Treyarch has announced (via PS3 Message of the Day) that there will be a Double XP weekend for Black Ops 2 starting at 10am PDT on Friday, July 26th and lasting till Monday, July 29th at 10am PDT for all platforms.

This is in preparation of the Vengeance DLC set to be released August 1st on PS3/PC .

SOURCE: Treyarch (Thanks @moriarty1975) 

  • Siftblade of Rivia


    • Polygohn

      nice one

    • Tony Rambo

      Your profile pic keeps amuzing me

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        You’re 3 months late on reading this article..

        • Tony Rambo

          Still…your profile pic amuzes me

  • James K

    Good timing.

    I’m two prestige levels left until I hit master prestige.

  • Im now 7th prestige and will be 11th prestige master i have doen refresh start when i was prestige matser but when is coming the new mappack

  • something else

    Double XP… I’ve been prestige master since mid-February… so useless 😀 I’ve completed almost everything in the multiplayer, expect doing ALL challenges and mastering all game modes…

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Double weopon xp ftw

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Double XP? Nahhh. It’s all about Nuketown 24/7

    • Timothy Gould

      Nuketown is the double xp playlist…..

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        You’re right. My comment was about me not caring about Double XP and caring all about Nuketown 24/7

  • Finally, I’ve been waiting for the next Double XP weekend and its finally here!

  • mos

    Good, I want to reach the end of Prestige 6 so I can have all my weapons, not going to bother prestiging again.

    • Fozzie Bear

      I said that as well…..once you hit level 55 and realize you aren’t earning xp anymore, that’s when I break XD

  • Nick

    Cant even enjoy it because someone hacked my XBL account. They keep signing me in and out every 2 minutes

  • jaylan collins

    im 10 prestige need people to join my clan ps3 only hosting clan tryouts today 4-7 eastern time username jjc1999

  • James Thompson

    On right now and not getting double XP it’s only in certain areas

  • tomo

    last double xp I was prestige 2 then got up to master prestige because I RESET MY STATS its soooooooooooooo easy on nuketown