Major Nelson and Activision have announced that 6 new Black Ops 2 Personalization Packs will be available July 23rd on Xbox 360.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Aqua Pack Inspired by sea and sand, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Aqua Personalization Pack comes loaded with a surf-themed weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card. (NOTICE: Reticles only available on select scopes)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Pack-A-Punch Pack – Inspired by the elaborate markings that adorn upgraded Zombies weapons, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Pack-A-Punch Personalization Pack comes loaded with an intricately engraved weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card. (NOTICE: Reticles only available on select scopes)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Rogue Pack Inspired by the corrosion of a post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Breach Personalization Pack comes loaded with a distressed weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card. (NOTICE: Reticles only available on select scopes)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Breach Pack – A new take on a classic Black Ops weapon camo, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Rogue Personalization Pack comes loaded with a geometrically patterned weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card. (NOTICE: Reticles only available on select scopes)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Desert Coyote Pack – Inspired by the arid terrain of the American Southwest, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Desert Coyote Personalization Pack comes loaded with a desert-themed weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card. (NOTICE: Reticles only available on select scopes)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Glam Pack – Inspired by the famed fashion-lined street of Beverly Hills, the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Rodeo Drive Personalization Pack comes loaded with a couture-themed weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card. (NOTICE: Reticles only available on select scopes) 

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Each pack costs 160 MSP and will be available via the in game store starting July 23rd, first on Xbox 360. These will be available on other platforms at a later date.

SOURCE: Major Nelson and OneofSwords

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Available in 7 days and Treyarch hasn’t mentioned a thing. Sounds about right.

    • Mitch

      It’s actually leaked by Nelson, so maybe that’s why there’s no pics…

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        Yeah I just saw what context they got it from. Just off of a list.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Probably because Nelson posted little earlier than he should have.

  • The Flash

    PaP pack – about time

    • Mitch

      I wonder which of the PaP camouflages it will have.

      • mos

        Hopefully all of them 😛

        • HotelDeltaVids

          Hopefully not just the BO2 PaP camo in Green Run, Die Rise and Buried I think that’s the worst one :/ But knowing Treyarch it’s very likely to be just that. If I could choose I’d have the WaW, BO1, BO2 and MotD PaP camos all in one pack! P.s sorry for all the abbreviations 😛

    • Harry Kimberley

      I’ve been complaining about not having a PaP camo since black ops 1

  • Elpresador

    Anybody have any guess what the glam breach and rouge camos will look like?

    • Tj Wade

      Alright, I’ve searched up both meanings for Rouge and Glam.

      First off, Rouge is a powder or cream cosmetic women use for coloring cheeks and lips. BUT, Rouge also means “Red” in French. So, this camo is definitely going to have quite a bit of red in it.

      the Glam pack however, is a hard one to figure out, simply because when I searched up “Glam” I came across 3 different types, they are Glam Rock, Glam Punk and Glam Metal, which all of them were “in” throughout the 70’s.

      Desert Coyote is probably going to be a camo which you’d use in the desert, similar to Nevada and Sahara in the campaign. My guess is that this camo will be like a desert variant of the Jungle Warfare camo.

      Aqua, meaning water, is probably going to be as it states it will be, water! It’s probably going to make the guns it’s put on look as if it’s made of H2O. Simple as that.

      Pack-A-Punch could be anything, it could be from WAW, BO1 or BO2. We don’t know as of yet, so until this one is released, you can’t really make a solid guess on what it’s going to look like.

      Finally, Breach, could be either a very stealthy looking camo, or it could be recognizing when a whale leaps above the surface of the water. (My guess is on the stealthy one…)

      Post your idea’scomments as a reply to this reply.

      • PrimeEchoes

        All of the pictures are at the top, if you haven’t realized.

        • mos

          They weren’t at the time the comment was posted though

          • PrimeEchoes

            Ah, did not realize that.

  • LouCooper
    • HotelDeltaVids


    • Savage

      for what? all the videos are blocked from copyright infringement

      • LouCooper

        What you mean mate?

      • Mitch

        One can not block videos, if there are no videos.

        • LouCooper

          What’s videos got to do with Twitter?

    • Mitch

      If it’s exactly like you suggested it, you deserve a million dollars…

    • David Morgan

      I’d give you a kiss right on the lips if I could.

