A new patch for Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360 is now available for download when loading up the game.

For customers who preordered Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox 360 and PS3, the update unlocks the Ghosts Personalization Pack.

Full patch notes:

New Features

    • 6 new Personalization Packs are now available as downloadable content.  Each pack comes loaded with 1 camo, 1 themed calling card and 3 unique reticles. (Xbox 360 only) 
    • Season Pass holders will now be reminded to download Season Pass content which they haven’t previously downloaded.

Multiplayer Issues Addressed

    • Improved stability when pressing buttons during a Theater mode screenshot.
    • Screenshots taken during Theater mode from a match on Uplink will no longer become corrupt.

Multiplayer Game Balancing

    • AN-94:  Damage slightly reduced.
    • DSR 50:  Rate of fire reduced.
    • Ballista:  Rate of fire slightly reduced.

Zombies Issues Addressed

Die Rise

    • Players are no longer able to access unintended areas using the Trample Steam and the Elevator.

Mob of the Dead

    • Pack-A-Punch version of the Raygun Mark II now displays the correct skin.


    • Players are no longer able to pass over the Mansion fence using invisible collision.
    • Fixed an issue where Players were able to duplicate candy and booze when in dying in a specific staircase.
    • Players are no longer able to stand on invisible collision near the Stables and be free from zombie attack.
    • Fixed an issue where Players were able to hold the top of the Bank for an extended period of time using the Paralyzer and the Vulture-Aid perk.
    • Players are no longer able to position buildables in the General Store and become free from zombie attack.
    • Players no longer get stuck at the bottom of the slide when using Dive-To-Prone.
    • Addressed multiple issues where Players were able to throw themselves into walls using the Trample Steam and become free from zombie attack.
    • Players are no longer able to reach unintended collision on the 2nd Floor balcony of the Saloon.
    • Addressed an issue where Players could be free from zombie attack when holding a claymore and looking downward, when standing next to a Mystery Box.
    • Players are no longer able to launch themselves out of the level near the Saloon using the Paralyzer.
    • Fixed multiple issues where the Friendly AI would get stuck while holding a crawler zombie when above the General Store, in the Bank, in the Courthouse, in the Mansion, or the 2nd Floor of the Barn.
    • The Friendly AI no longer gets stuck when bringing the Mystery Box from the Hedge Maze to the Town, and vice versa.
    • The Friendly AI no longer becomes stuck if a Player gives him Candy and then enters the Fountain.
    • Fixed an issue where the Friendly AI and zombies were going through a door in the Hedge Maze and getting stuck near a Mystery Box.
    • The Mystery Box now functions properly when Players give the Friendly AI candy and then activate the box.
    • Fixed an issue where the Friendly AI would freeze and become unresponsive if he was hit by a high damage weapon while performing a turn animation.
    • The Friendly AI no longer becomes stuck in the Mansion if the Player has him take the rear entrance to the Mansion, near the Hedge Maze.
    • The Friendly AI no longer gets stuck on top of the Saloon if the Player shoots him while carrying candy or booze.
    • Fixed an issue where the Vulture-Aid Mystery Box indicator would permanently remain at box locations if the Player used the Friendly AI to bring the box to that location.
    • The Friendly AI no longer becomes stuck if he’s hit with a high damage weapon during his flinch animation.
    • Fixed an issue where the Friendly AI would become stuck when fed candy to retrieve buildables in the Saloon, prior to opening the front door and the debris blocking the staircase.
    • Zombies no longer get stuck in the ground outside the Mortuary by the Mystery Box location.
    • Fixed an issue where Players would occasionally spawn under the map in a 4-Player game.
    • Zombies now path to the correct location when Players stand in Vulture-Aid stink.
    • Fixed an issue where Players were able to launch themselves on top of ghosts using the Paralyzer and be free from attack for a short period of time.
    • Players are no longer able to access unintended areas in the Mansion using the Trample Steam and the Paralyzer.
    • Zombies no longer get stuck on a window in the Sheriff’s building.
    • Fixed an issue where Players were able to get the Double Points upgrade when withdrawing money from the Bank with Double Points active.
    • Zombies no longer get stuck behind one of the repairable barriers in the Saloon.
    • Fixed an issue where Players would die if they jumped into the broken fountain at the same time.
    • Player’s camera no longer jitters when standing in a specific spot in the Barn.
    • Fixed an issue where zombies would path away from the Player if they stood in a certain spot just outside the Saloon.
    • Ghosts can no longer exit the Mansion using the slide, during a non-Ghost round.
    • Fixed a Solo-play issue where falling down the spiral staircase would occasionally kill the Player, even if they had the Quick Revive perk.
    • The Time Bomb now functions correctly if the Player has both the Time Bomb and the Monkey Bomb in their inventory.
    • Fixed multiple issues in Grief, where Players would spawn in Last Stand when respawning in the Stables, Candy Shop, Church, alongside the Saloon, outside the General Store, or on the Mansion-side of the map.
    • Players are no longer able to use the Paralyzer to get stuck in a tree outside the Mansion.
    • Fixed an issue with zombies occasionally getting stuck when dropping down to the Gazebo stairs.
    • The Speed Cola Machine is now properly positioned in the General Store during Grief.
    • Fixed an issue where Players were able to trigger ghosts without fully dropping down into the Mansion.
    • Zombies who turn into ghosts now enter the Hedge Maze properly.
    • Players can no longer trigger Ghosts during a non-Ghost round when entering the Mansion from the rear.
    • Players can no longer get on top of the General Store purchasable couch using the Paralyzer, and be free from zombie attack.
    • Fixed an exploit where zombies couldn’t path to Players who stood on the purchasable couch in the Saloon.
    • Players are no longer able to use the Paralyzer to access the top of a Mansion fence and be free from zombie attack.
    • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to stand on the cart outside of the Courthouse and be free from zombie attack.
    • Players are no longer able to access invisible collision in-between the Gun Shop and the Saloon with the Paralyzer.
    • Players are no longer able to use the Paralyzer to access unintended collision behind the Mansion and be free from zombie attack.
    • Players are no longer able to launch themselves onto unintended collision in the Courthouse and be free from zombie attack.
    • Players are no longer able to stand on a scaffolding near the purchasable LSAT and be free from zombie attack.
    • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to use a combination of the Trample Steam and the Paralyzer inside the Church to become free from zombie attack


