Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, and showed off gameplay from the ‘No Man’s Land’ mission. Here’s the full video from the show.

Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin lets Jimmy, Elijah Wood and Grant Bowler test drive the newest installment of the Call of Duty franchise.

UPDATE: Here is the clearest image we have of the mystery sniper rifle briefly shown last night. (3:55min)


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  • David Morgan

    I was hoping for that “Not spec ops” game mode reveal. This level is just getting a little tiring, ah well, can’t wait for Ghosts.

  • Jimbob

    3:55 – Sniper???

    • TrollArch

      0,00 – 4.31 – Jimmy Fallon Show?

    • .

      It seems like the L96 or one of its variants.

    • LongSensation

      Looks like the ballista or L11A8? Not sure though, not that good with snipers haha, could be anything!

      • j

        The ballista? Are you kidding me? That looked nothing like it!

        • D

          It did look like the L118A, though.

  • Adam Nord

    Not sure what gun the sniper is, however it is clearly seen that the sniper was not “reloading” it was infact unfolding the stock of the gun.

  • ElseAndrew

    Any news yet if Ghosts will have spec ops?

    • It wont have Spec ops. But they said it will be replaced with a new mode.

      • Kwhiz

        Probably survival or I could be wrong but I wouldn’t surprised if it was

  • Emre

    Should it be funny?

  • bob the priest

    i was looking at this and im very optimistic with french people playing because the textures are bad on a standard point of mind. we know that obama is upset at this cause it does not represent america as a whole! we are very mad at the food that we eat because companies are making a fool of them selves with the message they implement on society today! we need to come together and make a difference for a better tomorrow so that we can have a better america!

    • j


  • Guest

    Thats logic. COD Ghots was shown with Frodo from Lord of the rings???? WTF


    Thats logic. COD Ghots was shown with Frodo from Lord of the rings???? WTF

  • IfeBakarey

    Looks like the L118A

  • Chris

    “Oh no! I think he remodeled the bathroom!” LOL

    • j

      ”I just remodeled that bathroom” are you deaf?

  • claude moore

    is it just me? or are they using a PS3/PS4 style box with a xbox insert for the cover?

    • Zpr4y

      Just looked at the controller that they used and it’s Xbox for sure! These ps3 and ps4 controllers are sooo small my 2 yearold son can use them! My thumbs just GO around it!

  • LOL!!!!

    lol, ‘naa mate, fuck the shooting, I’m just gonna reload’ xD

  • Batman

    Same shitty gun from MW3

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    never thought frodo would play call of duty

  • Batman

    WTF is up with frodo?

  • knowledge helps

    my guess is that it is either an “L115A3” or a “AW-50” because the barrel might have been cylindrical but i’m not sure yet

  • FierceKrypt

    It looks like the as50 from mw3

    • j

      There you go.


    he said there was something happend.. the kineticbombardement happend the new MOAB

    • j

      no fucking shit something happened

    • bob the priest

      shut up you black monkey NIGGER!!!

  • Creats V

    Looks like a L118A feat Ballista with PDW57’s reload

  • j

    Omg i actually love his sense of humor :’D

  • j

    I hope that was the screen going blurry WHEN he died, not when he was HALF dead!

    • D

      I think they blurred it out because they didn’t want to reveal a weapon…

  • Loading…

    what’s that sniper called from cod 4?

    • Kwhiz

      R700 or the m40a5

  • Amro Amin

    the xbox one needs kinect always on connected. they’re playing the game on what ? he said that “if we had the kinect that would work great” clearly they’re not playing on the xbox one, because its not there to play on.

  • claus

    itis tikka trg 42

  • Derp

    The sniper looks a lot like a l118a from mw3 (making a return??) and he seems to fold out the stock but the scope looked a lot like the ballista scope so some people might say its the ballista

  • – Simba –

    Xbox one cover on´╗┐ a ps3 case hahaha WTF XD

  • Zpr4y

    Looks AWESOME!!!

  • jggf

    you will see the true(awesome) of ghosts if the video is 1080p and its a bit like mw3(75%) but also a bit(25%) of graphics are next gen,.

  • andy

    It looks like a mixtrue of the mw3 barret with the ballista

  • Bv

    It look to be an Acurracy International Artic Warfare sniper rifle, usually chambered in .308 Winchester or .50 BMG, but then again this is just a guess and I’m not for sure so don’t take my word

  • LOL!!!!

    looks like a MW3 sniper to me, the famous quikscoping one, of the two

  • JRivera480

    the sniper looks like an AWP/L96