The biggest backtrack in gaming history: Microsoft has just announced a full change in their highly controvesial DRM policy. Their policy required users to connect to the internet every 24 hours. Now, Microsoft has confirmed that they are removing this feature, and allowing Xbox One to not require an internet connection. Only connection is required at the setup stage.

An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games– After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

They’ve also backtracked on their used games polices: now they’re keeping their polices just as how it with the Xbox 360.

Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today – There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360.

Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.

These changes come after a week of Microsoft executives fully defended all these polices in multiple interviews and press conferences at E3 last week.

In addition to buying a disc from a retailer, you can also download games from Xbox Live on day of release. If you choose to download your games, you will be able to play them offline just like you do today. Xbox One games will be playable on any Xbox One console — there will be no regional restrictions.
These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One. The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.

Sony won over many fans after saying that they’re not restricting or requiring anything. Sony has shown full support for used games, and stated no internet connection is required for PS4.

SOURCE: Xbox News Wire

  • Dragon

    Shots Fired

  • Mitch

    I bet it was because some big publishers put pressure on them. Now fix the shit with Kinect and all games having to be on the HDD because it will fill up in no-time.
    EDIT: Just read games aren’t installed on the HDD always anymore, but you have to play them like you play today, with the disc in the console. Also, the family program is scrapped (sharing your game library with a group of 10 people).
    So at the end, for people with shit/no internet or who use 2nd hand games a lot this is awesome (no DRM, no check ins), but for people with awesome internet who don’t give a fuck about 2nd hand games it’s bad (no family program).
    Also, all MS fanboys should thank Sony on their bare knees, because if the PS4 also would have had DRM, 24 hour check ins and all the other BS Xbox One originally had, Xbox One also would still have it.

    • david

      I swear Its not possible because something to do with the amount of data blue ray can deal with or something



  • ZaChee

    So i wonder if this will affect the ability to play games without discs

    • Sam

      Yeah, games now need to be in the tray.

  • david

    But what have we lost in return?

    • Jeevan Singh

      swaping games instantly

    • Cameron Graham

      Playing retail games without disc, and switching games without physically switching discs, along with the 10 member family sharing concept. Two solid advantages for the system..

      Or at least they were.. I’d rather have those back than the ability to hand a game to someone.

      • Jauis

        No, you haven’t lost the ability to play games without a retail disc – you’re patently incorrect. You can buy any retail games on day one from XBOX LIVE – there’s your non-physical copy. Please read more before posting.

        • david

          Maybe you should read what he put he said “Retail Games” so get of your high horse. Please read more before posting.

        • Cameron Graham

          Yeah, great… What they’ve done is promote used games to make those downloadable copies completely unattractive. I hate used games, but why would i pay 3 times the price for something? The policies they had before had a clear goal. Now we’re just stuck with an xbox 360 2…

      • david

        Yeah I preferred what Microsoft was doing before But just lowering the DRM restriction a bit would have been better for me.

  • David Sync

    I can tell they got hammered hard after E3,looks like the CEO took back on his word when saying “if u don’t have access to the Internet simply stay with the 360”

  • Fetterlein

    GJ microsoft. you listened.

    • dreamy_raynbo

      No, they didn’t, and that’s the problem. People have been screaming about these policies for at least a year, and they didn’t listen. The only reason they’ve changed is because they have no chance against Sony if they don’t, since Sony DID listen.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        Microsoft only changed because they saw the numbers for the PS4 pre-orders. LOL!

        • Jeremy

          It’s true, Sony was kicking their pathetic ass.

      • LegitCryptic

        A Year are you fucking retarded the xbox was annouced a month not a year and we did not know the specs till a couple of days ago.. You should stick with playstation Xbox is to advanced for your 4th grade mind

        • dreamy_raynbo

          You’re…you’re kidding, right? This is trolling? I sure hope so. Just to show how “fucking retarded” I am, I’m gonna go ahead and respond to what I’m sure must be a bad joke, since surely anyone who seems so damn uninformed as you must at least be smart enough to not boast about it for anyone to see.

