Mark Rubin spoke with the Official PlayStation Magazine at E3, and he talked about how not having the finished next-gen hardware is holding up their progress of AI development.

“Slower than some of the graphics, to be honest, just because we don’t have final hardware yet”. As a result he says the team has had to be, “a little more cautious on some of that”.

Infinity Ward has been working on a new AI system for Ghosts, including not just having the AI shoot back at you, but also reacting to the environment. The AI is now a “situational AI”, not the traditional COD combat, which Rubin says, “I’m shooting at a bunch of guys and a bunch of guys are shooting at me.”

“They might behave differently to the dog,” says Rubin. “Or behave a little differently compared to the events that are happening in the level. They take some of the environment cues and pay attention to them. A lot of times they just kind of ignore the environment, they are just like ‘Ok this guy is supposed to be here I’m shooting, but the building is falling all over me… No, I’m still shooting you’. So sort of doing stuff like that”.

Mark Rubin finished by saying, “We are making big strides. We need some hardware, some finished hardware, before we can really expand”.



  • jggf

    oh i see.

  • David Morgan

    I’m really looking forward to the point in time where the next gen hardware is finished, and they aren’t stuck supporting the old consoles. Hopefully then we can see a “true” next gen Call of Duty game.

  • a cool kinda guy

    there will probably be a free garaphics card if you buy it in 2014

  • Cyber-Ninja

    So y’all still think MS is legit? And the #XBOne is the best next-gen console to get? Think again:-

    • Wow

      Hey dipshit, I support PS4 and yes, I’m a Playstation fanboy. But seriously, this is stupid. WOW, Microsoft used PCs with similar capabilities at E3 instead of using an UNFINISHED console. HOLY CRAP. You do know that Sony did something similar when releasing the PS3, right? They used a computer because their console wasn’t finished. HOW DARE THEY. idiot.

      • AMNIVDIA

        But this is unforgivable because they should’ve have learned the mistakes that Sony did during that PS3 release. Instead they made the same mistake by using PC’s and not their AWESOME NEXTGEN CONSOLE. Hell, they even used NVIDIA graphics cards instead of the AMD that was supposed to be using in their AWESOME NEXT GEN CONSOLE!

      • Cyber-Ninja

        Wow yet another mindless dumb-ass internet troll, read the thread moron and you might learn something, but then with only one brain cell………………………………………………………………

  • Nesh

    Off topic:
    Do you guys know the main character names?
    From what I heard in the gameplay video, the characters name that you’re playing is Nesh.