A well known Call of Duty caster, Ryan Wyatt (Fwiz), sounded off on twitter yesterday over his concerns with Ghosts and eSports support.

For Black Ops 2, hastr0 was brought on board with Treyarch and Activision to assist with the eSports side of the game. This really helped them grow the Call of Duty eSports community to a new level. Black Ops 2 has the Call of Duty: Championship (which is confirmed to be returning), MLG Dallas and Anahiem events. Each event had almost 60K viewers.

For Ghosts, not one community eSports member has been contacted by IW or Activision about helping or developing eSports with Ghosts, says Fwiz. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, as Mark Rubin did say that they’re planning on supporting eSports in an interview from E3.


Activision’s Ash Thukral (CoD eSports dev) said “Relax… ” and “please be patient” in responding to Fwiz’s concerns.

We’re expecting to hear a lot more information on MP next month. We’ll keep you posted…

  • Mitch

    Would be typical IW, ignoring a great feature from BO2 (Codcasting and League Play). Ghosts seriously needs Scorestreaks, Pick 10, CoDCasting and League Play.

    • Mitch II

      pick 10.. no never again… leave it behind…
      kill it with… fire?

      • Rick Kump

        Don’t like Pick 10???? GET THE FUCK OUT, RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! 😛

      • David Morgan

        I have mixed feelings about pick 10, to be honest I wasn’t crazy about scorestreaks though. I wouldn’t mind seeing the ol’ killstreak/support streak system return.

        • Rick Kump

          Scorestreaks were a massive step forward for a game that’s become a bit stale (the IW releases haven’t exactly been stellar since COD4). It improved Kill Confirmed pretty drastically…it made collecting tags extremely valuable. It gave objective players their rightful places at the top of the match leaderboards above killwhores. It benefited team play overall, too. I’m pretty sure IW won’t use it (they don’t like to give Treyarch credit for much anything), so I look at Ghosts as a stop gap release until Treyarch can put out something worthwhile.

        • Mitch

          Scorestreaks is IMO one of the best additions to CoD in a long time. Treyarch only fucked up with the amount of points you sometimes get. Which retard thought it was a good idea to give 200score to the first player who caps the Hairdpoint and just run away to kill whore then?

      • asdf

        Remember that they said that your costume (soldier uniform) could vary what you can carry.

        • David Morgan

          Really? Don’t think I saw that information anywhere….link?

      • Mitch

        Please tell me 1 thing that’s wrong with the concept of pick 10. Being able to swap in an useless Secondary with it’s attachment for an extra perk is awesome.

        • asdf

          But why not mix that with the new supposed outfits expansion and make……pick 10 things to wear, codename: cod dress up game

  • Dragon

    FUCK Esports, just focus on the Mp!

    • Brayden

      They always do. Competitive is simply a variation of multiplayer.

    • Ty Cantchange Robinson

      esports is multiplayer goofy

  • GayArchFartivision

    ok mark rubin will ruin the whole cod experience for 99% of ppl just to make that 1% who play competitive happy like black ops 2 just dont make sniping fucking easy

    • Brayden

      Actually league play averages about 5-10k people which is already 10-20% of everyone online. It is clearly growing, and is also where the money is at because of viewers and exposure. Not to mention the vast majority of the time of devs is still spent on the multiplayer and campaign experience, and competitve is simply of variation of multiplayer.

      • qwerty12345

        i play league play 24 7 and max number of players ive ever seen is 2789 comparing it to 400000-500000 players who play pub league play is nothing. i feel bad 4 pub players cuz they r just beta testers for that 2 % competitive players and if pub players dont purchase the game both activision and competitive players r fucked it is better for infinityward to make a good cod cuz if next one is worse than bo2 BF4 and titanfall will fuck COD and after ward competitive COD players like me have nothing to do but going back to school and getting a job infinity ward should create game that can keep booth sides PUB and league players happy

        • iSwedishvirus

          The max number of players you’ve seen playing League Play is 2789??
          I’ve seen as max 10k people playing League Play 😀

          But then again it’s all because of the time zones 😉

          • Sam119

            that’s just on 1 console as well

        • Brayden

          You are very unobservant because after Cod Champs there was 13k people in League, which is not even half of the people playing competitively at a given time (scrims, gb’s and icn’s)

        • MaRS sT

          lol you actually remembered the exact number. KYS please. And LOL LP consistently brings in 7-10k players on average. Not to mention that GB has over 100,000 active players who GB regularly. 360 Icons, PGL, Decerto, etc. You kids are all just trash.

      • lolwut

        10-20%? LOL!

