Infinity Ward’s Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, sat down with PostArcade for an interview discussing the new engine’s features and how IW is transitioning into the next-gen consoles.

Rubin confirmed that the new engine features aren’t next-gen specific; stating they are developing for all platforms ‘simultaneously.’

Rubin talks about how their new audio engine works in Ghosts, discussing the differences in environments on the audio:

With the new engine, we can actually model the way the sound travels in the space you’re in. If you’re outside next to a building or inside in a small room or inside in a big room, it’s all detected in real time and changes the sound.

The new engine also takes into account materials. If you fire a weapon in a small cement bunker the sound will be very sharp. But if you’re in a metal bunker the sound will be very ting-y. The sound will be altered based on the material it’s bouncing off of.

Another big change in audio – and this will have a big impact in multiplayer – has to do with explosions and reactive emitters. The world has triggers that will go off based on forces like explosions. If I throw down a grenade and it goes off, the chain link fence behind me might rattle from the concussive force of the grenade. Windows and doors and other objects will make noise after the explosion.

In regards to the companion app, Rubin confirmed the Beachhead is working on the Elite experience for Ghosts, but it’s tied into MP; not much info can be given about that yet.

It’s a little more of a challenge when it comes to our types of games. Looking away from the screen when the action is intense is obviously a challenge from a game design standpoint. So we have to be careful about that. We have some ideas that I think are going to develop further as we go along in this generation. As with anything with a next-gen launch, you’ll start by dipping your toe in the water in a few places, and then move along from there.

We actually have a whole department – a whole studio, basically – wrapped around the idea of second-screen. Our Beachhead group is doing a lot of work there. But a lot of it ties into multiplayer and I can’t talk too much about it now.

Mark Rubin also confirmed that this experience for Ghosts will be free and not required – similar to Black Ops 2:

It’s free. And this is where you have to be smart on your design: You can’t make it required, and it can’t confer a massive advantage. There’s some balancing that needs to be done. You don’t want it so the guy with an iPad has an advantage over other players in multiplayer just because he has the money to buy an iPad.

But it will definitely be free, and it will be a companion. It won’t be a revenue generator. It will be used to enhance the experience but not offer any advantages

SOURCE: PostArcade


    Hmm.. I like the new audio design idea. It’s a lot like Battlefield but it’s something that Call of Duty needs. It’s good to know that Infinity Ward is putting a lot of effort into creating Ghosts.

    • asdf

      This one is slightly better though because they finally put realism (freaking WAVES, waves transfer ENERGY so they brake stuff). If you watch the trailers you notice how they actually want to outdone themselves by putting a lot of real life stuff in the game…’s like a come back from MW3 which seemed to be a game done by a lazy guy


        Yah definitely. The little things like fence rattling, windows breaking and trees shaking due to a nearby explosion really adds to the betterment of the whole experience. People can make fun of this “new engine” but in reality, the details IW is putting into the game is just phenomenal and can really “save” Call of Duty from Freefall.

        • xX…PRO MOFO…Xx

          HAAAAAAAAAAAA i see what u did there.. “Freefall” ……. ha.. hal.. ha… ha..

      • Young Hernz

        I really argee with you dude, Robert Bowling did not put alot a effort to make MW3 to put realism to outcome on other FPS but focusing on features on multiplayer, but finally thanks Mark Rubin by put more effort to make Ghost one of the CoD games every, i’ll will be hyped if he added multiplayer by fan service for what casual or pro players what for IW should add or not add in Mulitiplayer

    • DanDustEmOff

      Yes because Dice are the only developers to ever improve the sound in their next title.

  • suprinsignly this is asdf

    MAKE AN APP FOR…………….


    • claus

      I hope they do it

    • Keshav Bhat

      Does the current ELITE app available on the Windows Phone store not work on Windows 8?

      • surprisingly this is asdf

        U can easily expect one for Xbox One which is basically W8, so, as they said, it is really easy to change apps between W8 plataforms, so hopefully ELITE for W8 and W8phone

    • charlieintelguest

      And for the blackberry 🙁

      • W8 phone

        No one likes blackberry SHUT UP!!!

        -windows phone operative system


    So this was the interview they were talking about in the last conversation

  • adfadf

    they said the fucking same thing last year about bo2, i remember that..

    • REAL asdf

      not exactly, last year there wasn’t as much realism on the sound, they were just talking about the way weapons acted in different biological enviroments, from that tech they came up with this tech, makes sense now?

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Have you heard the guns in Black Ops 2? They sound incredible compared to previous games. It was probably the first thing I noticed.

  • David Morgan

    Looks like soundwhoring is back like never before! Seriously though, I’m loving the effort they put into this game. I really respect that statement they made a while back “MW4 was the game everyone was expecting us to make, but it wasn’t the right thing to do.” Something along those lines, I don’t have the exact quote.

    • Rune Online

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      • David Morgan

        I dnt rly knw wht u men wen u spl lk ths.

      • Sverige?

      • Bigi345

        You WANT DA PUNCAKE?

    • And what effort is that, Fish that swims away from you?

