Mark Rubin talked to Official PlayStation Magazine recently where he stated that Ghosts will not have a branching campaign like Black Ops 2, but it will have these ‘Easter egg-ish’ sub missions.

“We’re doing something a little different,” explains Rubin. “You know, we’re obviously two studios and [we] make games differently so we don’t want to just repeat what [Treyarch] has done”.

He talks about their philosophy behind this ‘Easter egg-ish’ missions:

“I’m trying to think how I can word this correctly, We do have a way where we… it’s almost ‘Easter eggish’ – if you figure out in the level that there is something you can do, you get some other objective and some other part of the mission that you didn’t know [about] if you didn’t sort of do something”.

He then continued:

“We don’t have the same branching system [Treyarch] do, obviously. But there is basically this way that, when you are in a mission, you might find something, if you grab it, then something opens up later in a different mission, or something happens later in that mission, that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t do them”. When asked for clarification on the ‘the things’ you pick up Rubin explained that these objects were something that would occur, “several times throughout the whole campaign”.

SOURCE: Official PlayStation Magazine

  • Fetterlein

    sounds interesting..

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      sounds boring…

  • It’s me from Brazil

    Yeah, Riley(dog) may die and we can’t do nothing about it

    • philip

      so we CAN do something about it. FYI: watch the double negatives. they can and will confuse some people.

  • Shong

    Aw, I liked BO2’s alternate endings.. oh well.

  • Camo

    pff, better then those strike force missions in black ops 2,
    i prefer the lineair campaign, it has much more ”involved” stories then those branching stuff.

  • What i want

    I really hope the dog going to die , srsly i dont want to keep controlling the dog in the whole campaign and in the next Call of duty ( infinity ward )

  • Jarhead

    Look at all this pessimistic people.

  • This is similar to how Treyarch had certain things like Crowbars, Special smoke markers for Heli support, and Perks like Flak Jacket that you could equip in the pre campaign mission loadout. Except from what I assume there won’t be any perk type things. It will be primarily, wire cutters to get into a certain part of a mission you couldn’t get into if you didn’t have them or a crowbar to get into a box or door to get something cool or achievement worthy. I usually don’t like to brag, but I think I’m pretty close to right

    • Baruck Obumo

      Yeah true they were lying

      • Wow, going back and seeing how much they (Infinity Ward) lied to us and how wrong I was is actually quite humorous.

  • Gamefr3akable

    I honestly think its not bad. Black Ops 2’s different endings was boring and eventually all of them was DISAPPOINTING. Strike Force was a fail, the endings were never good except one, which honestly was dumb. I think this is better and a small change that wont effect the ending of the game, which it shouldn’t.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    No one cares about the freakin campain!!! They need to make sure the MP doesn’t suck. BO2 did a great job balancing the MP so Ghosts is probably going to be one epic fail. Screw the whole”we are different studio’s” crap and take what Treyarch did and build on it. Infinity Ward Call of Duty’s need to stop worrying about having the game playable for 3yr olds and focus on making gameplay that is challanging. xFREEEDO said it best, people who hate BO2 are poeple that just suck at the game. The game is good and I think Infinity Ward can learn from them. I have a feeling that Ghosts is going to be very disappointing!!! Rant over.

    • Actually a lot of people care about campaign. And this one could be the best yet.

      • Mitch

        It could, but something is true, and Respawn already said it: a lot of time gets put in campaign, while almost nobody makes it too the ending to make it worth.
        I remember Mark Rubin saying they would try to put campaign DLC in MW3, but after a few months he said they wouldn’t do any because it simply took to long to make it worth it.
        Just see it as this: CoD is based around Multiplayer, so what do you play more? One map (MP), or one mission (campaign). It’s probably in 99% of the cases the Multiplayer map, while there’s a shit ton more work put into the campaign mission.

    • ElseAndrew

      Sure they did a great job “balancing” as soon as some MLG cry baby said something was OP it got nerfed to shit, you aren’t good, or bad at this game… You are whatever side of lag you’re on. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad.

      Can’t count how many times I’ve been shot around corners, because it happens many times in every single match I play.

      If getting shot around corners makes me (or anyone else) bad at the game then Teryarch did a fantastic job.

      I, for one can’t wait for Ghosts.