        So you think there are 50k-100k people playing COD?

        There are more like 500k!

        • Brayden

          Look at my comment again. I said 5-10k players online, not total (usually 50k people playing pubs). At any given moment you can go on Black Ops 2 and see the number of people in League Play, and in Pubs. Additionally, I forget to account for gamebattles and scrims, which both take place in private match lobbies, and I would bet my life that that is another 5-10k players meaning at any given time somewhere between 20-40% of players are playing competitively.

          • imathboss

            you are probably in primary school 5k is 1 % and 10 k is 10 % if you do the math and if we consider max number of players who play pub are 500000

          • lolwut

            Indeed, he is a bit clueless in that regard. Or has a Nintendo Wii U where there probably is 50k people max ever playing COD!

            Does anyone know if PS3 & 360 have their own stats or are they merged?

            UK peak time is typically 350-450k online in pub on PS3.

      • Keshav Bhat

        It’s not growing AFAIK. Only times League Play peaks with more than 5K players is usually after a big eSports event.

  • Auptyk

    Note the difference between IW and Treyarch. Treyarch goes out to the people who know and live the feature they want to improve on and say, “help us make this better!” IW on the other hand basically tells Fwiz to sit down and shut up we will tell you what we are doing when we feel like it.

    While IW builds fun games they just never seem to have that fan/player focus that makes Treyarch so superior. Treyarchs communication both pre and post launch, and their support post launch, prove their position to the players that it is the players that matter. IW makes zero effort to build any sort of trust with their player base.

    I think Ghosts will be fun… But I also think it will be the first time I will prefer the previous CoD to the newest one.

    • asdf

      They said they were ‘actually’ reaching to the audience this time to make the game better (Since MW3 was criticized by not putting effort on to it). Ghosts should be fun from what it has been shown, but it would be weird getting a call from IW to partnership with MLG if the competitive usually happens on vacations, so why even stress.

    • lolwut

      I guess you missed the article on here from when this site got to go to IW’s offices?

      Take a look at the photo. Lots of ‘famous’ COD faces in there.

      Frankly Fwiz is being a bit, hmm I feel it is a bit harsh to say spoilt baby, but something along those lines.

      For sure he has every right to have the desire that a certain feature is in the game, we all have something that we’d like changed or implemented, but his comments almost read like it would be the end of the world if they didn’t implement exactly what he wants.

      It is almost a threat. ‘Put this in the game or I’m not doing it any more’ is the jist of his tweet.

      They owe him nothing. He is the one who owes IW and Treyarch.

      He is the one making money along with the eSports players off the back of a product they didn’t even make. They’re freeloading so have no right to demand anything.

      He also has to realise that this game is being released on more platforms this year. Making a launch next-gen game is _very_ difficult. It takes a lot of effort and time compared to making a current gen title.

      As others have mentioned, League Play isn’t that popular. Around 1-5% are playing it at any time.

      That just isn’t worth the expense when you have so many versions of the game to make.

      eSports will be tacked on or will arrive after launch.

      • Auptyk

        Taking the CI contributors to their offices is cool… But so what really? If they took charlieintel in as player consultants to represent a portion of the fan base then we have something. …which is what Treyarch did.

        One is simply to get CI to advertise for them the other is to make a better game. Personally I would rather have the better game.

        • lolwut

          It wasn’t just CI. It was a cross-section of COD people.

          Just because they haven’t asked every CODcaster out there what they want doesn’t mean shit.

          It’s a niche feature, no more and no less. That means it will be low down on the list of things to implement.

          I’d rather they spent time making sure the actual game was as good as it can be rather than making a UI for 20 CODcasters.

          • Auptyk

            Right, OK, so it was a cross section of media outlets called in to advertise their game. Big deal. I want them to pull in a cross section of players to give input to the game to make it better.

            Yeah, only a percentage of people use the casting feature, and league play. However, the features that they added because of the e-sports initiative and the balance that they place on the guns, perks, score streaks, etc impact all aspects of the multiplayer experience in a positive way.

            The game is improved because Treyarch took time to consult with a cross section of hard core fans. I don’t CoD cast, and I don’t play league play, but I love the features that have come from it. Black Ops 2 is the best CoD so far and a lot of it is the input they take from the players.

          • lolwut

            In certain areas the game has improved. I have been happy with how DV has sought community advice on topics.

            You may recall long before BO2 shipped he was seeking feedback on a lot of ‘real’ player issues, such as the knifing system and how best to balance it.

            The end result turned out to be not what the majority was saying, but the solution they did come up with (no lunge) seems to have appeased many and has for the most part gotten rid of the panic knife.

