Congrats to Complexity on winning the 2013 MLG Spring Championship for Black Ops 2 in Anaheim, California. This team won $20,000.


1st Place: Complexity


2nd Place: IcoNs Impact



3rd Place: OpTic Gaming


Other placements:

  • 4th: Curse
  • 5th: FaZe Competitive
  • 6th: UNiTE Gaming
  • 7th: vVv Gaming
  • 8th: IcoNs.Conquer
  • 9th: Team EnVyUs
  • 10th: IcoNs.Evil
  • 11th: TVA
  • 12th: Prime Example
  • 13th: Livin The Dream
  • 14th: Notorious
  • 15th: Quantic Gaming
  • 16th: TKO Alpha
  • 17th: Prophecy
  • 18th: Epsilon
  • 19th: Twisted Method
  • 20th: Aware.Fallacy
  • 21st: Termination
  • 22nd: Fearless Under Fire
  • 23rd: Dare
  • 24th: Ignite
  • 25th: AverMedia SoaR
  • 26th: eXcess
  • 27th: Unseen Talent
  • 28th: Casual
  • 29th: eLv Distinct
  • 30th: SportsKillustrated
  • 31st: afterShock
  • 32nd: Young Legacy
  • 33rd: SKULL
  • 34th: RNX.Adversity
  • 35th: Apostles Gaming
  • 36th: SwepT
  • 37th: TKO Effective
  • 38th: Sideways Effect
  • 39th: Critical
  • 40th: Invasion Limited
  • 41st: Second Nature
  • 42nd: Welcome to Reality
  • 43rd: New Limit
  • 44th: Influence


The next tournament for Black Ops 2 is upcoming in London, called Gfinity on July 12th-July 14th.

Next MLG Pro Circuit Tournament will be in Columbus, Ohio on November 22nd-24th.

SOURCE: MLG Anaheim (via eSportsNation)

  • David Sync

    Bad luck to Team EnVyUs

    • X-ManuNator-X

      I Know They Are Really GOOD!! With Rambo Ray!! 😀

  • Ascending Legend

    Ahhh better luck next time optic

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I was going for nV but this was a rough tournament for them. Oh well. Can’t wait to watch the action again at GFinity.

    • masterkweb

      I root for nV all the time too is a shame how low the performed, they have the talent to easily fight for the Top 1, I hope they can just practice more often

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        I was just watching them stream earlier today and it really seemed like they were focused on practicing as much as possible

  • Tyler Mcmillan

    Did fariko not compete?

    • They’re Icons Impact, just a different sponsor

      • Tyler Mcmillan


  • MeisseN

    Why isn’t there competitions for PC platform? Console CoDs have much slower pace, whereas on PC it’s all about skill and reaction

    • Mitch

      Because all ‘pro players’ are on Xbox.

      • aeles

        Did my sarcasm meter just tingled ?:D

      • MeisseN

        Fair enough

  • jhgfffffffffff


  • Michael

    I’m happier that Impact lost than Complexity winning

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      i cant stand that fat kid (parasite) for some reason. i enjoy him losing, especially.


    i didn’t think harry potter liked cod

  • David Morgan

    These MLG competitions are too “Complex” Get it? Get it? I’ll show myself out.

  • T Atlantis

    lol never even heard of complexity until now congrats guys.