Activision’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, sat down with GamesIndustry International and talked about Xbox One’s price and about Call of Duty’s investment this year.

As a publisher, does the $499 price point on Xbox One concern you?

It’s up to them to win the value argument. If you do a focus group of a gazillion people and you show them two prices for two competitive products, 100 percent always prefer the lower price. I think from a first impression standpoint the win goes to Sony, at least as it relates to pricing. Microsoft is going to have to win the hearts and minds and convince people that the higher price point is worth it, and that it provides really meaningful capabilities that will be meaningful to consumers. And it’s a long game, so I am sure that’s what they intend on trying to do.

Activision CEO talked about the Wii U and said, “the Wii U is struggling – that’s not a secret, I don’t think there’s any other way to read the narrative right now – but they’re a really good company and they’ve got some incredible IP that has yet to come, that they honed for that platform.”

Hirshberg also went on to talk about investment in Call of Duty:

We don’t talk about our budgets but we’re developing for [many] different platforms with next-gen and current-gen and it’s a very complex development process. And then you have all the stakes that come with a new generation of hardware, the expectations, needing to set the gold standard for next-gen, win people over and make sure that our audience comes with us to the next generation. Look, it’s not for the faint of heart

The engagement has never been stronger in the length of the tail on Black Ops II and the level of engagement we’re seeing this long after launch, the success of the DLC and the season pass. Things are really good and we’ve got a really passionate player base that we think is the best in the world and we are never going to let them down.

SOURCE: GamesIndustry 

  • ccrows

    Dear Nintendo,

    Cut the Wii and the Wii-U crap, and get back in the next gen game already.

    I’m not even a fan of Nintendo games anymore, but “competition is still good for consumers”.

    ^ PS4 is a great example of that…

  • RazR

    yeah the ps4 is £80 cheaper, don’t see any reason to buy the xbox one instead apart from early dlc for bf4 and ghosts. question is, is early dlc really worth the extra £80, especially considering the fact that the ps4 has 4 free 2 play games, one of which is Planetside 2!? (BTW the f2P on ps4 don’t need ps+ to play them)


      Xbox one will have 2 free Xbox live games for gold members to download every month. Also killer instinct is f2p. Xbox live is overall better, the controller is better. I say the controller alone is worth the extra $100. Xbox won!!!

      • David Morgan

        The whole “free games” thing is what Playstation Plus has been doing for a long, long time already. In terms of the Live being better, that may be true. But now that Sony is charging for online, we can assume some of that is being put into a better online experience. And that whole bit about the controller? %100 your opinion.

        • SWACH

          I AGREE!

          But the XBAX controller is truly better, everytime they design it it feels better to the hand.


          • You’re Ignorant

            Shut up.

          • asdf

            Look who’s talking


            Serios, it does, u cant play a driving game for 3 hours straight without suffering

          • Roadripper55

            I’ve played for over 5 hours a driving game with a playstation controller, obviously by that time you will have a few aches…

      • Keshav Bhat

        Unfortunately, most, if not all, of the reviewers thus far has said the Xbox One controller is the worst controller Microsoft has ever made..

        • Uzair Chief

          Source? I can’t find anything about reviewers say that it’s the worst controller Microsoft has ever made.

          Edit: It’s actually the opposite of what you are saying.

          It’s sad to see a mod of this website making these kinds of statements. (ps fan?)

        • asdf

          Dafuq dude, This is a news website ur not supposed to make those opinions without a source.

          Edit: It could rarely be possible but I didn’t see much improvements in the Dual Shok that can be compared.

          (No, putting a speaker on the remote doesn’t make a difference, as well as putting a ‘useful’ touch pad or a TRON light on the top so that their crappy PS EYE can see the remote)


          • Alejandro Sepúlveda

            you can’t know if the touch pad is goin to be useful or not until we see more games that can make use of it.

          • asdf

            That’s why it’s in ” not literal 🙂

      • Roxas3510

        2 free XBOX 360 games until the end of the year, this isn’t continuing over onto the Xbox One.

    • Argy

      I’d be weary of that though, F2P doesn’t actually mean free… like ever…


    Daaaaaaa is this a joke? Your
    Not gonna let us down? Gayarch let’s us down everyday. Where’s the “black box”. Snipers and LMG’s should be nerfed to shit if there was really a black box. Snipers should not beat smgs at close range. Snipers are the best close med and long range weapons in the game it’s a joke. Vanderhaar is a joke.