            But other changes many people were unhappy about. Primary amongst them, the change to round-based Domination – something the competitive scene wanted.

            I’ve lost count of the amount of people who used to play Domination constantly but have now lost interest because of the round-based system, and the thing is it still doesn’t even make it balanced.

            If you think that some maps are unbalanced (and as a Dom play I feel I can count on one hand the maps where I’d be disappointed to spawn on a certain side) then it still makes it unbalanced.

            The first round is a set time limit, meaning if you spawn on the ‘better’ side then you should, if it really is unbalanced, rank up a huge lead against the opponent going into round two.

            Then, as round two is not the same time length as round one and stops once you reach 200 – which will be done before the time limit. The savvy players will also hold back on their streaks until the start of round two and then let them fly allowing the team to take the ‘better’ side for round two as well.

            The trouble is listening to the hardcore fans is not a wise thing to do as COD is primarily made up of casual players and 10 year olds and those players want different things to the pros and majority should rule.

            There are other solutions to the issue. Options. Want round based Domination? Have that as an option, don’t force things upon people.

            Back to community feedback, this is something IW was historically poor at, but I think due to the job Treyarch did with BO1, for MW3 IW really steped up to the plate and kind of did a far better job than Treyarch, is and did do.

            Only IW has a strong team who you can contact and get a reply from. Good luck getting a reply from DV who is only concerned with his buddies.

            But ultimately, I refer you back to my statement in my previous replies in that making a game for a new console is a very tough thing to do. Much harder than making a game for a currently available console, it’s new, the hardware and APIs are constantly changing.

            Developers want to make the best game they can, and they want to make the most money they can. They can only do that by appealing to the most people as possible.

            For that reason IW would love to implement eSports features, but as this is a new game with new characters and on two new platforms as well as all existing platforms time is not on their side.

            That means features used by the few will be at the bottom of the list and the likes of Fwiz need to understand that.

          • Auptyk

            I am glad you brought up Domination. Since MW2 I have played nothing but Domination. Through MW2, BO1 and MW3 my team and I have had numerous 200-0 wins. In BO2 we have (sort of) one, but only because 4 of the other players quit. Our best score against a full team is 200-2. Why?

            Because the round based system makes a break in the play and allows teams to regroup and start fresh. I have been down at half and that break has stopped the others teams momentum, gave me a fresh start to come back and win the game.

            You’re right if the teams are “MLG pros” vs “Pubs” then it doesn’t matter, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. When we got our 200-0 wins there was no hope of breaking our momentum until the game ended. At least now they have a chance to break a dominating hold. So you are probably right, some people may not be playing Domination that used to, but it is probably because it is just that little bit harder to go pub stomping.

            That is not to say I think the round based DOM is perfect or without it’s issues. I think it encourages rage quits, as the time limit can make it hopeless to win certain games. I think it should still always go to 200 for instance, and never end based on time.

            Anyway, my point is that when you consult with players in the community, the players that care about the ins and outs of the game you will get a better game. IW doesn’t do this.

      • Brayden

        Don’t forget custom game modes which include team’s scrimming and GB’s/iCn’s. You can’t say that at least 10% of players at a given time are playing competitively.


      yes and Treyarch listened to all the you tubers and pros and came up with all these head glitch maps………………

      • Brayden

        Yes, youtubers and pros are also developers and designed the maps. Give me a break. These guys had an extremely small role in the outcome of the game.

    • Keshav Bhat

      I completely disagree with you on your points made. Right now, Treyarch has no communication with the fans. Vonderhaar uses Twitter as a one way tone just saying whats happening. They aren’t communicating with the fans.

      If you look at Infinity Ward, they have three members all working and talking to the community everyday. They have a far superior community team and communications.

    • Ty Cantchange Robinson


  • Titanfall

    meh CoD is dying anyways

  • FWIZ

    InfinityWard better implement esports into ghost or ima have to get a real job >:(

    • Go get a real job!

      – IW

  • David Morgan

    I don’t want to sound like a jerk or anything, because I know there are people who love competitive, but honestly I don’t think that’s where their efforts need to be focused. It may just be my imagination, but I feel like MP is suffering in BO2 because Treyarch is spending too much time on the competitive scene. Something that would be perfectly balanced in a pro scene, is often a nightmare in MP, or vice versa. It’s very hard to balance for both….



    • Brayden

      It’s really not. Comp is simply a variation of multiplayer. A gun is a gun, and wouldn’t be rebalanced just because of competitive — that makes no sense. If it’s overpowered, it’s overpowered. 99% of IW and even Treyarch’s multiplayer attention has been focused on public settings. It is not hard to simply have a small dev group work on simple comp settings, such as system link for LANs, and a competitive game mode.