      • David Morgan

        Why are you even here?

        • Im a HC COD player, Played on consoles since Finest hour on xbox 1.. I mean the original xbox.

          I hope the game is great, i really do.

          But when developers lie, They deserve to be questioned.

          This “new” engine that they brag about.. It´s not new by any means, it´s just a tweaked version of the old engine.. Same old same old.

          The community must stand up for BS like that, Not just standing there with their mouths wide open waiting for the …

          If they do, The games never gonna improve.. “Innovate” perhaps, But not improve.

          Im sorry Piers.. I mean David, But my optimism.. Thanks to the last couple of cod titles, Are practically gone.

          • David Morgan

            Fair enough 🙂

          • Bigi345

            Yeah i get your point at least. But have faith in this game mostly because it’s not even released yet.

          • curios george

            How do you down vote 30 times without subscribing to this site?

          • Wow, That was original! ^^

          • asdf

            That’s like saying that BF4 new Frosbite 3 is just an update from Frosbite 2…….which is actually the case. You guys really think that one of the richest, if not the richest, game companies (COD) makes an engine, the engine is going to be bad. Those people buy other people from other companies to make them the games, they basically have unlimited expenses, and you guys still cry

          • asdf

            Go away you COD haters, go away from this COD PS4

          • LoL COD hater.. How old are you and when did you start playing cod?

          • asdf

            What do you want to do, T-bag me in BTF3, I bet you cant even aim to kill me with those awful BTF3 sights.

    • SivertOlsen

      This. This really annoys me. “Soundwhoring”,WTF?! This is the way a game is meant to be played. I’m annoyed every time someone calls it that. Because sound is half the experience, and without sound it would be nothing. Crouching, moving silently around the map listening to sounds is what I really crave. I miss the old CS 1.6 days when a small sound basicly result in your death unless you played it into your advantage.

      Reading what Rubin and the rest of IW is doing. I cant wait to put my ears to the test and see if we finally can actually use our ears to call out people trying to sneak around. I bet someone out there would prolly call me out as some sort of “s0undwh0re fagg0t” or something. But its more like a low whine / complaint that you got bested due to not paying attention to your noise level.

      Rounding off; cant wait to see more of this. And I really hope they release some sort of “tech demo” where we can hear some of the changes they are doing.

      • David Morgan

        I was saying that in a joking manner.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      I think this will make it harder to soundwhore. With all the new sounds being implemented, It will take a while to know what is footsteps, and what is something else hitting the ground.

  • kirby

    Something about this is telling me that the audio will becoming annoying. If I’m dodging a grenade, the least I need is to hear a fence rattling behind me.

  • “New engine”, pfft!

    • asdf

      Not that they have been using the same one for years and improving graphics EVERY year pfftt!!

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Man them talking about all this stuff is getting me hyped. New sounds will be fantastic cause I don’t only use my headset to play competitively, I also use it to immerse myself in the action. And as for the Second Screen, I’m also excited about that. Whenever me and my friends are playing at one of there houses, there is always a person just watching. This will give them the opportunity to still be part of the game, even without being a direct part of the game. It could be something so simple as the mini-map will appear on your phone so the person next to you can call out where the enemies are on the map. Sorry for the book haha.

  • lolcod

    Welcome to the present time, call of duty..

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Hating on COD, on a COD website won’t get you too far. sorry.

  • James K

    That’s good news to me. The audio is one of the weakest parts of the franchise. One of the reason why I used a silencer on some of the guns in MW3 is that I couldn’t tolerate the awful un-silenced gun sounds.

    Treyarch did a terrific improvement on the audio on BO2. So I hope IW new audio engine is at least a league better.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Yes the sounds are better, but the problem that was in Blops 1 is still there. The noise made by your own footsteps always seem to (dare I say it) lag behind the player. Your own steps are also too loud and other players seem to make no sound at all, even with awareness(which is a total waste of a perk).

      • asdf

        You are off a couple of things, get some background knowledge and please come back to CharlieIntel for more fluid conversations

        • DanDustEmOff

          Its easy to say I am off on things but you offer no explanation to why I am off. My background knowledge comes from playing the game for 7 years. I frequently visit this site so why don’t you come back when you have learned to form a coherent argument. Without assuming I have no background knowledge.

          With 20 days on CoD 4, 14 days on MW2, 10 days on Blops 1, 12 days on MW3 and 4 days on Blops 2 using a high quality head set, I think I can make a fair assesment of how the sound differs between Treyarch and IW games.

          The sound from footsteps in Treyarch games have always had a delay. The one thing Treyarch did really well in Blops 2 was the gun noises and the affect that different environments had on that sound. Everything movement related is and always has been bad.

          In Treyarch games someone can come running up behind you at full speed and you dont hear it unit the last second. MW3 went too far with the Sit Rep buff, but otherwise it had good situational awareness which IW titles have always had. Treyarch games on the other hand have never had good situational awareness, until the gun sound in Blops 2 allowed you to pin point an enemy location but the footsteps still suck.