    • Sal

      PaP will be the first camo ill buy for this game xD

      But i don’t think they’ll add the sound of the bullets because all you’ll hear is lasers all over the map, lmao

      its a cool idea that i am all for but i don’t think they’ll want every gun to sound exactly the same

      • LouCooper

        I’d think that if they was going to do the high pitch sound, That they’d make a first person astetic only. I’m not a fan of the sights for it though…

        • Sal

          Hmm, i didn’t think of that. Now it sounds like something they should definitely do xD

    • TheInactiveWall

      Sweet…. but I would have loved to see the MotD version of the PaP guns, the orange liquid in the guns looked so much cooler 😛

    • David Sync

      Dude I fucking love u right now xD

    • LouCooper

      Wow, They didn’t listen to word I said. Great.


    i’m sick of bo2 news give me ghost news,

    • David Morgan

      They can’t magically pull news out of their asses. There has to BE news to post news. Be patient, also, this is a Call of Duty site, not just Ghosts.

    • Mitch

      The story line is linear since IW doesn’t wanna ‘copy’ awesome stuff from Treyarch, THERE.

  • JustlyFiery
  • JustlyFiery
  • joe

    lol if you add up everything you can buy with this game your pretty much looking at $200, refuse to buy these add on’s realllly really getting sick of them making money off every little detail, you wait, 10 years you wont be able to pass a level unless you pay money

  • Bennienator

    The PAP will look like Die Rises pap camo.

  • DOD

    money whores

    • David Morgan

      You aren’t forced to buy them.

    • regret123


    • regret123

      they are not money whores they are trying to bring more for the community.

  • Craig

    lets see i paid 180 dollars for care package release, paid 50 dollars for season pass, paid 1.99 for all the little camos, regions, and weapon spots. think im done with you guys Treyarch.

    • PrimeEchoes

      You weren’t being forced to buy any of that, dumbass.

      • Craig

        no i wasnt, but i do enjoy the game and wanted it. doesnt mean im a dumbass its my money im just saying treyach should reward guys who have put money like that towards them.

        • mos

          You wanted all the region calling cards?

        • PrimeEchoes

          But, you’re pretty much complaining about how Treyarch is releasing so much stuff to drain your money. You don’t need ALL the micro-transactions. I don’t think I even know anyone who has bought every single pack.

    • Craig

      i know i wasnt forced to buy them but after putting 180 dollars down towards the care package and 50 dollars towards season pass you think Treyarch would give us something without having to pay more money. just saying!

      • Rune Online

        they did give you something but they didnt give you everything.

    • Birchy

      Dude. It’s a product. They give you things in return for money. That’s not a bad thing. That’s how the world works. That’s not Treyarch being greedy, that’s just how businesses work!

    • The Flash

      dont blame Treyarch, blame activision, they are the real money whores, there the ones who ripped us off with nuketown zombies by giving it free in season pass then selling it separately a month later, activision are trying to get as much money as possible forcing treyarch to do something else other than just dlc maps

  • yolo

    calm down guys lol theyre camos you dont have to buy them so stop calling them money whores look at borderlands it has TONS of micros.

  • Jacol
  • Nick

    Its the same ones that were leaked earlier in the year

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    They’re showing all camos one by one, in order. First aqua, then PACK A PUNCH!! then everything else 😛

  • Alec Tackett

    My Birthday is July 23rd c:

  • ElseAndrew

    Everyone under the age of 16 is currently thinking “SHINNNNNNNNEY!!! NOMNOMNOM”

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    All of these camos look terrible (expect Pack a Punch). Where is comic book or Tiger camo from the first black ops? Treyarch should bring back the tiger camo.

  • Gamefr3akable

    I like Aqua, Pack- A- Punch, and Redish camo at the top right.

  • Fetterlein

    rogue and PaP <3

  • aqasd

    Tell me which one is which: I only recognize Aqua!!

    • Keshav Bhat

      If you click on each image, they have a caption underneath with the name of the camo 🙂

  • Smith N Wesson

    These camos are lame, why don’t you put out skins that make the guns look like different guns, since your too lazy to actually add new ones . I’m just saying, keep the game alive.

    • So you’re saying the Pack a Punch camo, The Rouge camo and The Aqua camo aren’t fantastic. These three are my favorites which is why I’m using them as an example.

      • Smith N Wesson

        Your right I was wrong to bash these camos; for the simple fact that someone may have liked them. I should have said in my opinion it would be better if etc….. Therefore I apologize.

  • Smith N Wesson

    The reticles are equally boring. Why not let us use our custom emblems as reticles so when we kill someone the last thing they will see is the custom emblem of the one who killed him. Making killcams more epic.

    • the guy

      dont know why you got 2 down votes that was a great idea

      • Smith N Wesson

        yeah, thanks; I thought it would be a better use of the emblem maker. At the same time give treyarch a break from having to create reticles.

    • Mitch

      1. sentence: kids with dicks reticles.