  • Rune Online

    nuketown ghosts confirmed

    • asdf

      Liar. Link?

  • Good fucking riddance to Esports. If what’s left of Infinity Ward would scrap that idiotic shit, I’d be able to look past a lot of other sins they’ve committed. Appealing to that community has done nothing but make the game an even more chaotic and unpredictable *and unbearable) experience.

    • Accuracy

      go fuck yourself man, esports is whats keeping the game alive. It brings in viewers and sponsors to support the game and just promotes the game. Look how big LoL is from eSports..

      • Keshav Bhat

        eSports is not the driving force behind keeping Call of Duty alive.

        • Ty Cantchange Robinson

          but its slowly becoming

      • BATMAN

        What do you prefer? Play a game, or watch a game? E-sports sucks

        • Brayden

          Now you’re talking e-sports in general? Starcraft and LoL tournaments have peaked 500,000 viewers. That advertisement money is unreal. This is what Call of Duty is pushing for, and is a very profitable venture for them.

      • If esports is keeping the game alive, then someone should put a bullet in the series’ brain pan and put it out of its misery.

        If a bunch of late teen/early twenties assclowns who are sponsored by Turtle Bitch are the future of gaming and i use this term loosely, the pinnacle of skill, then I hope the whole gaming industry folds in on itself as it did in ’83. All competitive gaming has done is turn the normal multiplayer into a bunch of pants pisser kids who use their paper route money to change their gamertag to some variation of ‘Fariko sNiPeZ’ then proceed to run around with sniper rifles hurling every piece of C4 they can.

        They get away with this, because not only does Treyarch cater to this sort of player, they fucking encourage it.

        Black Ops 1 never had nearly these many issues, but this was also before Optic and eSports began having David Vonderhaar orally service them all on a regular basis.

        Black Ops 2 is fundamentally broken in so many aspects, and pigeon holes into one style of play to survive. Namely the crack addict/run n’ gun/panting dog style. But that’s the desired audience and demographic that esports caters to……I’m ashamed to even say I’ve been a fan of the series after Black Ops 2.

        There’s no more thought to the gameplay any longer, no more strategy. You turn around to try to take out the guy who’s shooting you in the back, and in turn, get shot in the back by someone completely different thanks to the rat maze map design and erratic nonsensical spawns. But hey, that’s what those “real” players like.

        So I say get rid of it Infinity Ward! Piss on the whole thing. Bring things back to the core that made CoD4 so great and the series a genuine pleasure to play in 2007. Before the stench of MLG polluted it all for the rest of us.

        And now you can go fuck yourself. Man.

        • Ty Cantchange Robinson

          thats evolution my friend. different features in a game and new ideas. of course gamestyles are going to change. its up to u to adapt bro

      • lolwut

        Viewers does not mean players, though.

        I’ve watched some eSports stuff I have no intention of playing. Additionally, look at real sports. I love watching Basketball. I’ve never shot a hoop.

        The 60-70,000 that pack football/soccer stadiums in the UK and the _billions_ that watch around the world every week don’t all practice football/soccer in their spare time.

        It is promoting the game, though. But on a limited scale at the moment, and primarily to people who already have an interest in the game.

    • Ty Cantchange Robinson

      if u feel like that. then just dont play cod because honestly everything u just said they should do. had nothing to do with your problems u have with the game. u most likely just suck if your that mad at the game. its not the developers, its U.

  • ccrows

    I care more about a solid MP, let’s focus on that. Let’s worry more about spawns, lag, hit detection. If league play needs to miss a year because the devs want to to make the MP better, then do it.

    Don’t get me wrong I ENJOY PLAYING COD, but IMHO I think that Activision is trying to do too much right now with keeping the LP people happy.

    MP is the bread and butter. Sure old IW might be gone, but make the MP gameplay as smooth as COD4, and IMHO that’s all that the majority of people will want more than anything else…

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      IW has great hit detection and we are almost positive the next gen consoles will have Dedicated Servers so don’t worry 🙂

      • SGUINESS

        no they won’t Xbox one runs on cloud servers not Dedi’s.

        • Keshav Bhat

          Xbox One has dedi’s available, and the cloud servers are dedicated servers, but hosted by MSFT. Right now, ATVI hasn’t confirmed either way. We’ll find our more in August.

          • SGUINESS

            doubtful cod will use them, it will cos ACT to much money.

          • DanDustEmOff

            With nearly all of their completion running on dedicated servers then they would be fools not to.