          • asdfa

            Sorry for provoking you a 13 year old rage which is defined by a process which could go either screaming like Justin Bieber or writing more than 2 paragraphs with bare explanations accompanied by data which is useful for come back jokes and insults (like I have wasted around 1/8 of my life in cod).

            I too agree that Blops 1 (as you call it) has OLD tech and didn’t feel like now a days COD games (MW3, BO2), I originally meant that in MW3 is where you have this extremely loud footsteps

          • DanDustEmOff

            You asked for a fluid conversation I gave you one, so then you decide that I am having some sort of fit of rage or whatever you are trying to get at. Its difficult to understand you when you write like you have some sort of mental defect.

            You then further cement the image of limited capabilities by thinking that 60 days is 1/8th of my life, it isn’t even 1/8th of the 7 years the games have been out. You also assume that I have wasted a portion of my life.

            Anything that I enjoy in my downtime from my job and family, to me at least is not a waste of anything. You choose to approach me like an arse hole then accuse me of behaving like a 13 year old, when you have yet to learn basic punctuation.

            You still have failed to make your original point too “MW3 is where you have this extremely loud footsteps”. Do you mean in MW3 your player has really loud footsteps? Or do you mean that the enemy footsteps are easier to hear because they are loud? FYI that is also one thing not some things.

          • not asdf

            Sadly it isn’t 60 days because you don’t play 14 continues days COD right, because that’s morally wrong. Second you continue raging, I wanted conversations for the public, not with me. I approached you in such a manner because you kind of started with the 3 paragraphs in a bad tone, as you continue. Since my first reply to your comment I meant to say that MW3 is the one that HAS those extremely loud footsteps you talk about, YES I mean that even you have loud foot steps, maybe I didn’t put it in good words.

            LOL trolled……sorry if this reaches your email
            this is a rage site by the way RELAX

          • DanDustEmOff

            Sadly again you made yourself look stupid it is 60 days, its not continuous but it is still the total amount of time I have played those titles.

            You keep saying that I am raging under the assumption that I am mad in some way, FYI I am not. Just because I have the ability and patience to write a coherent argument doesn’t mean I need to be mad to motivate myself to type a few paragraphs.

            You approached me in a bad manor before I even spoke to you, therefore you started this entire debate. Obviously you see yourself as some kind of Internet troll and you have got the idea into your head that trolling is cool. It’s not it is sad and pathetic, trolls tend to have limited intellegence and are unable to form arguments and opinions of their own.

            The one thing I will commend you on is that you do have shown the ability to use grammar correctly. Yes MW3 also has loud footsteps, they were in sync though and Dead Silence or Sitrep Pro were useful perks for removing that effect. The buff to Sitrep went too far, but in Blops 2 Dead Silence is just a waste and so is Awareness.

            When you remove your own footsteps you still can not hear others that well. Awareness also only seems to enhance enemy call outs and gun shots. I noticed very little improvements to the ability to hear footsteps while using that perk.

          • i told u this isnt asdf

            Ur totally not mad, you just didn’t write 5 paragraphs again.
            Relax, and you made your self look stupid because as YOU stated you said YOU have been playing all the cod series for 7 years, that’s more that 1/8. Sorry about the grammar on the last one, I was in a hurry.
            Bye, this isn’t a fluid, cytoplasm is a fluid

          • not asdf

            Awareness was the OTHER thing

  • David Sync

    I can hear Alia A now
    “Hello everyone and welcome to another call o’ duty ghost video talkin’ about brand new information,it has been confirmed by Mark Rubin that there will in act e fences in call o’ duty ghost! Yes u heard me right fences! Plz leave a like it took me 5 seconds to put hard work into this video and ill see you on my next one”

    • MeisseN

      Kinda spam.. But can’t help laughing xD

      • asdf


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      TmarTn did it already

      • David Sync

        So close

        • Rai

          So close

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    is charlieintel working on anyone’s phones r is it just me, please help

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      I had problems on my galaxy S3 for a while. It seems ok now though

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    Hey guys, since there are like 50 people from bravointel(BF4) spamming charlieintel why don’t we pay back?
    Up vote: Yes

    Down vote: No
    Comment: For any suggestion on how to troll back

    • Rai

      How about we stop going at one another, come together and embrace the greatness of both games…..

      Aha, i’m just fuckin with ya. Of course we know that could never happen.

  • CoD: Ghosts, better w/ Kinect

    Does anybody notice how this interviews are simply advertisements disguised as ‘informational videos’

  • MaRS sT

    As long as IW implements League Play, custom game controls, detailed scoring and competitive support this game will be fantastic. From some of the pro players that played it at E3 they all came away impressed, especially Complexity’s Crimsix who said that “it’s going to be a great game” and that he believes Activision will support competitive CoD as a premiere E-Sport going forward. That in the end is all that matters.

  • Afjshbk
  • Xander

    Maybe your kill streaks will all be operated by someone on a mobile platform? Like in watch dogs or the division (which looks sick btw!)

  • omar_soft

    can anyone help me here. I play on PC And i get no dynamic sounds whatsoever…