cameron and I couldn’t support it more, repost this if you agree. Competitive gaming originated from PC Gamers, and more importantly Call of duty Competitive started with us, it was ours for years and years, with out a doubt it deserves to be ours more then any of those try-hard console gamers, but more importantly it should be competitive for all Platforms… If it is only on Xbox 1 it will not be a true representation of the best COD gamers, im a Microsoft fan boy and even I’ll admit this was a cheap shot to get there console sold because they were loosing miserably to Sony and Sony is instantly beaten by PC. So theres my point. Repost this if you’re a PC gamer and agree.


    Best joke of 2013 🙁