          • lolwut

            Yeah, they’re available but still cost money, it isn’t free so it isn’t likely that big games will use them.

        • Ty Cantchange Robinson

          not all games would run on cloud servers. because one console cant be dedicated and the other isnt. its just unethical

          • SGUINESS

            Titanfall being one of the main ones that is.

          • DanDustEmOff

            That’s down to Sony to offer them. It’s not unethical for Activision to use what MS are offering.

        • DanDustEmOff

          The Azure Cloud is made up of 300,000 dedicated servers.

      • ccrows

        I’m still gonna get Ghosts for the 360 because that’s where the majority of the community will be. I’ll buy next gen right before BO3 comes out.

        Besides I’m tired of buying systems at launch, paying the early adopters fee, and dealing with launch bugs. This is coming from someone who had a 360 crap out on him twice…

        ^ (Fortunately Microsoft eventually got things right with the 360)

    • Brayden

      Buddy, what you just wrote down IS competitive. Nobody cares about hit detection, spawns, and lag more than comp players. Competitive is simply a variation of regular multiplayer. They have to design the game engine first and then simply write basic code to have a system link mode, and league play or competitive game type. Including comp support will not have any effect on the regular multiplayer.

      • ccrows

        I know what competitive (AKA LP) is. Let’s keep in mind that when a dev starts working on LP, that’s one less employee that’s taken off a team that could be used to polish up the MP.

        IMO LP shouldn’t even be available until a month or two after launch… (after most of the launch bugs are ironed out)

        • Ty Cantchange Robinson

          but do u not realize that lp is multiplayer..??

          • ccrows

            Yes I realize that, it’s MP that caters to a certain group on people.

            My comments are more based upon the article, where the “pros” aren’t being contacted. Why should they? Devs should be more focused on MP and not worried about what the pro’s think right now…

          • SGUINESS

            yes but its not Multiplayer people care about.

      • ConcernedPlayer

        The competitive seen does not have to worry about the issues that ccrows pointed out. THEY ARE PLAYING ON A LAN!!!

    • Harold Potter

      CoD 4’s multiplayer was never “smooth”,unless by smooth you mean lagging all over the map or having the outcome of the game depend if you’re host or not.

      I don’t understand why these pub players are getting so angry about this,adding league play didn’t change the game,all it did was attempt to grab some of the players that played GB,which it did,at about 10k players on all the time and 30k at it’s max(xbox only stats)

      Oh and the spawns aren’t bad,maybe it’s you.You actually have to pay attention where you and you’re teammates are to make sure that the spawns don’t flip,if your teammates in their spawn check your spawn.

      Lag and hit detection are both going to be better in ghost,seeing as how there is not only a new engine but there is going to be dedicated servers.

      There you go man I’ve fixed your problems for you,hopefully you won’t complain when League play is again implemented in Ghosts.

    • cccrows

      I think people look at CoD with to much nostalgia. If you were actually around during the CoD4 days I really doubt you found it so smooth. It really doesn’t hold up.

      • ccrows

        @cccrows You made an account like mine, but threw in the extra “C”?… lol

    • GameGuyy

      Competitive Call of Duty is much better than pubs. League Play was very innovative and I am glad they decided to support eSports. I love CoD and it is very fun. I don’t complain about it. Spawns are easy to predict if you know how the spawning works. Of course, they do mess up the spawns from time to time, but they’re only human. Give them a break. At this point in time, lag is unbeatable. They pick a guy in the lobby to basically host the lobby and it all depends on your internet connection while playing against someone. Whoever has the better connection has a better time. As hit detection, MW3 had great hit detection and Black Ops 2 implemented several different hit boxes. There used to be just one hit box, but now there’s several and the damage taken depends on which one it hits. I believe in the CoD franchise and I think they will be able to solve the problems in the near future. It just takes time for tech to catch up.

  • FATpancake4157

    Do they realize that absolutely nobody cares about
    Esports? If it was a regular game mode it would have too few players to support, only a handful of people participate in them!

    • Mitch

      It’s played more than some hardcore modes, and every time one of those gets replaced you see the whole forums crying.

    • Brayden

      League play is a game mode and has 10,000 people on it daily. That’s way more than most individual game modes. Should they remove all the hardcore game-modes since they don’t have this many players? Think a bit.

  • FATpancake4157

    What would you rather have esports or an extra map?

    • every cod player

      Why not both?

  • Kevboy22

    cod isnt competitive


    Esports sucks just like DV get a new job body

    • asdf

      It doesn’t suck it’s cool, you should try it, they invite youtubers to codcast and stuff, it’s like proffesional leages of COD MP

    • asdf

      XBOX ONE KICKS PS4 in tha face
      (In Operative system and actual use of the console, not the hardware)

      • Batman

        Good luck beating the Last of us on your Xbox.