          I can pull up articles from December 2011 addressing rumors of what would be on the new XBox, which was termed XBox 720, at that point. By January 2012, it was already being bandied about that the new system would restrict playing used games. In April 2012, VG24/7 exposed the “always online” aspect of the new console. In April 2013, Adam Orth was fired or resigned from Microsoft for being a dick about the “always online” requirement. In May 2013, Microsoft supposedly decided NOT to require the system to be always online or even require an internet connection. Finally, yes, the official release was a month ago. I can provide actual links to every one of these articles, if you are interested (I’m sure the words are too big for you, though, so I’m not going to bother sharing here.)

          So, it’s kind of funny what one can learn by actually keeping abreast of the news and rumors regarding these things. If you want to support them regardless, go for it. But please do not attempt to argue with the adults around here who actually pay attention to something other than popping their preteen zits.

          • LegitCryptic

            Hey buddy Key word RUMORS… IT WAS NOT OFFICIAL FUMBDUCK

          • dreamy_raynbo

            Uh, right. “Rumors” that were leaks from inside the department and turned out to be 100% true. You remember how they were true, right? You know, the whole part of my argument being that they implemented them even though everyone and their mama told them not to? Good lord.

  • gumbie7

    Still getting the ps4. Little too late in my opinion.

    • Mitch

      Me too. The Kinect BS is still there and that still makes the PS4 100 bucks cheaper. And at the end, I like Sony’s exclusives more.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Agreed. PS4 price is keeping me as a Sony fanboy 🙂

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Same here. But this makes the Xbox one a more desireable companion with my PS4, and i can always throw a towel over the kinect so the gov doesn’t watch me play Halo in my underwear.

        • A Gamer


        • Spitfire

          This is literally the most accurate thing i’ve ever read.

          • olly

            do you know is if you can use turtle beach headphones with the new xbox

          • ArcanePro

            no you can’t because the xbox one use another plug in, but you can with the ps4

          • olly

            aww realy also ive heard so many different storys .Can you play old xbox 360 games on xbox 1

          • Zpr4y


          • Zpr4y

            Yes you can!

          • Zpr4y

            They have designed a new turtle beach dude

    • sss

      the consoles haven’t even came out yet what do you mean little to late

    • dudebrothispartyissick

      How on earth is it too late? The consoles don’t launch for 5 months! I have no problem with your decision, but to justify it by saying Microsoft was too late makes absolutely no sense.

      • MeisseN

        Microsoft has literally realized how stupid they have been, yet problems still remain that Xbox One is $100 more expensive with worse hardware. Anyways for Xbox fans it’s a relief nonetheless.

        • Zpr4y


      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        Exactly! People just want to hate Microsoft! I traded in my 360 when the PS3 won the hi-def war because I wanted an all in one machine. But xbox has been getting the best exclusives and early access to some dlc which has been pissing me off for years. I’m finally switching back to micrsoft with the xbox one. Xbox will always have better console attention then any other one on the market. Stop fighting it everyone and just join Xbox.

        • Zpr4y

          Haha AWESOME dude

        • Jeremy

          Bend over and take Microsoft’s cock up your ass some more.

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      How can it be too late if the consoles aren’t available till November?

  • BotMw

    Remember now: The Kinect is still always on, always listening. Nothing will stop your data from being sent once the system does get internet.

    P.S – CharlieIntel should really stop being biased(They only counted down to the Xbox reveal)

    • Notanxboxfanboy

      Ummm You can just unplug your Xbox if you are that afraid.

      • Mitch

        And then what if I want to play games? Kinect has to be on then.

        • Batman

          Make it face the damn wall.

          • Mitch

            I heard (don’t know if it’s true), it has to see the controller.

          • manny

            It can still hear you say ANYTHING

      • Cameron Graham

        Or that stupid.

    • A Gamer

      nope they counted down for the ps4

    • FTW

      You can turn the kinect off so shut up.

    • Milo

      They expected CoD at the xbox reveal, they counted down to the PS4 reveal on The Destiny Blog.

    • Keshav Bhat

      We’re not biased. I’m buying a PS4. We put that here because CoD DLC stuff first. had the PS4 stuff – as Activision and Bungie have partnered with Sony.

    • Cameron Graham

      If you think Kinect is listening to you, and sending data.. you’re a moron.

      • Johan

        If you don’t think it is, bend over. Microsoft has something for you.

      • dreamy_raynbo

        Seriously, do you people even watch the fucking news?

