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A new leaked image posted on Reddit appears to reveal the third Black Ops 2 DLC pack, reportedly called ‘Vengeance.’ According to the image there will be four MP maps, 1 zombie map, and new Ray Gun for Zombies.

Multiplayer Maps:

  • Detour
  • Uplink
  • Rush
  • Cove


  • Buried


SOURCE: Reddit via @FreddyCTRL and @COD_Online

  • JKB98

    I think it’s save to say that this is legitimate.

    Also, the new ray gun looks pretty neat.

  • Freppy

    This kinda looks like it’s legit and not fake, because it’s a really good quality and high resolution on the frame. The frame must be around 50cm

  • PrimeEchoes

    This one actually looks semi-legitimate. The print is high-quality and large, the images in the map pictures don’t appear to be from anywhere on the internet, and everything looks pretty well done.

  • Man I Like Cod

    It seems legit for me. The name is original and nothing simple and that poster (background and colors) are similar from the past.

    This is obviously real, I’ll be really surprised if this isn’t.

  • Dragon

    Burried looks like a Freakshow zombie map, And that new Ray gun looks nice

  • SoTotallyXray

    On detour it looks like a tornado ?

    • Argy

      Looks more like a broken bridge, which would make more sense with the name…

  • Dragon

    Or Burried could be a Mine map

    • Batman

      Escavation site

  • SoTotallyXray

    If you look closely On Buried Does it look like the effiel tower in the background?

    • MeisseN

      The cowboy hat and the different font (more alike used in Western USA) appear more like a cowboy-ish west America setting?

    • Seif Bahgat

      there are rumors they said that the zombies map on DLC map pack 3 of black ops 2 will be underground so lets hope is great map

    • GreatGabriel11

      it kinda looks like palm trees when i downloaded it

  • David Morgan

    Western themed zombie map maybe? If this poster is a fake, it’s really really well done. EDIT: I actually heard a second interesting theory that it’s in Africa.

  • James

    it looks real besides the guy he is from the cover I think

  • ll-RAY-ll

    Guys I’m not lying this is real, mark my words, the dlc comes out the second

  • Deadmushroom


    • Batman


    • James K

      I like it.

  • Hayden Armstrong

    look like cowboy

  • Luis

    I’m guessing its an old 115 five mine

    • Derp

      That’s Shangri-La

  • James K

    Looks like that F.E.A.R R.U.S.S theory is blown out of the water.

    • VictorEdu96

      Now the F.E.A.R T.E.D.D.Y is growing up

      • Ascending Legend

        Yes, because teddy is spelt with a V.

        • Simon

          Actually its because of the final letter in all recent maps Tranzi “T” Die Ris “E” etc. people need to let go of the fact that there wont be some magic word for all the map packs

          • I’m not Dare Devil

            Actually Tranzit is the gamemode whole the real name of the map is Green Run… Exclude the theory if you must

          • Batman

            All gamemodes final letters are TED.

            Now is it right to you Sherlock?

          • Drift

            No, because why would they go from the first letters of the Map packs to the first letters of the zombie maps? And really? Great leap forward ends with an E? There is no zombie game mode that ends with an E genius.

          • Batman

            Your fucking idiot. Great leap forward is the name of the map. Die Rise is the gamemode. If you take the last letter from all gamemodes:

            die risE
            mob of the deaD


          • Drift

            And once again, Tranzit is the name of the game mode fucktard. Did you just totally forget what everyone else said? Oh my god the retards I run into in this world, it’s just astounding.

    • Batman

      Finally, I told these idiots that it would not be FEAR RUSS

  • Amro

    like usual, release the trailer 12 days before the release date!

  • Mythical Gaming

    Buried is in Texas because in Texas I think in austin there is an efieel tower replica

    • Awesome

      There’s one in Vegas, too. Lol maybe we get to fight zombies in Cowboy-themed Casinos and Strip Clubs? XD

  • mclovin

    its a collesum from rome in the back ground

  • immafirindogs

    I’m guessing this is the final map where we’ll see the new crew.

    • JKB98

      You mean old crew, right?

      • Sweet, ole potato!

        “final map we will se the new crew”. They will probably die in the end with a cutscene or something, and in the next map, just as vodehaar tweeted, the new crew is gonna die, and hopefully the old one is comming back! 😀

        • David Morgan

          That would be so awesome if the old crew returned on one final Nazi zombies map.

          • Guest

            i knoooooow :DD

  • Ascending Legend

    And……….. AliA has a video up about this

    • Batman

      And is getting all of the credit, being an VIP player, earning money.

      • Adam Nord

        jealousy is a biatch. Just think, if you were popular on youtube, you would do the exact same thing.