        With the worst hardware, advertising everywhere on your dashboard, and the spying device called kinect 2.

        And I almost forgot less exclusives and higher price

        • Brayden

          Yep keep talking buddy. I remember you elitist bullshitters from last gen that felt like you had to constantly defend your inferior console, while xbox players sat back with an IDGAF attitude and enjoyed their far superior multiplayer and mechanics.

          • Ty Cantchange Robinson

            even tho they did GAF because they constantly tried to bag on sony until the system began to catch up in the ranks and starting to outsell your xbox. then fanboys got real flustered. but it doesnt matter to me. its just a console and no one is paying any of us to defend and/or trash talk the other system. hence, i could care less

      • Ty Cantchange Robinson


    • Ty Cantchange Robinson

      or is it u suck at esports. please enlighten us. what makes esports “suck”..??

  • Cod Caster

    Up Vote: Xbox One and Big Boobs
    Down Vote: PS4 and small boobs

    • asdf

      Well apparently some CHEAP ASS people want the human race to end since small boobs don’t give out as much milk to the offspring resulting in no food. (That would happen in a natural world, now a days just give your son some freaking genetically altered milk and let him survive)

    • xx420xx

      flat chest master race u fukin pleb

    • BATMAN

      FUCK YOU PS4 IS FOR GAMERS. Xbox shit is for TV and casual shit

  • 3arch

    STFU league and comp play is by far the best thing to ever happen to COD, why don’t u all go play ur pubs with the five year olds, I’m going to play league with all the good player!!

  • ConcernedPlayer

    I can not believe this entitlement attitude from these people.

    They only represent 1-2% of the playing population and they want what they want and the heck with everyone else.

    Sounds like how these time are, cater to the few and to heck with the mass.

    My statement to these people, who are trying to making something out of nothing … stop whining!!!

    To IW, please get back to your roots and do what you do best … and what you do best, doesn’t include catering to these whiners!!!

    Mommy, mommy, they wont give me esports!!!

    • TheInactiveWall

      To be honest, those shoutcasters make their money off of that, it is their job. Basicly what they are saying now is “if you cannot make Esports into your game in a good way, I don’t have a job untill Treyarch comes around, and maybe by then people would have lost interest in watching CoD competitively because they didn’t have it for 1 year… MOMENTUM”

      • abc

        ACTUALLY, he had a job during MW3 and that wasn’t very successful. He is a huge player in Machinima which is a HUGE brand for all video games. Does he make money by being a shoutcaster? Of course, but that is by no means his only source of living. He feels this way due to the fact that he has been around the scene for so long. Focusing on competitive takes absolutely nothing away from regular MP. All they don’t is play by slightly different rules. Not to mention that this rule gap has gotten smaller and smaller each year. If you feel that them adding anything for competitive takes away from pubs, I’m sorry but you couldn’t be more wrong and happen to be quite blind and ignorant to the whole situation.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Let’s keep it real here: Casting and having these events is how Fwiz makes money, so obviously he’s worried.

    • ConcernedPlayer’s Real Dad

      But all that Fwiz is trying to do is make sure they don’t change it from what they have already in black ops 2(which they probably will)

      BTW it’s more than 1-2%,there was almost 120k people watching the stream of the CoD championships on Xbox alone.

      I’m actually glad I found the comp scene,it takes away all the BS that you run into EVERY SINGLE GAME (C4,Noob tubes,Fal,Kap 40)

      Lastly,if you’ve played Black ops 2,you’d know that they tried to cater to every audience,with zombie players(which they don’t even have to put in the game)public players,comp players and the 3 players who play the campaign.They’ve done good with this game,and I just hope they can copy some of these features over.

      • ConcernedPlayer

        Wow dad … go back to school and learn math!

        People watching does not equate to people playing, dumb old man!!!

        • ConcernedPlayer’s Real Dad

          1.Don’t talk to your father like that
          2.If they actually took the time out of their day to watch the event,that means they enjoy the competitive scene.You don’t have to play football to be a football fan.
          3.Your mother was right,we should have aborted you.

          • ConcernedPlayer

            Even when you add up the players AND spectators, they still barely make 1-2% while the rest of us suffer.

            Again old man, go back and learn math and stop being a lazy fuck and send me my child support check!

