Ever since Activision and Microsoft struck a deal in 2010 regarding Call of Duty DLC to come first to the Xbox 360 gamers, there has been lots of controversy as to why Activision actually reached this agreement for the biggest entertainment franchise ever. At Xbox Reveal event, Activision confirmed that all Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC will be coming first to Xbox One.

Eric Hirshberg spoke to IGN at E3, and explained why they have this deal with Microsoft.

“It helps us launch the games. It helps us amplify our marketing messages and get the word out to a larger audience,” Hirshberg explained. “Getting the first parties to participate in that process is very helpful. Us giving them some meaningful exclusive content or time advantages for their platform helps them have something to market to their community as well. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship in both of the cases that you mentioned. But it’s important to note that they’re not exclusive relationships. Activision has historically been a platform agnostic company.”

Activision CEO continued:

“As much as I’m sure the first parties would love to have some of our games exclusively, we want to be wherever gamers are,” he continued. “We try to strike the right balance between giving something meaningful to the first parties for them to market to their community, and for them to reward their community for their loyalty, but something that also allows us to continue to flourish on all the platforms. We’ve struck the right balance, because Call of Duty is equally popular on PlayStation as it is on Xbox. We hope Destiny is the same.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts launches November 5th on XBox 360, PS3, and PC. It’s coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One.



  • Mason / MrPS3skills

    All i hear is more money

    • CoffeeGuy

      That is because Activision is a business company. Money is the whole point.

      • Mason / MrPS3skills

        but they should get the balance between profit and customer satisfaction

  • incubusman421

    In other words, ‘We like Microsoft because they give us money.’

    • Keshav Bhat

      If you see into it: Activision has a partnership with Sony for all Destiny DLC

      • incubusman421

        How is that? You gotta love this #consolewar

      • aznassassin

        “We don’t care who you like or what game you choose, we’re still going to take money from all of you guys”

        • brandon

          You’re still going to make more money out of Ps4 because it sold4.8million consoles I’d rather give dlc to ps4 cause you’re pockets about to be filled with money cause you could use Ps vita can’t wait for destiny

      • Bryan Salas

        I just wish Bungie wouldn’t of gotten butt-hurt and went over to Playstation. Im looking really forward into Destiny but it looks like Destiny might be getting more PS4 support. 🙁

      • Harry

        That’s because destiny is only on Playstaytuon

    • Bryan Salas

      Your stupid, its not about money. Its about the platform with the most loyal fans and better online experience. In my opinion PS3’s online play compared to Xbox is not better.

      • Big Fella

        “It’s not about money.” Hahahahahaha.

        • bryan salas

          You laugh, but if you were smart you wouldnt. Making exclusives to a certain company isn’t about money. If they made dlc for both consoles at the same time then that would mean more money.

          • Big Fella

            Oh please, do you honestly think that they are doing this because of any other reason? This is a company, and companies will do what is necessary to make the highest profit. Microsoft gets the DLC first, this causes people to sway more towards Xbox versions of CoD, this increases the sales of Xbox. Trust me, if this deal wasn’t going to benefit the company in some way, they wouldn’t do it. As for your “They’d be making more money if they released DLC for both consoles at the same time” argument, do you honestly think Activision is just giving the DLC to Microsoft first for nothing? Microsoft payed for this privilege to make the Xbox more appealing to CoD players. Activision isn’t “giving” the DLC to Microsoft first out of their “care for the fans”, they are doing it because it is the most profitable outcome. If Sony was to cut a deal with Activision that payed more, can you honestly tell me that Activision wouldn’t side with Sony?

      • Dom

        calls someone stupid but spells you’re wrong. facepalm

      • Unknown

        Well guess what Bryan… PS4 is gonna destroy XBOX1 and we will see which console has better experience as XBOX cries and dies

      • Seabass G

        What is the one and ONLY one reason services such as entertainment and gaming provide us with these products? MONEY. Money is what every company in the world wants. If there was no money in gaming for Microsoft, Activision, or Sony they wouldn’t be the leaders of the gaming industry.

    • Unknown

      agreed man! This CEO is soo cheap and bias to XBOX. I’m sick of their bulkshit and suck up cocksukers to XBOX!

    • brandon

      Do you have to split money with neversoft and raven who helped infinity ward

  • hoheha

    money change us
    go to hell activision
    i like cod
    like xbox 360
    ilike ps3
    and i hate activision .

  • Craig Steven Brooks Jr

    Money money money

  • perfectlemonade

    Why do people hate on companies for going with whatever gives them the most profit?

    • James K

      Is this a self explanatory question?

  • Destiny will have Exclusive PS4 DLC so Activation is being nice to Sony with that. But still, id like the CoD DLC to be fair to PS3 and PC.

    • The Unknown

      Nothing says “I don’t read what I type.” like spelling Activision “Activation”.

  • Batman

    Money money and money

  • Nick

    Oh, sorry. You guys think that these people make video games and put the DLC out for free? Don’t complain that they make money off of something, they are a business. That is what businesses do.. Don’t be stupid.