    • Super_Deluxe

      Can’t u just not plug that stupid thing in at all? I mean are they gonna force us to plug it in during setup and after? Can we not use it if it’s not plugged in? If so then my decision will remain unchanged and will still buy the PS4 when it’s released.

  • Daniel


  • Mitch

    Lol since it a 180 degree turn, I already saw someone make the joke ”now the Xbox One will be known as the Xbox 180”.

    • Cameron Graham

      I think it’s funnier the 720 name rang true..

  • Guest Who?

    This is stupid, Sony did all this and more MONTHS before Xbox One. Microsoft presented these policies at E3. Does Microsoft really think that just because they are now denying these policies that all the people that were gonna buy a PS4 are going to go “Oooh Microsoft are now copying Sony! Im gonna be their console now!” No. Microsoft failed this time around. The Xbox Two should be more that this.

    • Fetterlein

      sony didnt invent or have the copyrights of the full support of used games..

    • swagman

      lol youre an idiot…

      • Jeremy

        No, you’re an idiot.

    • LegitCryptic

      And all the former xbox fans are back for xbox once again… So sony invented those policies

  • Nightcodex

    The intro sounds a lot like what Kotaku wrote. I don’t know if you two have the same source or one of you guys got the news from the other… but I just wanted to point it out.

    • coolwhhhip

      Haha, yeah I think CI has already been warned about plagiarism in the past.

  • Rock4one


  • iSwedishVirus


    A little bit late though to be honest but i’m happy with the changes and so far i think i’m getting the Xbox One 🙂

    • Cameron Graham

      How is it late? Is 5 months before release too late?

      • dudebrothispartyissick

        Finally someone gets it. Like how on earth is like 12 days “too late?”

        • Cameron Graham

          I’ll tell you why.. Because everyone is so concerned with making their mind up and not taking in new information… Everyone is so concerned with either being a fanboy or an anti fanboy, and won’t change their mind because it will strengthen the argument of whatever the ‘other side’ is.

          If people had been open to new information.. The positive things that were announced at E3 SHOULD have overidden the tiny policies that would affect only some of us.. But when Kotaku, and IGN, and all of these other massive headline blogs said things like.. Microsoft has had a terrible day.. and Sony has Won, and all this bullshit… Influenced people to cement their decision. When in fact, FIVE MONTHS before the release, that’s the last thing they should be doing.

          • dudebrothispartyissick

            I’m assuming you don’t have this problem so I won’t argue with you b/c I know you’re right. People just need to learn to be patient. I personally want to stick with Microsoft, but I will continue to weigh the options over the coming months, just as others should. E3 and this announcement are only the beginning of an all-out console war that will rage all the way to the respective release days and I’m excited to see what both companies do until then.

          • Cameron Graham

            A very sensible choice.. there aren’t enough sensible people on the internet.

          • dreamy_raynbo

            No, actually, it’s because they made policies to screw over the players and benefit the game producers without any thought of the consequences. It’s because consumers and reviewers have been telling them for a year that their DRM and always-online bullshit was unacceptable, and yet they still thought they knew best and announced that they would release the system in that way as a giant f**k you to the players. It’s because the ONLY reason they changed their policies is because they knew XBox was dead in the water if they didn’t, because Sony actually DID listen to the consumers. It’s because they clearly still don’t give a f**k about their consumers, but only about the money they put in their pockets. It’s about the fact that there are STILL privacy and cost concerns.

            Regardless of this pathetic, backtracking, after-the-fact, half-assed, “Oh wait, we suddenly care what you think!” reversal of policy, I sure as hell will not be purchasing an XBox One. A company so incapable of listening to its users will not receive my support. Period.

    • Dan-O

      Enjoy paying an extra $100 for features you’ll never use.

    • InsaneKid

      Are you insane kid?

  • Rock4one


  • Mitch

    Now I am waiting for them to remove the Kinect BS so the choice is not between PS4 and Xbox One, but between exclusives.

  • Fredrik Thomsen


  • Uzair Chief


  • The Flash

    fuc* there was one thing good about the original idea

  • dorgeyporgey

    An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games –
    After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any
    disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24
    hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you
    want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

    You still need to connect to the internet once whilst you set up the console in order to play offline, so people without internet still wont be able to use this console, so they havnt really fixed anything for the people who want this and have no internet have they

    • Milo

      I’m sure a very small amount of people will have a problem with connecting to the internet only once.