          • ConcernedPlayer’s Real Dad

            Maybe you should do the math,try googling the amount of GB players there are or the fact that at any time there is at least 10k on league play max 30k add in spectators and you’ve got a solid 10-15%,which still isn’t that much but it’s enough to add in the small lan features that comp players NEED…We never asked for league play,and we don’t need it,even though this is a feature that can be easily copy and pasted.

            Maybe Fwiz was being a whiney bitch,but he shouldn’t represent ANY part of the community,he doesn’t even play.We aren’t whiney,we just simply ask for a couple of very simple to implement features that have been in every CoD(excluding MW3)

            I sort of understand your thinking,but what you’re thinking isn’t exactly true.You think that IW or 3arc spend months working on these features,but they don’t, more like 1-2 weeks max,whilst the rest of the almost 2 years dev time is spent on everything else.

            If anything,you should be complaining about the campaign,it’s something virtually nobody plays yet it takes Months if not a full year to make.

            And I’m not paying child support,I never even liked you.

    • Ty Cantchange Robinson

      but u obviously should c that back in its “roots” cod was not as big. and its only growing more because of esports

      • ConcernedPlayer

        Wow you have smoked too much dope!!!

        The mass of COD players is not because of ewhining!!! Hence why they a whining because of the fear they may loose their little place in the game.

        And if you really understood my statement (you can’t cause your high), you would know that I was referring to smooth game play.

        I do not think anyone would complain about adding ewhining to COD if the current iteration game play as smooth (code wise) as the prior titles.

        Now go back your room that your mommy and mommy provide for you and continue to waste your brain cells.

    • MaRS sT

      LOl $100 says you are putrid at this game and are mad at players who are actually good. Competitive balance, League Play and Esports is the best thing to happen to this franchise in years. You scrubs have had your fun with garbage crutches in MW2, BO1 and MW3. BO2 is an innovative game that finally aloud for real competition. What you want your One Man Army back and Commando? Or how about your 3xFrags and Martydom? Kids like you are ancient scrubs living in 2007. The game has changed and so has the community. Less than 1% play at the top tier level but the competitive level is at around 15% and growing rapidly. The future is in competitive Esports not a bunch of shitty scrubby kids noob tubing each other and trolling. Nice name BTW nerd.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    Don’t add deathstreaks. The whole competitive nature of the game is completely ruined by deathstreaks. No one should be rewarded for dying.

  • Jose Gaytan

    Why pay 60 bucks just to sound whore? treyarch makes Better cods….except for bo lol

    • Sam119

      Its actually gonna be more than $60 4 next gen sadly

      • Mitch

        Nobody said that.

        • Sam119

          At the moment, in the UK, next gen games are £59.99 when they used to be £40.00-£45.00.

      • Xbax One4 da win

        Yeah, that’s a lie. Where did you get that from?

        • Sam119

          This is what I saw but I think I was wrong.

      • Marshall

        No, it is still $60 bro. Have you seen the pre-order prices?

        • Keshav Bhat

          Preorder prices for next-gen games are currently place holders until company confirms price; if its the same, then it won’t change.

        • Sam119

          this is what I saw but they haven’t confirmed anything

      • Keshav Bhat

        As of now, Activision has not confirmed their price for next-generation console games.

        • Sam119

          Oh, probably just a placeholder, they better not be that much!

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I don’t know why they are concerned. The Devs have already said they enjoy the competitive scene and are looking forward to continue it.

    • Mitch

      They are probably concerned that Ghosts wont have League Play and CoD casting.

  • Ray

    Before Mw3 IW also said they would support CoD esports…But they didn’t and Mw3 didn’t get picked up for MLG…And if we need to wait 2 years everytime for MLG Events and other big events i get why people like Fwiz and pro players cant take it anymore…and they’ll focus on other things…I want the best for CoD esports and i dont want important people like Fwiz not being apart of it just because IW cant hold their words…

    • Keshav Bhat

      MW3 failed because the IW didn’t implement the correct LAN features till like May 2012.


    Honestly speaking, eSports ruined the entire experience for the average Call of Duty players. The Developers listened to what these competitive guys wanted and now we have overpowered pistols, snipers, and shotguns and a lead designer who is unwilling to patch them stating that they’re “overused” not “overpowered.” Every 2 seconds in my game, I would hear “SNIPER! GET DOWN.” Assault Rifles and SMGs struggle at both close and long range combat while pistols, snipers and shotguns thrive at all ranges.

    If Infinity Ward hasn’t reached out to the eSports community, then that’s a good thing. We want the game done before all the eSports crap comes into play.

    • lolwut

      I wouldn’t say shotguns are good at all ranges.

      But yeah pistols are a joke. They shouldn’t beat my AR or SMG at any range.

