Mark Rubin, in an interview with Outside Xbox has discussed how the new lean feature will work in Ghosts.
After they looked back at their previous titles, they realized that the main thing Call of Duty was missing was first person animations.

So how does lean feature work? There is no “lean button” on the controller (or keyboard) that you have to press for Ghosts. When you go up to a wall/crate, and you’re looking at the edge of a wall – aiming your weapon will automatically lean you out.

Rubin also discussed the new mantle feature which allows players to have a “smooth” jump over blockades – and even in some cases – you can continue to shoot your weapon.

You can watch his full interview with Outside Xbox here:

SOURCE: Outside Xbox

  • raiN

    But I like staring at walls… 🙁

    • Keshav Bhat

      stare all you want! Only if you “aim” in then it’ll lean you!

  • David Morgan

    I was wondering how this mechanic would work, time will tell if it works well!

    • Dah It’s Me

      The feature is used in Far Cry 3, Killzone, and a slew of other games and its a good concept…lol atleast they’re not claiming it to be “a new innovation” or “something they that has never been done before”.

      • David Morgan

        Oh really! Darn, well there’s the embarrassing proof that I haven’t played those games yet. Thanks for the info.

  • Uzair Chief

    Well, that’s a good idea!

  • lMattW

    Hmm. I’m not sure it’s a good thing for the lean to be automated. That might limit how well you can pop in and out of cover from the side if you depend on the speed of the automated lean to push you out rather than being able to move out quickly or slowly, at your own pace.

    Anyway, good to know a little more about how it works.

    • Im sure if you stand back a bit farther from the wall you wont lean out.

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    Imagen the killcams

  • Ascending Legend

    ahhhh this is going to be buggy….

    • David Morgan

      Don’t be too quick to judge! I think it’d be better if everyone kept their heads and waited for some gameplay before making snap decisions.

      • Ascending Legend

        I agree with you in that i am judging quickly but them finding the perfect tuning for this is going to take a while and initially it will be a bit fiddly.

  • Jerry D’Erasmo

    More reason for people to not move…

  • j

    will it lean in your crouched?

    • MeisseN


      • Jon Cameron

        You can’t lean crouched on PC if I remember correctly, so probably not.

        • MeisseN

          Both unlikely in game and real life, so that’s it 🙂

          • Jon Cameron

            Even if war shooters try to be as realistic as possible, you can’t expect everything to be. I know this is irrelevant to anything, but I thought I’d respond to your real life part.

  • j

    defo getting bf4 and cod ghosts

  • Codissadnow

    Seems like they are just finally adding what games already have for years.

    • DanDustEmOff

      There is no game i know that does this. Many games have lean on the PC but it is done manually this also removes any other uses for the Q and E keys.

  • Jon Cameron

    Oh cool, a feature that’s been in the game since the beginning. Thanks for explaining it.

    • MeisseN

      Since the beginning or no, it’s always necessary to inform….