A new Call of Duty game for the Modern Warfare series could be coming. According to a Sledgehammer Games employee’s Linkedln page. The page bio only read that this employee is working on visual effects for the ‘next Call of Duty – Modern Warfare release.’ We don’t know if this is going to Modern Warfare 4 or a new branch off of the Modern Warfare series.

Nothing official has been confirmed about Sledgehammer’s project, other than a ATVI CEO saying that the studio is working on things yet to be announced.

Sledgehammer Games joined the Call of Duty team by co-developing Modern Warfare 3 with Infinity Ward in 2011. So, SHGames does have experience with the Modern Warfare settings and character line if they use it in the future.

His profile has been deleted, as a search for his name comes up with 0 results. According to Kotaku, his profile was created in earlier this year, so the information is not old.

SOURCE: Pixel Enemy and Kotaku


    Modern Warfare Vita?

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Modern Warfare 3.1

      • Keshav Bhat


        • h20

          MW2 = MW2
          MW3 = MW2.5
          MW Vita = ???

          • Chris


          • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

            MW3 can’t be MW2.5 when MW2 was good -__-

          • yolo

            bitches please the game been out for over two years just accept the fact iw might of not satisfy as much costumers as they thought but it was still a good cod and the title is mw3 not mw2.5

    • absolutecobblers

      This is a spin-off title. I’ll leave that to you to work out where they normally get released 😉

  • Gabriel Dantas

    Something like Modern Warfare Origins would be great. Otherwise… No, thanks.

  • Guest

    Something like “Modern Warfare Origins” would be great. Otherwise… No, thanks.

  • Shong

    No thanks. Sledgehammer already butchered MW3’s multiplayer.

    • Mitch

      You can blame IW for that too.

      • guest

        And Raven Software…lol

        • Don’t forget Neversoft

          • Keshav Bhat

            u wot m8. Neversoft joined Call of Duty with Ghosts.

        • kirbaaaay

          Raven only made the maps and they weren’t even what was wrong with the game.

          • MeisseN

            MW3’s clusterfuck DLC maps (developed by Raven) are wrong.

            Then Raven created Call of Duty Online in which everything is wrong.

            I almost went berserk and got into Buzz Axe Rampage mode when I first heard that IW would be co-creating Ghosts with Raven.

  • Mitch

    So instead of 2013: IW – 2014: Treyarch – 2015: IW etc. We’re gonna get 2013: IW – 2014: Treyarch – 2015: Sledgehammer etc… Sounds better than what we have now. But MW? Fuck off, MW died with MW2.

    • iSwedishvirus

      I’m thinking more like IW: COD2013, SHG: COD2014, Treyarch: COD2015. My theory is that Treyarch might be working on a new cod engine for their next cod game??
      I’m probably wrong but it would be cool..besides it would kinda make sense with the next gen consoles being released. Or maybe they are trying to get COD to run at 90fps instead of 60fps so that COD yet again can become the dominate fps game?? lol maybe idk.
      And i really hope that SHG isn’t working on another MW game because seriously that series is DONE.
      SHG, Raven Software and IW fucked up on MW3…btw Neversoft and Raven Software is helping IW to make Ghosts..lo

      • Mitch

        I would say SHG 2015 since the guy describes the graphics as ”photo real visual effects”, leading me to believe SHG has made/is making a completely new engine.

        • Keshav Bhat

          I would say SHGames for 2014 as it would be three years since MW3 – hence a new 3 year development cycle for each studio.

          • Mitch

            Could also be it.

      • Finbojo

        Why would they make it run 90fps on consoles. No one has 120hz monitors for consoles.

        • IdiotCorrector

          Monitors? What about TV’s? A lot of people even have 240hz.

        • DanDustEmOff

          It still makes a difference to the feel of the game.

        • mile104mc

          I do.

    • yolo

      according to saless and playerbase cod mw didnt die in mw2, lol!

  • Jacol

    No… Just no… Instead of involving third studio, which is going to make another MW3-like crap, they could’ve just take a break for 1 year, and don’t release anything in 2014. I would love that.

    • Mitch

      We would love that, but at the end Activision can make 1 billion in 2014 and they are gonna do that.

    • Keshav Bhat

      You have a wild imagination. Activision would never risk losing money by not releasing a game for a whole year.

      • kirbaaaay

        They wouldn’t be losing money as sales from previous games would still be profitable.