    • Brayden

      Do you think comp players like getting killed by a Kap-40 while they got first shot with an smg? No, get your head straight buddy. We want balance, not overpowered anything — that makes no sense. Just look at MW2, where OMA tubes were in pubs but banned in competitive because we DONT want overpowered weapons. Do you think we even use pistols, snipers, and shotguns in competitive? 99% of the time somebody will be using an M8, MSMC, Scorpion, AN-94. Your opinions here are all wrong.

    • abc

      Do you follow competitive CoD at all or just talk out of your ass? CoD pros BEG for pistols that are over powered to be nerfed. They begged for the FAL, the most OP gun, to be nerfed. They wanted to ban shotguns in their rule set because they were quite powerful.

      You sire have no idea what you’re talking about. You are frustrated with the game and simply looking for something or someone to point the finger at. Competitive does nothing bad for multiplayer. The pros want the most balanced game possibly that way the better team actually wins. If anything, they are helping you the average player. But you’re too blind and ignorant to realize that.

  • James K

    If Esports isn’t fully supported in Ghosts, then players still have BO2, right?

  • Allen Greathouse

    Oh my God YES! Please get rid of esports. esports suuuuuuuucks. League play can eat a D

  • Brayden

    You are all very far off-based. Competitive is simply a variation of multiplayer, and takes very little time to implement comp-friendly game modes like a League Play, and System Link for LANs. You are basically getting angry that they are spending time on making 2 additional game modes. If it was two hardcore game-modes that even fewer people play, nobody would sweat it, but since it is competitive, you are all going nuts thinking that pubs will suck because of this. They will not. The vast majority of time will still be spent on normal public multiplayer, just like Black Ops 2 — despite what you all may think.

  • abc

    Do you guys even think before you speak? Every pro player wants the most balanced game possible. They don’t want lag, or over powered weapons, or complete random bullshit that kills you out of nowhere. They do want great hit detection and a well balanced game that’s fun to play. So how exactly is this hurting the average player in any way? What harm did adding cod caster mode and league play do to the average player? The MP is still the same as always, while those who prefer competitive, got something as well.

    Everything pro players want benefits the average player. And no Fwiz isn’t saying this because he needs a job. He makes more than enough from Machinima that’s a guarantee. The guy is saying this because it’s something he is passionate about and has worked hard for.

    In short, everyone here ripping on competitive CoD is so ignorant to the entire scene that really it would be better off if they kept their mouth shut.

    • lolwut

      If he was passionate about it then he wouldn’t just drop it.

      You can CODcast without the unique features of BO2. They managed OK for previous titles and they manage for other games that don’t have these features.

      He is just moaning because it makes his life easier and he feels entitled to it.

      • abc

        Have you seen the growth that CoD has had with all the new features and support from Treyarch? They never got even close to these many viewers before. What other console game has no support and is successful competitively?

        They have been grinding at this since like CoD 2 and the game has finally been shown some support and has sky rocketed from previous titles, of course they want to keep this going.

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    i dont care about this… i want mp info waaaaa!!!!

  • Mohammad

    For God’s Sake please have dedicated servers. All this complaining about Lag, Lag compensation will no longer be a problem. Please for once listen to the communities demand for dedicated servers.

  • KarvowRJ

    Thank God for that!
    All support in BO2 is for the eSports, the game have the worse connection i ever seen and they do nothing about it!
    IW, keep the good work and bring us a playable game!

  • MaRS sT

    Competitive Call of Duty is here to stay and if you aren’t transitioning to it or some how a part of it you will be left behind. Pub players are getting worse and worse, public stats are more of a joke now then they have ever been. Nobody, let me repeat this, nobody respects pub players’ accomplishments anymore. Competitive Call of Duty is where this franchise is headed and if you don’t like it or are to shit at the game to play on that level then you’re irrelevant. Activision didn’t sign a 3 year deal with XBOX to hold CoD Championships for pub stars and a bunch of scrubby pub players. Instead they are trying to follow in the footsteps of SC2 and LoL. The Esports industry is massive and growing at a rapid rate and Activision understands that their future with this franchise is in the Esports community.
    The fastest growing players on YouTube are competitive players, the most watched CoD players on Twitch are competitive players. LOL The pub kids stream during the mourning and early afternoon cause they know once 4 PM or 5 PM comes around the comp players take over. CoD Champs peaked at over 130,000 people. MLG Anaheim peaked at over 69,000. Gfinity hit 55,000 and Dallas stayed around 50,000 through out the weekend.
    This is the future of Call of Duty, the game is becoming competitive and pushing out the casuals, and it’s been long over do.