        • Batman

          Nope, I can start an youtube channel today and 2 years later I can be an VIP if I do the same shit that Alia does, but copy charlieintel is not the right thing, he don´t give them proper credit.

          And his fans like you, just act like little bitches to defend him

          • Adam Nord

            Who said I was a fan of Alia?? I’m not! Don’t assume anything man. I’m just stating that if you were a youtuber like he is, as soon as you found out information, you’d make a video about it just to get the money. Sure he doesn’t give Charlie Intel the credit that they deserve, but we live in a cruel world.

  • Ascending Legend

    Why do we need a new ray gun? the old one is fine.

    • Batman

      Nope its not

      • Ascending Legend

        Why? Because Batman said so that’s why!

    • The Flash

      who said it was replacing the current one

  • Batman

    Buried was leaked by PlaytheGame.

    This is real

  • Nick
  • annonymous_person

    Well 3arch listened to the fans that they wanted to kill new crew the cowboys may seem that maybe the old crew time traveled to the old West timeline how they got there idunno you guys need to think and look for tiny details.

    • Jesse

      they have blue eyes, so richtofen is controlling them. by this map they cant travel back…???

  • BoQuan Ondatpsn

    fucked treyarch said the space of cod cant handle a new weapon and they can make zombie weapons

    • Batman

      Actually idiot, RAM on multiplayer is totally different, in zombies they only do a new weapon and they don´t make attachments, camos, reticles, stats…

      And the new gun is ONLY for the new zombie map, its totally different from making an MP new weapon

      • The Flash

        actually i believe the this new weapon will be playable on all zombie maps seeing as it has been advertised similarly to the peacekeeper

        • Batman

          Even if it is like that, it would take a very little space of RAM

  • chaseh

    a dig sight like archaeologist

  • Steelzoe

    I hope it’s not real. Buried doesn’t sound good !!!

    • The Flash

      your basing that of an image?

    • Batman

      Play the game said that this map is terrible and is another poor/shitty work from the Zielinski team

  • David Sync

    :/ meh looks ok

  • RequixEclipse

    Mass Killings Behind the scenes of the Democratic Underground.. Which is at the same time when we start our campaign..

  • Chris Ilott

    An extra zombies weapon? Surely they just add new weapons all the time in new maps, and it’s also pointless as you can’t choose it but you get it out of the box, plus it will be OP anyways because what else can you do with a ray gun othe rthan make it more powerful. It’s just 1 up for the people who buy the map packs unlike the peacekeeper. Also, now the initials for the map packs are R.U.V what cold be the fourth letter?

    • The Flash

      i think this weapon will be in all zombie maps though like the peacekeeper

      • Batman

        And it might replace the original ray gun on them, however Im sure that there will be some way to get the original ray gun back.

        And the ray gun mark 2 should be an laser not rays

  • Jak that

    How will that gun dlc work on zombies ?

    • coilover2005

      Probably just like the Peacekeeper did in Revolution Multiplayer. I wonder if it can be used on other Zombie maps as well. Hmmmmm……

      • The Flash

        i hope so cause as you said the peacekeeper was playable on all maps so this ray gun should be also, plus it must be separate from the new WW on Buried as they dont advertise that

        • Batman

          On buried there will be no Ray gun possibly, so you have the ray gun mark 2 and a new wonder weapon(possible buildable)

  • Dean Ball


    Sounds about right 😉

    • The Flash

      have you played the maps yet?

      • Dean Ball

        Of course I haven’t…the comment was a joke, hence the winky smile. I happen to be a massive fan of BO2 DLC and can’t wait to get it.

  • AmpT

    I’d rather have a gun for multiplayer, like a sniper. Sooner or later, Treyarch should add a sniper to the DLC

    • j

      they can’t, there’s no more space

    • The Flash

      MP get so much content, plenty of maps, weapons, customizable options, zombies get very little, so we deserve an extra gun

    • JKB98

      As much as I would love a DLC sniper, it just isn’t possible. Well, at least for multiplayer. Zombies still has a chance.

  • j

    How about a buildable Chainsaw or Axe or something? #EPiC

  • j

    The zombies have BLUE eyes! :DDD

  • j

    The new gun better not be a buildable

  • koooji

    I think the raygun mark will be in all of the zombie maps

    • The Flash

      i think and hope so too, screw the $hit gun, the peacekeeper was advertised the same way and was playable on all maps

    • Batman

      If it is on Die Rise, it will be OP LOL

  • mike

    anyone watch playthegame the next map is in africa down in a mine

  • Substance

    its a german poster i translated first on xbox live and it matched the told piece of text

  • That fat guy

    In the past,Western expansion