The official Call of Duty website has been updated with a new short animated video (5 seconds) showing off Free Fall map. You can watch it here.

The video has also been uploaded to YouTube by user MW3GL1TCH3R.

  • James K

    It reminds me of SSX where the game show an animation showing off a deadly descent.

  • Gabriel Dantas

    New Trailer inboud

    • asdf

      Tan tan tan

      • asd


        • The Devil

          Bar b

  • Davidson

    “A new short animated video”

    To use the word ‘short’ is a huge understatement.

    • ElseAndrew


    • asdf

      ITS LIKE A HOLE 5 SECS WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT. BO II teasers were like 2 secs.

  • nobodybutcodfan

    Nice. Obscure theme is afoot. 🙂 CoD never dies!

  • Evan

    Copying battlefield for days!! Like almost exactly with the new map in BF4… Like at least make something else “dynamic”

    • Rade

      Evan, let me clarify something that should shut you up for good.
      Remember the Call of Duty Ghosts reveal trailer, the one that has a sequence of a collapsing skyscraper.
      Or how about the “Federation Day” demo?
      The trailer was revealed before BF4’s “not-scipted-no-really” skyscraper video, and the Federation day demo was shown on the same day.
      You can’t copy an entire level in 50 minutes.
      Stop being a pathetic brat, and get a life

      • Rai

        Thank you. I’m tired of people saying they stole it from Bf4.
        People will take anything they can get to bash cod, without even looking at it reasonably.

      • MeisseN

        Hooray that’s a fucking counterattack!

        • Wraith

          It’s common to find buildings in games. Buildings often collapse in games. Let’s just drop everything because we saw a building drop in 2 different games.

          • MeisseN

            I dont get it my eng sux

      • MeisseN

        Just saying, before CoD:G was announced, the 17min Fishing in Baku video features a scene of the Shanghai skyscraper collapsing (at the end, shorter than 1sec). But it’s so short, no more than a flashing, so yep CODG no copying.

    • Rade just fucking destroyed you kid, sit down. GHOSTS > BF4.

      • DerpyEndings

        In all honesty both *Ghosts* & *BF4* are just going to be copy and paste games…graphics look the same to me, and who fucking cares if they copy let them do whatever they want! I mean seriously grow up and just play the damn games!

        • asdf

          U animal, BF4 looks horrible, of course its better than Piece of Crap BF3 graphics and that’s the only thing improven, if u actually listen to cod backscene trailers they actually explain the new realistic tech, and by the way….the hole BF4 team is probably working to putting dogs in its game

          • DerpyEndings

            I really don’t care for COD anymore I gave up on it ever since MW3. The only games I’m really looking for is Destiny&TitanFall especially TitanFall ^.^

          • The Devil

            Whu are you here?

  • Rune Online

    half life 5 confirmed?


    i love how there is an article about this cause it really doesn’t show anything…

  • Lorhelm

    i can still get free fall if i pre-ordered it before this was announced correct?

    • floody16

      It’s made available for anyone who preorders, regardless of when they did so, so I can safely assume that you will surely get it

  • eeeeeeeeeee

    omg if like bf4 then play that u dont have to play call of duty ?

  • gsteq4wredfhtrgdf

    i’m sure it will be free after a few months of the game being released