The Black Ops 2 Message of the Day has been updated to confirm that the next Double XP weekend for Black Ops 2 will start June 28th at 10am PT and will end July 1st at 10am PT.

This Double XP is in preparation for the launch of Vengeance on July 2nd on Xbox 360.

SOURCE: Black Ops 2 via @ryanwil22

  • edwardgee03

    Let me get ready to get shot by target finders through walls all weekend with no recoil lmgs lol

    • Daryl

      What’s your GT? I’ll be happy to oblige.

      • edwardgee03

        lol don’t worry you’ll have enough people to shoot since it will be double xp weekend

    • Corey Henderson

      I wouldn’t be afraid of the Target Finder its the MMS’s ima be scared of.

      • edwardgee03

        It’s both honestly, people wait for other people to turn corners and just wall bang, or just spray with LMGS.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Nothing is wrong with the mms.

    • Yo Stabba Stabba!

      Last night. Downhill. Camping. MK48. Target Finder. 28-1. Three angry voice messages. Me happy.

      • StalkerDellaNote

        I Wanna Hate You.. Buttttt, you made me smile, Target Finder MK48 W/ Grip is so easy, and so funn sometimes, LoL.. I prefer to Run N Gun w/ my FAL and you probly wouldn’t have gone 28-1 with me there, but still 🙂

  • Joshwoocool


    • Rob Schneider

      What’s so funny you bastard.

  • Anonymous….

    Noooo, we want dubble weapon xp

    • Daryl

      It usually happens a week or so after Double XP

      • Anonymous….

        I know but i’m master prestige so idk about Dubble XP

        • Guest


        • bub

          i don’t know how you spelt double wrong two times this is about exp not gum

          • Anonymous….

            My bad, i’m from Norway so english isn’t my main language.

    • David Morgan

      Not everyone’s a master prestige!

  • You_Got_Moist

    Braces ourselves for this non stop hackers

  • Sam119

    no its not its because camos come out on ps3

  • Bryan Salas

    They should do something like “Double Challenge XP” Im Prestige Master with everything Diamond. I just need a couple challenges that take really long to do.

    • Vic

      but what would you do with your life once you completed those challenges?

  • Deadpool

    Finally, new camos! Also, I want double weapon XP!!

  • Big Mike

    who still needs double xp…?

    • Vic

      people who don’t play 24/7, unlike some people.

  • DirtyIrish Sapper

    Please tell all about the new cheat for BO2, constant UAV and when you aim it goes to the right or left and part god mode, WT… Anyways can you tell Treyarch about this it needs fixed.

  • Not played this for the last couple of months, Is the connection still that ASS?

  • BF4 – Huge fucking Skyscrapers collapsing..

    CODG – The fishes actually swims away from you..

  • BotMw

    I take it there will be Nuketown?

  • Bear

    this cant be right??? 28th of june is on sunday and 1st of july isnt on monday its on thursday??????

  • Amazing_ninja


  • Amazing_ninja

    the best gun to use is the peace keeper with target finder, grip and FMJ especially when you play on nuke town or hijacked and other small maps..