Congrats to Complexity on winning London’s Black Ops 2 Tournament Gfinity. As first place, they won $30,000 from the competition out of the $55,000 price pool.

Other placement:

  1. Complexity with $30,000
  2. TCM with $15,000
  3. OpTic Gaming with $5,000
  4. Impact with $5,000
  5. Ozone GIANTS
  6. Prophecy Team
  7. Curse EU
  8. aAa Gaming
  9. Team EnVyUs
  10. UNiTE EU

The next tournament is coming up on August 9th with UMG Atlanta. We will have full coverage of that as well on our Twitter, Facebook and here!

  • natt

    you guys post fast

  • Marshall

    Scumpii just went and gambled his 1.25k according to twitter.

    • Dustin

      whats it matter hes rich anyway lol

  • WhoCares

    Because that faggot Clay gave the entire team his Adderall.

  • LegitCryptic

    I don’t follow gaming championships i mean i love gaming but i remember when i could just play for fun on cod not be called a tryhard or having an 8 year old telling me how great my mom is in bed now its all competition. Heck go back to MW3 for a day play face off then you’ll know what i mean.

    • Rade

      Oh great, now the Internet has decided that MW3 was a fun game, funny how much changes in a year

      • BSOG

        But MW3 was my favourite, and it’s always been a great game. People only hated it because anyone could play it.


          they hated it because it was dog turd with the bullshit death streaks and lag comp

          • ccrows

            Deathstreaks were the same if not worse in MW2. (I’m looking at you Painkiller)

            Support (with EMP) was what made more people mad, since assault users got screwed over with their earned killstreaks. Stealth bomber didn’t help the situation either, but IMHO the SB was easy to dodge.

            Still, MW3 IMO was a decent game because Specialist was fresh,new, and fun – and I LOVED using specialist while going for MOABS…

      • LegitCryptic

        I didn’t like MW3 but i play it just for videos

  • I had no idea Optic Gaming was in it.

  • yolo

    kool the money will be able to pay for their crappy apartment’s rent for a months to come! game on faggots