    • David Morgan

      I will agree that LMGS are monsters right now. I mean, add some damn recoil or something! But snipers are not overpowered….in the slightest. Everybody watches sniper montages on youtube and gets it in their head that” Oh, snipers are so insane!” As long as Call of Duty maps get smaller, snipers get less useful. I mean honestly, is there a single map in Bo2 where an AR can’t pop a sniper in his ass in like 3 seconds? Turbine maybe? Possibly some regions of Downhill? Also, they’ve removed the auto aim that attributed to quickscoping. Of course, there are still quickscopers, but now it requires skill instead of getting lucky crosshairs. This video explains it very well I think:

      • ccrows

        Gotta disagree, Sniper rifles need to be nerfed to (at least) the way that they were in the OG BO.

        Quickscoping from MW2 has kinda ruined the series. I mean yes I can QS, but it’s still BS that a SR can own in short/medium/long when it’s meant to be a weapon for medium/long.

        It’s even more BS that SR kiddies whine that a SMG (like the PDW) needs to be nerfed 4-5 times, but SRs don’t ever get touched.

        ^ Especially when a DSR or an Intervention is basically a shotgun with infinite range…

        • If you wanna bitch about sniping then, lets talk about other guns. Shotguns are easy as hell to aim and shoot pretty far if you think about it. Smgs can also be aimed all the way across any map. ARs take 2 or 3 bullets for a kill and when you pot stock on em you can strafe like its an smg. LMG’s almost never clip out and take 2 to 3 shots with almost literally no kick. Now, you go to real life with a sniper, range still isn’t a barrier and you can shot someone in the leg and put em out. If they don’t die they’ll still be out of the fight and Chris Kyle shot a guy from 1.5 Miles out in the gut and killed him. He was using a 338. Lapua or as you know it in the game the Ballista.

          • David Morgan

            I agree with this man, or woman.

          • Super_Deluxe

            The Ballista is perfect for a sniper IMO because you must aim waist up to get a one hit kill and shooting on the arm won’t get u a one hit kill either but the DSR on the other hand is a one hit kill from anywhere on the body no matter how close or far you are from your target. The SVU and XPR should not exist period because snipers aren’t meant for spraying or used as an AR. It was a dumb idea to add that to the game from the start. And as for quickscoping, I too agree it’s BS but it does take a hell of alot of skill to master it in BO2 considering the slow ADS on the DSR and weak bullet damage on the Ballista anywhere other than the waist up. Overall the snipers do need alot of work.

            As for the LMGs, they are tanks and everyone including myself was wishing they get nerfed or increase the recoil from the get go. Makes no sense that Voh continues to ruin SMGs but does nothing about the OP LMGs. Its over powered while aiming down site and hip firing along with little to no recoil. I can’t believe they’ve done nothing to fix this until now. Its one of the reasons I’ve stopped playing it as much as I used to. Treyarch needs to learn how to balance their guns or they’ll continue losing customers like myself. With that said, I’m looking forward to what Ghosts holds in store for us since they’re alot better at balancing their weapons than Treyarch.

          • These videos will show you the number of hit on a certain body part for a one hit kill and more about the Ballista and Dsr.



          • ccrows

            SMGs have inaccuracy due to recoil with range, and it still isn’t gonna due the same damage at range as SR.

            I’ve used the DSR and the Intervention to know how insanely good they are at any range.

            ^ They’re a reason why QS use the DSR as their primary. When you nerf other guns, then that encourages kids to use SR even more.

            BTW I’ll agree with you about the shotties. AR’s you’re supposed to kill with 2-3 bullets. Stock is just the stalker perk from MW3. LMGs do have some recoil, but try running with them and see how you do. SR really should have the same mobility issues, but the ability to use the aim-assist glitch bails them out each and every time…

          • ” AR’s you’re supposed to kill with 2-3 bullets.” This part this made me laugh. A Sniper Rifle is supposed to kill you if it hits you in the gut, as I stated if you’ve read the book American Sniper then you’ll know that Chris Kyle(A.K.A THE MOST LETHAL SNIPER IN HISTORY) shot a guy in the gut from 1.5 miles out. He was also using a .338 Lapua or as you know it in game as the Balista. Plus in his book he also explains that one Sniper Rifle he used alone instead of taking another gun. So you want to talk about realism then there ya go. Either way do you know what guns actually do in real life? Also, I guarantee you that in real life if you get shot in the thigh per say by a sniper then your gonna bleed out or be put out of the fight while your in the infirmary. When you look at those links I have in another comment though Drift0r explains the number of bullets on a gun that has to hit a certain body part for them to die.