    • lmao,you call every lmg balanced? TF sight? MSMC? Snipers? this all feels balanced to you? go home your drunk

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        TF is probably the worst thing since danger close I’ll give you that. But when I mean balanced I mean that you can pretty much pick up any gun and do some work with it. MSMC is only as good as it is because they nerfed the shit out of the PDW. Snipers-well I hate quick scoping so I’ll skip that one. 3arch had it right in the first Black Ops!! But in BO2 you can pretty much make any gun work for you because of the way Treyarch did there attachments in this game. Thats something IW has never been able to do. How many attachements did you not use in MW3 because they were useless? Almost all of them. There is alway going to be that one gun in every category that will seem OP. But for the most all the guns are workable(balanced). I’ll be drunk later!

        • blackburnt7

          yes true. you can pick almost any gun you want. you know why? because 99% of the weapons in Black Ops 2 are pure no skill. every noob can use them. in MW3 people were complaining about the ACR and MP7. just because they were “OP”, no they aren’t… they’re just the only 2 no skill weapons in MW3.

          • Baldmanz_RAGE

            I think what my problem is is that because IW makes the MP so easy to kill people that the guns don’t seem balanced and all you really have to do it’s hip fire any smg. By 3arch making you essentially ads and by increasing the about of bullets it takes to kill it relies on more skill then pray and spray from mw3. Which weapons do you think are skill weapons in mw3?

          • blackburnt7

            compared to BO2? every gun. except the ACR and MP7. I think especially the CM901 due to its terrible recoil.

    • ben wills

      BO2 was a terrible game. There is no being good or bad at it. There’s only running around corners and spraying because your enemy won’t see you.

      Now BO1… that was a good game.

  • iSwedishVirus

    Well this sucks :/
    I liked that BO2 had different endings, custom classes and the ‘speciall tools’ that for example enables you to ‘hack’ doors and locks so you could get better armour or weapons/traps/A.G.R’s.

    I also liked the Strike Force missions even though they could be pretty annoying at times they bringed something fresh to the champaign! And the fact that if you failed/accomplished a mission it would effect the story :).

    And I LOVED the fact that you could make different chooises that would effect the next mission and the outcome of story :D!

    • mos

      The only problem was that with multiple endings a sequel isn’t possible :/

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        It could be possible. Maybe Black Ops 3 will be able to identify what ending you had on on Black Ops 2 and continue your story from there. That would be beast.

        • James K

          Like the Mass Effect series. Just toss out a few endings(like Section resigning from his job after dealing with the whole shitstorm in the campaign) and focus on the core of the story

      • Iliekpizza

        Umm ahem the walking dead the choices u make will affect the ending and there making season 2 of it and ur choices u made will effect how the game will be

  • TheInactiveWall

    To be honest, I am completly fine with them not making different endings like Treyarch. I still love the idea but I don’t care that much since I only play Multiplayer and Zombies… I like the idea of them still trying something new and not copying something another studio has done to keep their identity. I actually like the way you unlock new things. I imagine you would need to look around in the maps to find something…. but then again I also expect the end result to be dissapointing, like only getting to pick up a different gun at the start of a mission, or makes it so that you and your team know the position of the enemy and can see them on the map because you picked up a radio. We all know how they love to make things that are basicly stupid and lame *cough*Survival*cough* seem really cool, only to be a complete dissapointment and useless feature that didn’t deserve to be mentioned.

  • Mitch

    That would be stupid. I doubt anyone will replay a mission or the whole campaign just to do it with another weapon…

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      i did.

  • PeLLi

    I think a great idea for this game would be to expand it to more countries! I mean I’d love to see a level in Sydney or Melbourne completely destroyed and/or deserted after the attack… who says it has to be purely America? I could see now the Sydney Harbor Bridge coming down in a mission 😀

    Too many countries have been looked over in Call of Duty, or any game really… just because a country doesn’t have a lot of power doesn’t mean it can’t be attacked

  • Yeah!…

    How can people complain about the campaign not having a alternative ending or custom classes? That is a Black Ops 2 thing like the guy said they devolpe different games and ain’t going to copy each others ideas, if you want to play Call of Duty campaign with alternative endings and custom classes I suggest you play Black Ops 2.

    Haters suck your nans!

  • Mr. McGuiness

    Yesterday I bought some new shoes.

    • Keshav Bhat


  • MaRS sT

    nobody plays CoD for campaigns anyway

  • GeDDeN

    Just to let all staff @ Charlie Intel know, well if you guys were banking on COD to you guys employed… PLEASE start to looking elsewhere in advance… C O D is FAILING this nexgen UNLESS Activision actually tries to fund a new engine and dedi servers. AT LEAST one or the other… Make another site for Titan Fall or whatever but C O D is DEAD or DYING.

  • emptybrain

    just give me a Infinity Ward take on zombies , Aliens ??

  • TepidBlack

    The CoD Cycle: One step forward, twenty gigantic steps back.