• Ghosts “All Access” E3 Event:

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  • Infinity Ward VIP mixer:

[nggallery id=517]


  • Microsoft Media Briefing:

[nggallery id=521]


  • EA Press Conference:

[nggallery id=520]


  • Activision Booth:

[nggallery id=519]


  • Xbox Booth:

[nggallery id=523]


  • Sony Booth:

[nggallery id=522]


  • Other Pics:

[nggallery id=518]


  • Yo moma91


  • X-ManuNator-X

    ijustine Willyrex & Ali-A (Matroix) :DDDDD

  • David Sync

    Tom 😀 and Alia A

  • xGageEHornE

    I wish i could make a slideshow out of these:/

  • David Morgan

    You guys didn’t take enough pictures.

    • James K

      Understatement of the year