It seems the newest patch for Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360 accidentally activated the Ray Gun Mark II in Zombies early. You can already use this gun in all maps in the Zombies mode. This gun is supposed to be released as part of the new Vengeance DLC set to release on July 2nd.

UPDATE: It appears a hotfix went out this morning to remove it from the game. Expect it to return on July 2nd…

Here’s a video posted by OMGItsAliA showing the new Ray Gun Mark II in action in Zombies:

Here’s another video showing the Ray Gun Mark II Pack a Punch’d via ImJustChucky:


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    • Fgggggggg

      really dude?

      • swag

        umad bro

        • Skullcandiez

          kill urself

    • David Morgan

      I’m not sure what I’m more disappointed in. The fact that you said first, or the fact that your username is “swag.”

  • perfectlemonade

    I’m almost 100% sure that you have to have a season pass, because I don’t have one and I can’t get it lol. I’ve been trying for an hour.

    • kyle

      well yeah u will need the season pass and all maps downloaded as ALI-A said in his video ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Mitch

        Source that Ali-A works for Activision or Treyarch? He’s just saying something. It’s probably like the Peacekeeper: It’s activated by the Season Pass and/or by the DLC pack it’s in.

  • xx420xx

    im not watching this battymans video lmao

  • AlterWK

    He shoulda PaP’d it. ๐Ÿ™

    • Deadpool

      It’s basically the same thing. Instead of green, those parts are red. It’s just stronger with 10 more bullets in the clip. I haven’t seen any videos of people using it on a train of zombies, though.

  • Ross Neilson

    PS3 ???

  • um

    when geting quick revive it is called revive

    • Batman

      Only in solo

  • brandon

    lol tell me how my cousin got the ray gun mark II, he went to pack-a-punch and he went down. OMG

    • shane

      They just explode straight away just got it again myself but it seems a lot harder to get now but 5 mins ago I pap it and it becomes the porters raygun mark2 something like that with more ammo great on a big mass aka train of zombies

  • BotMw

    I like the original ray gun better.

  • TSP1998

    God I hate Ali-a, oh well. Its cool its already out! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      yeah me too

    • yep

      Yeah he is becoming someone who thinks he is the best and thinks he is brilliant, but isn’t.

      He relies on 2nd hand information too much. Not a bad thing, this site does the same – but this site actually credits the people who found info, he just passes it off as his own.

    • Big Pow

      in my opinion he is gay so it should be “Ali-Gay”

  • GAyarcH,fartivision

    I cant understand why they rook out arms race now TDM is just fucking
    slow it is funny they give us a new gamemode and they take it away like
    nothing has ever happened they need to change the future is black to
    fuck the community we will never listen to them ! fuck u teyarch you
    guys ruined the whole DLC weekend for me and 20000 other players that used
    to play arms race (second most played game type )

    • Batman

      They specified that this gamemode would be TEMPORARY, and they would take it out one day

      • GAyarcH,fartivision

        no they didnt david vonderhar said that he will surprise us with a new gametype as soon as he hits 300000 followers GTFO

        • Deadpool

          Even I know he said “limited time.” Get with the program, bro. Besides, Arms race wasn’t that good. Hopefully they give us Chaos Moshpit back.

          • trollboss

            if it wasnt good it wouldnt be the second most played gametype LOLOLOLOL

      • GAyarcH,fartivision

        bull shit david vonderhar said that he will give us a new gametype as soon as he hits 300000 followers he didnt mention the word temporary GTFO

        • Batman

          In the game it says “Available for limited time”. Thereยดs nothing wrong with it

          • GAyarcH,fartivision

            Bull shit

    • jioo

      why dislike he is telling everyone the truth

    • Big Pow

      lmao your name!!!!

  • Deadpool

    HEY CHARLIEINTEL! There’s a new permaperk called “Toybox” as well as a Bank and Fridge for weapons in Die Rise! Playthegamecentral has information and confirmation on both of them. The permaperk let’s you have a better chance of getting good weopons from the box for a few tries.

  • Robert

    Still working, I got it in my first try on the box in nuketown zombies

  • Robbie

    there is also a bank system in die rise now

    • Lorhelm

      where at?

  • fuckudicks