UPDATE: Steam has listed ‘Cyborg’ and ‘Paladin’ packs as the two winners. These two camos are now available for purchase for $1.99 on Steam. Cyborg. Paladin.

The two winning personalization packs for PS3 was Cyborgand Dragon‘. These two packs are available now for purchase via the PlayStation Store. Each pack costs $1.99.

Here’s gameplay video showing the new Paladin camo – available exclusively on PC via OMGItsAliA:

SOURCE: PlayStation Store

  • Birchy

    dawwww sweet! can’t wait to pick up cyborg 😀

  • Sam119

    And £1.45

  • vassswwww

    in euros it’s 1.82

  • Dean

    Nice to see Dragon got in — will buy shortly. :3

  • Abhishek Jain

    it will bring more lag

    • Rune Online

      what do you mean “more”? there is zero lag. also, i hate your face. die.

      • xx420xx

        >zero lag
        thats the epicest meme ive ever heard

      • Abhishek Jain

        i hate ur face too..go fuck ur self and die in ur mom pussy

        • wow

          Ladies and gentlemen, the CoD community.

  • asdf


  • Joe JD Apsey

    lol pc got paladin

  • Mitch

    I’m surprised Comic isn’t picked on any platform.

    • Rune Online

      why are you surprised?

      • falldruid37

        because it was the best, the downside was it looked way too much like graffiti.

  • Rune Online

    i want paladin. this is bullshit.

    • Dean

      Or you could just use Gold camo. Kappa

  • HunTar

    I wanted paladin for xbox ;/

  • Bob

    I want comic book the title is cool

  • cant wait to play.
    Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance

  • fix lag

    Wait these cost money? Why the fuck would they have a vote to see what people would want?

    • Elektrobanq

      To see what people would like to pay for. I definitely think they should have been free. People have enough money at Treyarch to create a whole new race of dinosaurs if they wanted to.

      That being said, they already got my money for Cyborg and that jungle-type camo.

  • Young Hernz

    this why i’m not looking forward to spend $2/160 MS points on both Dragon and Cybog, and why Comics has no love, that’s right the reason why Comics didn’t get the most votes cause it doesn’t have a fancy animation feature like Dragon and Cybog, i was mad upset Comics didn’t make it in for the Xbox cause hardcore Elder Scrolls fans voted for Dragon camo while others voted for Cybog <___<

    C'mon treyarch just at least bring two camo that didn't make it in for, X360, PS3, and PC cause there are some people don't only want cybog and dragon to only camo available, but it would be nice if they bring those camd in the future

  • Ascending Legend

    i can only get 1 so which one should i get? dragon or cyborg?

  • Ascending Legend

    AUD $2.65

  • FeboooH

    I wanted the other two, damnit, i hope they release the others as well 🙁

  • help little kids

    how much is cyborg camo?