  • Jeff

    You have the Breach and Rouge pack descriptions switched

  • Guest

    I don’t want to spend any more money on this game. But I HAVE to have that Pack a Punch camo.

  • Joshwoocool

    Im afraid the gold on the camo will ruin the waw pap camo

  • iiWrex

    infrared sent me

  • some1exampe1

    remember when reticles where included in the game.

    ahhh, the good ole’ days.

  • Ed

    1.99 is too much for a personalization pack. make it 50 cents, and i’ll consider buying a camo.

  • anonymous_person

    The PaP camo looks like the camo from world at war which is cool and very shiny o_o

  • BoQuan Ondatpsn

    pack punch camo isnt like the glowing ones so im getting rogue

  • GeDDeN

    Smack yourself if you buy this pack…… Actvision has let this game go to SH!T…

  • you have breach and rogue reversed. fix it . 🙂

  • Allen Greathouse

    screw this $2 for a camo?! A gun MAYBE but a camo?! Its like freemium except the free part

    • Dean

      The price is fine — it’s not like they’re forcing you to pay individually for each weapon category, let alone buy the actual customization pack itself.

      • Allen Greathouse

        Shut up you see they have that imprinted in your mind. They have you expecting meritocracy so you wont be upset when you find out that is exactly what you got. STFU GTFO bring back $10 map packs no season pass and micro shit

        • Dean

          If insults and quibbling are your way to go then we’re done here, lol.

          • Allen Greathouse

            So you admit you were wrong good. That’s all I wanted to hear.

          • Joshwoocool

            No,your insulting him.He didnt say he was wrong.It’s just pointless to convince someone who going to use childish games to convey a point.He,unlike you is just going to be civil about your comment.

          • Allen Greathouse

            Actually sir if you use you open up your eyes you all will find there is no insult. And you will see I have not said one insult on the page with the exception of this comment, you sir are a dumbass.

          • Joshwoocool

            Exhibit A
            “STFU GTFO”
            Exhibit B
            The fact you have to say something is wrong with the person for how he thinks.”Shut up you see they have that imprinted in your mind”

          • Allen Greathouse

            Exhibit A: Not an insult rather a request.
            Exhibit B: Again not an insult rather a favor for him, I allowed him through my knowledge to comprehend that he had been mistreated by the company.

            Exhibit C:
            You are not very good at this Would you like me to help you be a masterdebater.

            Thank Kind sir for being destroyed.

          • Joshwoocool

            your still on this topic.
            also again
            “You are not very good at this Would you like me to help you be a masterdebater”

            I give you a point on being consistent.
            More points for replying on a dead thread.
            Even more points because you think your a badass.Another point for trying to prove a point,also a point for the hell of it.

            You sir has 5 points

          • Allen Greathouse

            thats 5 more than you. Boom. Just leave you lost, you is my bitch.

          • Joshwoocool

            Lol I was making fun of you.But I guess you cant Realize. lol. Also nice words dude “you is my bitch.”

          • Allen Greathouse

            bitches be bitches. we done here? btw you lost.

          • Joshwoocool

            I want to test something and see if it works

          • Allen Greathouse

            Sounds like a personal problem.
            btw let me guess your test, it’s to see if i respond. well i did, your welcome.

          • Joshwoocool

            Not exactly.Also what you just said countered yourself lol

          • Allen Greathouse

            You trying to use your mad hacker skills on me or something?

          • Allen Greathouse

            haters gunna hate i suppose.

  • ccrows

    IMO “Dragon” (especially with the “live fire” look) is one of the best skins that I ever seen in COD, but that “Rogue” is looking to fill that “Red Tiger-like” void that I’ve been missing since day 1… 🙂

  • Tylerw

    Looks like world at war pack a punch to me.

  • Jonathan Smith

    I think some one herd me about the pack a punch camo I talked about the like weeks ago! Cool camos tho but could of did better

  • Ian galipeau

    I like the camos the only one I didn’t buy was the rock n roll one and that other one that has like little cartoons on it .but my opinion the micros shoud ave been included in the season pass

  • Rogue, Aqua, and Pack a punch looks good.

  • fxckayrr

    No point in PS3 players buying this kinda late Ghosts is around the corner

  • Cannon

    What time can we get them? Midnight?

  • Jesse

    on what time does it come out?

  • Like you’ll ever see these

    I really hope Ghosts doesn’t have these ridiculous camos and actually sticks to REAL camos

    • Silly camos

      Agreed! You wouldn’t see the army or navy with these camos will you lol, IW always had the best and realist camos for their guns.

  • rez

    Guys the PaP camo is just 1 camo…

  • Joshua

    Cool colour.