    • Super_Deluxe

      But businesses also give back as a thank you for being loyal customers. When did they ever give back to the COD community? The best they’ve ever done was give us half price DLCs(just recently) and a free DLC trial months after release hoping people would want it to keep playing on it and buy it. When businesses are all take and never give back, it’s hard to keep supporting them as they take you for granted.

      • Joshwoocool

        Well off my head.
        makin day,terminal,nuketown 2025,nacht der untoten,five,and mule kick(on all bo maps).
        Before you say makin day and nuketown 2025 was Pre-Order.Pre-Ordering doesnt cost Anything.
        with the zombie maps Originally you had to beat campaign.Then they Patched them so everyone could have them with out beating campaign.

        • Super_Deluxe

          But those are old maps that we’ve already paid for. Your point just proved my point again that they’re all about taking. Those maps we’re supposed to be free anyway and they still charge nuketown 2025 for zombies for 400MP. Terminal was in MW2 which we paid for, nuketown 2025 was in BO1 which we paid for. Not sure about those other 2 because I haven’t played any cod before MW2. Maybe if they were new maps then I’d agree with you but unfortunately they’re not.

          • Joshwoocool

            1)I didnt say nuketown zombies(also stop calling it nuketown 2025 zombies)
            2)They didnt need to port into new Cods.Also they didnt need to update the maps to be fresh.Its not just copy/Paste
            3)you neglected Everything else I said.
            4)I forgot to say Waw pc got all dlc free.

          • Joshwoocool

            Also You should be greatfull for what they do for free

  • David Sync

    I honestly don’t care that PS3 gets the DLC a month later,we at least get the patches and fixes when it releases for us,and we know where exactually annoying lil pricks will camp on the maps

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Right lol. I don’t play on PS3 but I’m sure you guys know all the spots as soon as they are released due to YouTube.

  • John Drake

    we want money blah blah blah money money money M$

    • Justin Frenzel

      do you like my post

  • Justin Frenzel

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    • Justin Frenzel

      i think this is the place for ps4 haters i love sony its just i get horney when i turn on vibrate function and play cod

  • j

    it would be so much easier if they would just release all DLC together on all platforms

    • david

      Id rather some actual exclusive content to be honest, oo I get the shit no effort maps before ps yey me. I didn’t buy the last dlc coz it fell short of what I was expecting same again with the up and coming.

      • Rob

        I now wish I didnt waste my money on the seasons pass because of that reason giving us rehashed maps that we have to pay for please, at least when infinity ward did it it was FREE.

    • Unknown

      Agreed J… But Activision only want what is best for them. So It ain’t gonna Happen unfortunately.

    • Anes Dada

      And it suuure is Xbox first, not just letting PC and PS3 wait a month.

  • More gamers on ps4

    If you read up top he says “we want to be where ever gamers are at”. So why in the xbox one show they just came out and they said dlc will come out first on the xbox and they even see that sony is going to have more gamers soo why not give them dlc first they really need to check what they type they make there self look like liers

    • Rob

      It’s just a cover up to the fact that there is a contract in place that was resigned with MW3, that gives exclusive DLC rights to XBOX, along with Activision getting a lot of money they get bj’s for life.

  • PlatinumKB

    Maybe if COD Season Pass holders on PS4 and Destiny Season Pass holders on Xbox One got two-three weeks earlier than Non-Season Pass holders this wouldn’t be a f*cking problem! But no… who gives a shit right$$$$!

  • Big Fella

    Hopefully sony can buy the rights for the next cod after ghosts

  • Ed

    any sort of exclusivity only drives hatred towards publishers and consoles. it is a bad thing, and not in gamers best interest. it insults our intelligence by not saying, “look, they gave us a buttload of money, so the reward outweighs the risk.” there is no other reasoning behind it. i believe bo2 was my last activision title for awhile.

  • unknown

    Get fucked CEO ur such a bunch of wankers! Everything you just said is fake and bullshit. Your soo unfair to all the PS3 players, your just trying to defend yourselfves from the hate but it’s not working, your all bias pieces of shits!

  • xbox hater

    wow that was the stupidest thing I ever heard they won’t get more money from making it first on xbox. Xbox will get more money because more people will go get a xbox. So in all activision is a big sell out and I hope cod ghost is the last game it goes to.

  • BigGunz72

    FACT: The only reason I game on an Xbox360 is because of the Activision COD exclusive AND because back in April and May of 2011 the Playstation network was hacked and shut-down. POINT BEING these factors were not present when I bought my PS3 (years ago).

  • Jarnell Crisler

    Activision don’t give a F about Sony PS people point blank. Help out the Sony community if you guys can. Why did they make the deal in 2010 in the first place?

  • Kylan Bates

    when will it end if it dont i bet i wont fuck with activision

  • Kylan Bates

    this is wat ill be playin or ps exclusives. ( if your wondering y i got a pic of johnny manziel runnin thats me gettin away from activision )