Major League Gaming today announced their plans to expand eSports drastically for Call of Duty by expanding their current programming and schedule with new content and new events leading up till November’s pro circuit.

To answer the demand, MLG today announced its well-known competitive gaming commentator Chris Puckett (@MLGPuckett) has become MLG’s VP of Programming to develop original content that will air weeknights at beginning in early August.

MLG also announced that between now and November, they will be hosting lots of smaller events for CoD eSports.

In addition to the online programming plans, MLG also announced the next Pro Circuit Championship event will take place in Columbus, Ohio, from November 22-24. In addition to the large-scale events, fans can expect additional more focused events in smaller venues around the US leading up to the November event.


  • David Morgan

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    • asdf

      lol U forgot flashbang right when you are jumpshoting

    • David Morgan

      I REALLY didn’t add anything constructive did I? haha

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

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  • #ISupportOpTicGaming

    MLG tournaments with only DLC maps! #OpTicNadeshot

  • T Atlantis

    no this proves that cod is getting even more competitive. Interested how the new consoles are going to effect this whole MLG atmosphere.

    • Johnathan

      No, this means that Activision / Treyarch is spending lots of money trying to force COD into the competitive scene when in reality it requires way too little skill to play and is totally unfit for eSports. Nobody in their right mind would host COD tournaments with these sorts of payouts unless they are getting bribed by Activision / Treyarch and no one would bother watching if they didn’t put so much emphasis on it in-game and through marketing.

      • asdf

        Why you guys keep repeating Activition/ Treyarch, just say Activition, it sums it up, since you know, next year is going to come
        tan tan tan

  • Really

    Who honestly gives a fuck about esports except kids and nerds?

    • MaRS sT

      4 guys who made more than $425,000.00 in less than 2 months. Oh and another team that is will be trying to win more than $50,000.00 in 2 weeks. Now go back to being total shit at CoD. lol

      • George

        LOL. Is that the excuse you give yourself to legitimise your videogame addiction?

        • Zpr4y

          He isn’t saying that he is going for the money! The other teams are! I like to watch eSports but i would never compete in it!

  • lmao @ the jackass who thinks quickscoping is competitive. black ops 2 is a joke

  • MaRS sT

    I always find it funny that scrubs call CoD a non competitive game yet when they actually try they get wrecked and want to blame the game or anything other than their own lack of gun skill. If you don’t think the game is competitive show up to Columbus and I guarantee you won’t get out of the first round of the open bracket. You cry baby kids are awful and with or without you Esports and Call of Duty are growing. BTW Activision has signed a deal to have CoD Championships for the next 3 years, not to mention IW will also support it with League Play. So again, cry all you want scrubs, but Call of Duty is a recognized Esport. Losers!

  • MaRS sT

    Back to the actual topic though, Pucket also got promoted. I forgot what his official title is, but from what I understand they are going to make CoD a more weekly Twitch scheduled event. So hopefully that means more Pro Scrims, Showmatches for money, online qualifiers, etc. Hell maybe even some talk shows discussing competitive CoD. Either way this is a good thing and competitive Call of Duty is growing at a rapid pace. Hopefully IW doesn’t totally fuck this up.