      • dorgeyporgey

        in all fairness, alot of people will and for someone who wants this console still cant use it so yeah…

      • dorgeyporgey

        youl actually be suprised how many people actually dont have access to the internet -_- even if it is just for connecting once, and they have done it this way because they have changed the DRM through an online update, more to the fact they have modified it slighlty so an update changes the specs, this means they can just reverse the situation which knowing microsoft they will reverse the policies after release or steer towards there original policies slowly to this so called revoloution they claim is the “future” of gaming over the next few years of next gen, this is why you briefly need to connect to the internet during setup which is why now i will wait at least a year and a half till this piece of crap tv system is reduced in price to around 150 pounds, then i may think of getting it if they havnt scammed xbox users after release, which i can gaurantee they will in some form, ps4 for me

      • Jeremy

        Oh how ignorant you are.

    • John

      Buy ppl with no internet can, if need get a freind with internet to do it for them. also What tiny tiny tiny percent of gamers Have no internet?

  • Technocentrix

    Aww all the xbox fanboys that webt to the ps4 will now go back to their console. It was a fun experience! :'(

    • David Sync

      It’ll be fine,do we honestly need more people talking trash when playing a MP game such as COD

    • Zpr4y

      Ps4 is AWESOME but xbox is AWESOMEOUR?

  • Cyber-Ninja

    Yeah right MS, it’s all down to the fan feedback! More like the fact that the #PS4 was out selling the #XBOne by 5-1 more like!!! ;O)

  • GayArC,Fartivision

    Now xbox one is better in my opinion if you guys dont have any problem with the price, why because xbox will have dedicated servers and the new game ( titan fall ) is xbox one exclusive

    • Detroit

      One game will never sway my decision when it comes to a console. Besides, I was never a fan of Halo, and while Titanfall looks decent, It’s not enough.

      And for the record, the price difference ITSELF isn’t the problem, it’s paying an extra $100 for something I’ll never use that bothers me.

      The PS4 has slightly more powerful hardware, it’s cheaper, and the future exclusives interest me more than another Halo and some Forza game.

      • GayArc,Fartivison

        True man but personally I’m tired of host migration and getting disconnected from a match and i dont want this prob on new gen consoles , if Sony offers dedicated servers i will buy ps4 but if they dont ill buy Xbox one and the kinect can be used as a security lock for example face lock can be an amazing feature

  • A Gamer

    Xbox you have regained my loyalty #XboxforLife

    • dungbeetle

      Don’t forget to thank Sony for this. If it weren’t for them, you’d be #ShaftedforLife. 😛

      • dudebrothispartyissick

        The only way Microsoft doesn’t backtrack is if Sony had the same policies. We could’ve all been #ShaftedforLife

  • Sam119

    only getting xbox for exclusives, especially titanfall

    • Ellio

      Please list the games that will NEVER BE RELEASED ON PS4 that are so great? Forza? Titanfall? A new Fable? Another godawful Gears of War?

      It’s not enough to sway a decision.

      • Jeremy

        Generic racing game, generic FPS, generic RPG, generic TPS. Color me impressed >>.>>

  • Anonymous

    The current itteration of the next Generation of gaming has brought about interesting conclusions… Conclusions that you shouldn’t immediately jump apon.

    Sony has been the underdog, originally loosing billions of dollars, and they’ve only managed to stop lagging behind and comeback against the competition. Meanwhile, Microsoft has did everything they can to jump back into the competition.

    Microsoft has been “quote on quote”sending their employees to spread propaganda at Wii U Best Buy stores, paying third-party publishers to not show off Playstation games, and excecutionuch more simmilar tasks.
    As being a consumer of the market, you hold much more power than you actually believe. It’s true that the huge corporations contain the money to create and develop the market, but it’s you that gives the power to this development.

    Microsoft may be a innovator in gaming, and have truly created sophisticated and quality products, but they are threatening to knock out the competition in console gaming (Mainly Sony, and Nintendo)… And in doing this, they will usher in dominance and rule over console gaming, ensuring their freedom to do whatever they want.

    Nevertheless, it’s your choice, as you can buy the Xbox One or even the Playstation 4 if you want…
    Because in both consoles, “Greatness Awaits”.

    Disclaimer: I may be a bit bias, as being one of thousands of consumers. So don’t take my post “word for word”.