  • Mitch

    How about this for an idea:
    We all know there’s a F2P CoD on PC for Chinese players, so what about a F2P CoD for everyone, but it’s just all the good things from the 3 MW games together?
    – Multiplayer only.
    – Best 5 maps of MW, MW2 and MW3 for a total of 15 maps.
    – Fan favourite weapons from all 3 games, some rebalanced (I’m looking at you MP7 and ACR 6.8).
    – No deathstreaks.
    – 3-5-7 killstreaks (maybe 4-6-8 to reduce spam, no Hardline perk).
    – Maybe make the game somehow compatible with all Modern Warfare DLC add-ons?
    – Then the game can bring in money on: extra customization (characters, weapons, reticles etc.), Map Packs (5 maps from old CoD games for $10,- max), unlocking stuff earlier, and permanent (weapons, attachments, perks etc.).
    Then the only thing you shouldn’t do is make it Pay 2 Win like exclusive weapons, perks, equipment etc.

    • David Morgan

      It’s an interesting concept.

    • yolo

      you play too much tf2

    • SlaughterTheMoment

      They should do that but not for PC only but it is a really good idea.

      • my asshole smells like cheese

        cuz ur peesee sucs cunt fk u

        • Dude, why do you have to be a complete faggot? Shove the console war up your fucking ass.

    • DanDustEmOff

      People will still complain about the lag tho.

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      or you could just have held on to your old games and play them like i do…

      • yolo

        no likes for you

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          i see you have one dislike.

  • Arni

    Why not Sledgehammer on Current gen ?

    IW and Treyarch for NG

    Sledgehammer and Neversoft for CG

    In ordrer that IW and Treyarch not spend time and poeple on Current gen and continue to give CoD for Current gen because everybody can buy a PS4 or a XOne

  • Michael
    • MeisseN

      Spam much?

      • Michael

        How is that spam the guy predicted it months ago

  • JKB98

    No thank you. MW3 was terrible and i’m looking forward to Ghosts mostly because SH will not be co-developing it.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      MW3 was only rough because they had to basically throw together a dev team in the middle of release lol

    • Keshav Bhat

      SHGames is a great studio. And Ghosts has IW, Neversoft, and Raven; so expecting an IW-only game isn’t gonna happen ever anymore.

      • JKB98

        Not trying to be rude, but why do you think Sledgehammer games is “a great studio?”

        • Howard Anthony Collings

          Because most of the studio was former EA members who made the original Dead Space.

  • Kevboy22

    the mw campaign has been getting worse and worse

    • MeisseN

      1 IMO the MW campaign has always been good

      2 who the damned hell cares about campaign ._.

      • Kevboy22

        well the mp is never good

        • MeisseN

          But most play it, yes

  • Jarhead

    “Photo real visual effects”

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    NOOOOO! I’m looking for both companies to combine, not looking to add another one. The two we have are already nowhere near close to on the same page.

  • MeisseN


  • Black Ops 3 is not coming this is the new game after Ghosts, Mw4 Sledgehammer games was working on a project this is it .

  • Mr. I.P.Freely

    Last week I bought some new shoes.

  • Oh For Fuck Sake Activision
  • gay]

  • TheInactiveWall

    So let’s say GHost is in 2013, SHG creates their CoD for 2014… that means we gotta wait 2 YEARS AND 4 MONTHS for the next installent of Zombies?! I know we will be getting another DLC, but we all know every DLC makes us crave for more,and every new bit of information creates 17 more questions left unanswered. I am sure DLC 4 will make us want to know more info just like it did 2 years ago with Black Ops. But if this news is true I will be going crazy. Waiting 2 years in pain not knowing what will happen next…. Why must God be so cruel 🙁

  • DanDustEmOff

    People just don’t get it they make the game, you either like it or you don’t, you may have also liked it at one point and got bored. All of that is ok, but they make the game for people that like it, not for those who don’t.

  • Not trying to spam but Face Off might be coming to Black Ops 2.


  • choltan

    Fuck all of your misleading OTT sub headings

  • JKB98

    Let’s hope they upgrade the graphics to the equivalency of Mario 64.

  • MW4 could possibly work

    MW4 might not be a bad idea with all this next-gen stuff about now.

    For MW4 to be good they have to not copy Treyarch with all the made up future tech stuff and made up guns.

    The maps should be better then MW3 seen as the co-devolved it

    The guns need to be real and modern probably like the ones in service today

    And lastly the campaign story line needs to be real good

  • Akdas

    Mw3 was good idk what all you butthurt twats are all on about. Am i really the only one happy or exited for a 3 year cycle and Mw4 or whatever Mw release it shall be…