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          I totally agree. SR are meant to be guns that you have to fully sight in to fire accurately. The original BO had it right. You may need a little skill to pull off quickscoping but it is a pure and simple exploit to the out aim feature of the game. 100% SR’s should not out gun an SMG at close range. It is a complete fail for any call of duty to have quickscoping in the games. Who wouldn’t want to use a gun that is a one hit kill at any range. There is only a couple of things that I found wrong with BO2 and Quickscoping is high on the list. Get it right Call of Duty!!

          • While you may not see at close range quickscoping takes a hella lot of skill at close range, you have one shot and chance. Smgs on the other hand you don’t even have to have the skill of aiming a gun. The same applies for most shotguns too.

          • ccrows

            Who cares about “skill”, a Sniper Rifle should not be used for close range kills…

          • In that case AR shouldn’t be used at close range, Smgs shouldn’t shoot across the maps, and pistols shouldn’t shoot 5 feet.

      • Roxas3510

        I’m always getting quickscoped on BO2, and I highly doubt every one of those guys who killed me were “skilled”. Yes, that’s what they told us about quick scoping, but I’m still getting popped by every quick scoper out there, only to watch the kill cam and see that his crosshair wasn’t on me. The way I see it, snipers need to have extra flinch when being shot while scoped in (since your view is magnified) and quick scoping should work like it did in BO1 (not the actual sniping itself because I know it was glitchy, just the way you pull the scope up). If I got quick scoped on that game, I had no complaints since it was so weird to do and didn’t rely on luck like it still does on BO2.

        • Cats:3

          I will say, for everyone that says Blops Uno had the sniping down to skill; that is false. When you aim in, the crosshairs pick a random point to scope in and then after an amount of time steady to the middle. That means pulling of a quickscope is 100% luck, as it is aiming at a random point on the screen. As far as the snipers in Blops Zwei (that’s 2), I’d say they are better balanced than many of the CoDs. They are much like CoD4. Not like the aimbot MW2, or the aimbot, fast as tits MW3. Not like the random lucky Blops Uno.

          The only balancing issues that should currently be adressed are of bigger issue. The lag comp and other general lag issues. The laser beam accurate 2 hit, 900 RPM LMGs. The CoD4 Grenade with no fuse time C4. The spawn logic. These are the bigger issues we have. I honestly don’t think they need to do anything with the shotties, because they are doing what they are meant to do, CQB. They seem OP because of the increasingly smaller and smaller maps. (Another reason old school sniping is happening anymore).

          • Roxas3510

            I’m not saying the sniping in BO1 required more skill, I’m just saying getting quickscoped in that game was less annoying than it is now (and in MW3) because it was so random, as you have said. While I agree about the issues that really do need fixing, I have lost all hope that they will ever be addressed. It seems like they have no clue on how to fix the lag comp because it has been getting worse ever since MW2, spawns are just random and crazy now, etc. Seems like every year is just a different way to make crazy spawns, a different way for lag comp to suck, a different set of OP weapons, etc. I’ve given one last chance (barely) for this series to hold my attention (only because of next-gen technology). What with Battlefield being 60fps on consoles now, I don’t have to play CoD just to get that 60fps shooter experience

    • Keshav Bhat

      *Vonderhaar. *Treyarch.

    • Argy

      We’re talking about a company that’s past was in making Simpson’s games… they broke the trend because Activision wanted more money. Now you do the math, does taking a bad company and giving them a AAA title make them a good company?

  • David Morgan

    Honestly at this point there are two, and only two things that made my decision to move to Ps4 hard. Halo, and DLC first. I’m not going to buy a console just because of one exclusive franchise, when so many more await on the PS4. And I’m sure once you’re used to waiting a month for DLC, it’s not so bad.

    • Bark

      Waiting a month IS BAD, everything and it’s not only COD also BTF4 and others. Waiting is like seeing the guy in front of u having sex and waiting for your turn with the same girl…….it hurts. REMEMBER KINECT FOR EVERY DAMM GAME EVEN COD


      • Deadpool

        I think that was a joke, the barking thing..

        • Bark

          No, it’s serois they said it on Jimmy Fallon

          • David Morgan

            That’s what he means.

          • Bark

            I know.

            They did say (seriosly) that KINECT commands for dog and stuff.


            Woof woof ATTACK

    • Keshav Bhat

      There will be plenty of other games to play during that one month wait! 😉

      • asdf

        Dude stop protecting PS4, COD is irreplaceable, maybe an alternative may be Titanfall, but again, MICROSOFT EXCLUSIVE

  • abhishek

    yeah very complex develpoment process..did i mention that fish AI moves out when player next gen

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      Wow.. Like I never heard of that joke before..