    • Anonymous

      Edit: Paragraph 3- They’ve also were rumored to supposedly use PC’s during the E3 conference

      Also, sorry for the multiple spelling errors and such.

    • Jeremy

      Microsoft an innovator in gaming?


  • David Morgan

    Well, I pre-ordered the Ps4 and this isn’t enough to change my mind. Honestly, it’s clear the direction Microsoft is trying to head, I’m sure that’s going to end up biting xbox users in the ass at some point in the future. I don’t want to jump on board with an unstable company. Also, somewhat related, Amazon changed my “Standard edition” ps4 to “Launch edition” automatically for free. Hopefully the same has happened for some of you guys? *EDIT* I will say this, I’m glad xbox fans are getting some good news.

  • Big Pow

    xbox is a piece of shit!! everyone who haves it haves aids!

    • Stuart de Lara-Bell

      says the 12 year old with a 5 year old IQ

      • Big Pow

        correction i am 2 years old!

    • David Sync

      U just embarrassed everyone in the playstation nation .-.

      • Big Pow

        Lmao shut up and make me some eggs!

    • JKB98

      “everyone who haves it haves aids!”

      I feel sorry for you. I really do.

      • Big Pow

        Lmao that’s it??? come with something better!

        • JKB98


    • dudebrothispartyissick

      Projecting your problems onto another demographic so you can feel better is simply unhealthy. Just a lousy defense mechanism

      • Big Pow


        • ASDF

          DONT GET A PS4 that one will GET U HERPIES !!!

          • John

            This what the PS fans come to…..

          • Fetterlein

            is herpies some sort of a female pie where i can stick my dick into it?

  • LolMonster-

    LOL this show this company is so desperate. I think im going with xbox one, you have gained my loyality back. It takes the biggest balls ever to tell your fans fuck you and then take it back no questions asked. Lol even though im back with xbox i think its too late to get your other fans back…

  • Josh

    Xbox 180

  • Stuart de Lara-Bell

    Microsoft have sorted the things out with the xbox one I didn’t like so Ill be getting my Xbox one again.

  • Greggggggga

    Yea so what? They changed their policies. They are a company and saw things weren’t going their way, so they fixed if. I think it’s awesome. I’m happy I preordered my Xbox one. In my opinion it’s so much better and offers so much more. All ps4 is, is a a juiced up ps3. And to everyone saying about how kinnect is always watching you, you’re wrong. Do some research, they already said you can turn it off. Do you guys use Facebook? If you do, then you shouldn’t worry about ms watching you. Facebook already gives your info out haha

    • Jeremy

      They changed it once, they can change it again.

  • Colin

    Thank god! Now they need to change the price. $500 is fucking outrageous…

  • LegitCryptic

    Dammit with this kinect always on thing.. How can i masturbate to COD with them watching fuck it let them watch

    • asdf

      I know right
      (reffer to coment by Greggggggggga)

  • ElseAndrew

    Inb4 Mircosoft sell 20 million consoles and changes the DRM back to what
    is was… So many people now that just a few hours ago saying “OMG F MS!!!!” and suddenly they’re the best company in the world, they changed it now and there is
    no stopping them changing it again in 6 months.


    I was going to buy it anyways even though I really didn’t like those two things but still, THANK YOU MICROSOFT :D!

  • Michael

    This definitely makes the Xbone a more viable option, but with the Xbox One $100 more and it being released Q2 2014 where I live I’m sticking with the PS4

  • Cross

    Dead Rising 3 hello Xbox One bye PS4

  • HellsBattleMoose

    Too little, too late. Bye bye Microsoft.

    • StraightEdgeAtheist

      It’s only been a week.

  • PeLLi

    It’s a good decision by Microsoft, but it just feels like an act of desperation more than “doing it for gamers”. I wonder if Sony knew this would happen, because it makes Microsoft look pretty average and a lot less credible if you ask me.

  • olly

    can someone please tell me will the xbox 1 keep all old data on my xbox 360 slim.

  • dungbeetle

    Thank you Sony.

  • Ross Neilson

    PS4 has more Ram so … oh wait PC is better than both

    • noobasdf

      Dafuq, PS4 and XBOX One have the SAME Ram (8GB)BOTH!!!!

      • ElseAndrew

        XBOX has 3GB of RAM reserved for the OS.

