The community has discovered lots of clues about how to find many of the Easter Eggs in the new Zombies map part of Vengeance DLC (available now on Xbox) ‘Buried.’

Here’s a round up of videos by ProSyndicate and LiamFTWinter showing many of the new features in Buried:

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  • James K

    The giant is the best addition to zombies ever since the pack a punch.

  • David Sync

    The big guy can also carry the box to a different location and make sure u never get a teddy bear

  • Rune Online

    im masturbating right now cant talk

  • Lunatik

    I like syndicate but to be honest he didn’t find out about PhD flopper. My friend told him and he replied back saying cool thanks for the tip and the next day he had a video out saying how he found it out be accident… Disappointed it would have been nothing to give my friend credit for finding it out

    • David Morgan

      No offense or anything, but you’re offering zero evidence.

  • Gi Nuk