  • incubusman421

    looks like Activision wants more $$ from microsoft. I kind of hope that the tide changes and Playstation gets everything ahead of Microsoft this time around. Looks like MS just can’t learn the way that Sony did.

  • David Sync

    Eh Xbox does has a fair enough reason and I respect that but they have to worry about another games than just COD and Battlefield,heck I played PS3 exclusives that are better than COD alone.

    • LiquidCourage311

      The Last of Us…enough said

      • hankey

        its a bad game once you have done every thing but it was a great story, no replay value though , mutiplayer isnt that great

  • Rathskeller

    Early CoD & BF4 DLC and Titanfall exclusivity sealed the deal for me. Xbox One on day one, PS4 in 2014.

    • David Morgan

      People, people. No need to down vote his comment because you don’t agree with him. Seriously.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Titanfall is on PC and Xbox 360 too.

      • asdf-not again

        That’s why it’s A MICROSOFT EXCLUSIVE

      • Ascending Legend

        so titan fall is going to be on the 360 YES!


    Overall the XBOX ONE is having payback at Sony because microsoft has a HUGE budget to buy an associate with people. If you look closer, no one really has much appriciation for exclusives because exclusives really are only popular on thier console and barely. Xbox normally has affiliations with all the games that are extremely popular and at the end, remember that you are not going to play KNACK for 21 HOURs a day like you do with cod, so more people want to buy XBAX to not suffer from waiting a month for COD DLC.


  • lMattW

    “The PS2 was relevant for how many years into the current cycle? It had a long tail. You could see something like that happening again. We’ve always been platform agnostic; what we care about is delivering the best experience for gamers wherever they want to play and however the delivery mechanism plays out.”

    This is a bit worrisome. I think Battlefield’s strategy will prove more robust by focusing on delivering the highest quality experience on PC back with BF3, which means they’ll likely deliver a better experience on next-gen. That’s not platform agnostic, that’s focusing on and investing heavily in the future.

    I’ll be surprised if current gen consoles have any market share in games after 2014.

  • Deadpool

    The only way people will generally switch from PS3 to PS4 is to stop making games for both consoles! If I get every PS4 game available on the PS3 I already have, why would I buy a new one? I’m not saying “Stop making PS3 games right now.” I’m saying that, in a year or two, stop limiting the games by making them available for both consoles. That’s how the PS2 gamers switched to PS3, and that’s how they’re going to switch to the PS4.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Not every PS4 game will work on PS3. I don’t understand what you’re saying. CoDGhosts on PS4 has much better graphics and performance than the PS3 version. But for now, ATVI wants both consoles so that people have a choice.

  • Nathan

    Make xbox live free and i’ll think about it.

    • Argy

      You’re really losing that battle… PS4 requires PS+ for multiplayer…

  • Ascending Legend

    Yea he’s saying this with a briefcase full of money under the desk.


    WOW THIS ARTICLE IS FULL OF ZERO INFORMATION…Eric sitting there looking all rich and happpy like a troll.. He stated nothing other than the xbox console is more expensive and he has to prove that it’s a better console. That says NOTHING. Why is he supporting xbox over PS4 anyway? He works for Activision, not Microsoft…

    • Ascending Legend

      He is supporting Microsoft probably because they have that deal with each other and also they just give him lots o money

      • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

        yeah i figured that much, i just dont like the fact that he is doing that.


    CALL OF DUTY better utilize this slightly improved console
    they call “next-gen” to fix these issues:
    -gay fags who Dashboard as host and close out the game for everyone.
    -aim assist is wack, it follows enemies behind walls for christ sake!!!!!
    -the walls are paper thin in and i get killed after going around a corner all the time.
    -put back in PRO version of the perks, the perks in BO2 were so nerfed that I can play just as well with zero perks equipped…
    -zombies storyline’s in BO2 have decreased tremendously in quality.
    -everything in BO2 basically has a problem. This game was rushed and poorly polished it’s BY FAR the worst call of duty…

  • BF4 – Huge fucking Skyscrapers collapsing.

    CODG – The fishes actually swims away from you.

    • asdf

      BTF4 – Horrible ambientation hopefully they change the dust particles on the ground when something falls because it looks like you are playing in the beach.
      – Also there has been NO improvement to the gun or any mechanics, it’s BTF3 updated, just like PS4

  • vallus

    they’d never let us down….except for continuing to make multiplayer games without dedicated servers where performance isn’t based on skill but on connection strength

  • The replacer

    Can they change the price

  • n

    Snipers do in no way need a nerf, I use almost every class of gun and for that person who said that you can use and lmg without being in ads is a complete and utter idiot, yes they need a nerf but in the hip firing department, really.