        • asdfnoob


          sorry for the caps lock on i left it on,

          • Jeremy

            You are a moron.

  • Bloodyman2103

    I’m still buying PS4 though. Microsoft, you are unbelievable. Stealing Sony’s idea. #SonyForLife



  • Man I Like Cod

    lol I don’t know which one to buy. Microsoft has more interesting launch titles, but their console is more expensive, it has kinect, I must pay for xbox live and I don’t like the layout of Xbox Live… Probably I’ll still buy the PS4…

  • MeisseN

    XboxAhoy be relieved

  • Ray’

    If they can switch of all of the restriction previously mentioned just like that, surely they can switch them on again at a later date? I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of these restrictions on used games, they’ll just try to impose them on us in a more subtle way I’m guessing

  • asdf

    That’s like getting back at ps4 because playstation tried to make fun of microsoft because of their incapabilities and now all those stupid videos they made about sharing are gone



    • Wise Reader Faping

      Yeah, I think it’s true, you can do a lot of crap with the panning and fast switching. It looks like MS is competing with Samsumg Smart TVs than playstation, EVEN THOUGH XBOX ONE HAS (BASICALLY) THE SAME GAMING FEATURES THE PS4 HAS

  • coilover2005

    Microsoft needed a theme song for this announcement.

    I think “Master Of Puppets” by Metallica is an appropriate choice no?

  • asdf


  • 69 HUNTER

    Has anybody noticed that in the Ghosts Trailer there is a hidden 69 in one of the bad guy’s emblem, look to the picture on the right, the eagle on his shoulder has a 69 written.

  • omg




  • John

    If you all actually think about it, the policies wouldn’t really affect you at all. Every 24 hours you need an active connection…well you are always connected to the internet 99.999% of the time. And also barely anyone trades in games…Not worth the $9. You guys are just so uptight that you have a restriction that barely effects you

    • Jeremy

      Wow, you sure are ignorant.

  • Michael Davis

    we don’t need anybody some to sony now because it cheaper stay with your loyal company don’t be a bandwagon

  • smashorangeguy

    I am getting the Xbox One and the PS4. I am a gamer. Why do i need to restrict myself. The only thing that im doing now is deciding what to get. I play xbox more then PS3, yes but Neither System is bad in my eyes. I seen how PS has been doing do far and they look good. Xbox now with the change has now made it a 50/50 in my eyes. So what if they screwed up its fixed. what do we care if hey care about us. All we should care about is the results. Like them They only want money ” xbox and PS” Xbox shows that its wants your money, PS shows they want to let you be happy. but still want your money. Both Companys goals mean nothing to me as long as im happy playing my games. This should be about What system am i going to enjoy more. I just thought as typing all this PS only is winning the heart of fans in my eyes becuase its cheaper with about the same quality/performance as the XBOX. I just wish ppl stop bitching over what systems are better like its a bloodbath. its just like PS and Microsoft battling eachother. Put asside your hate and read the facts and make your decision when the systems come out and you can see how they both perform.

    • Jeremy

      Bend over and take it up the ass like a good lemming.

  • j

    Okay. PS4 simply made Xbox One just look horrible. Now that Microsoft have found out that everyone is getting the PS4, because the PS4 is the complete opposite of the Xbox One, they go and change everything after E3 is over and they’ve allready shown the Xbox One. So now it’s sort of like they’re copying the PS4 and trying to win back their fans. I’ve always been a Playstation fan, but this is literally sad. Way too late to change that much things up if you ask me.



  • Zpr4y

    THANK GOD! I was going to buy the PS4 if Microsoft would FUCK this up! But hell NO i’m a Microsoft fan and i stay as it! I like ps3 and all that Sony rocks! I love Nintendo! But i have too much friends of Xbox fans and i have always been a xbox fan! So yeah now when they have fines this i’m cool with XONE!

  • Sweeney

    Do you know how much trolling with the government I could do with the Kinect always on? I’ll be like “aye’ momma pass the bong.” and do so much weird shit with it always on. It would be great!

  • Jeremy

    XBOX one without day one patch cannot do ANYTHING, not even play games. PS4 has a day one patch, but it’s NOT for playing games out of the box, but for online and stuff like that.

    So the idea that no internet connection is needed is plain false. Without the internet, you X-BOX one is a paperweight.