SOURCE: Call of Duty HQ  


  • twiistzz

    Why the an94 Nooooooo

    • Mitch

      Because Treyarch wants to have as many weapons possible at the same level, and the AN94 was by far the best AR.

      • Jerry D’Erasmo

        If IW never nurfed the ACR in MW3 there was no need for this. Vonderhaar is nothing more than a guy pretending he is the most poweerful guy in the community meanwhile he dones’t have a clue on how horrible and unbalanced his game is. At this point he isd merely working on the fly with no direction because he knows his game is dead. What weapons on the same level? Pistols, Shotguns and Snipers are completely OP leaving SMG’s and AR’s now even more useless in everyday play. The AN-94 was perfect.

        • Mitch

          The AN94 was pretty OP. Low recoil and good damage. And since day one of MW3 the biggest part of the community asked IW to nerf the ACR, but IW doesn’t give a fuck about the community.

          • A Random Noob

            I get killed by SMGs, the Type 95, MK14 and the G3C6 more often than from the ACR. Now if they were going to patch it, keep the low recoil but lessen the damage. There, balanced.

          • James K

            IW wanted guns to be on par with the ACR. Instead to nerfing the gun, they buffed some of the assault rifles like the AK-47.

        • yolo

          lol his game is “dead”? its one of the most played game across all consoles. at least get your fact right something as simple as this cant be misinterpreted.

          • Jerry D’Erasmo

            Let’s edit: there’s 360K on Xbox 360 right now. -Moderator.

            Original> No my facts are correct sir. 250,000 across both platforms as far as multiplayer goes on a game that sold 30 million copies. It’s a failure and the worst COD experience for online gaming aside from Zombies

      • Super_Deluxe

        Yet they still haven’t added recoil to the LMGs and nerfed the Remington damage with long barrel. Those were my most hated guns which I’m still waiting to be nerfed however I’m not holding my breath for that to happen anytime soon unfortunately.

      • ShadyManOG

        I disagree with that M8A1 is by far the strongest since release date.

  • Soansie

    If there is no guns that people can get easy kills with, it takes the fun out of the game and people begin to stop playing. Almost every gun that was once usable has turned to crap because of Treyarch’s genius idea of making ‘everything balanced’. I bet that the next gun patched will be the M8A1.

  • Michael

    Good job again Treyarch! Patching the AN-94 which was perfectly balanced, yet not nerfing all the obvious overpowered weapons (LMGs, Shotguns and Secondaries).
    Being stunned or flashed is a guaranteed death 80% of the time and EMPs last an eternity. I honestly have never heard someone complaining about the AN-94 being overpowered, yet everyone rages at LMGs with aimbot scopes (Target Finders). If they continue to nerf good weapons, the bad weapons will become good and sooner or later every weapon will be as good as when the game came out!

    • Bigi345

      Really? in almost every youtube video comment discussing about the usefulness of guns in BO2 almost everyone complain aboout the AN. Not that i agree to it in fact, i believe the AN is balanced but, You never seen even 1 comment complaining about the AN being OP? hmm. Also, Stunned & Flashed –> Tac Mask EMP’S? –> Hard Wired.

      • Michael

        True, but I don’t want to be forced to run Tac Mask and Hardwired everytime I play

        • Bigi345

          I’m just saying that because Tac Mask and Hardwired actually exists (and cold blooded too.. because everyone complains about target finders), Those Thing Will Never get Nerfed. if you ask Why? there’s a solid counter. “I don’t want to use those all the time!”, You’re not suppose to it’s called class variety

          • Michael

            There may be a solid counter to most BS, but when you have to counter all the unbalanced things, class variety becomes nonexistant. It feels like I’m playing Nuketown on a Pick-6 system, not a Pick-10 system. Tacticals and lethals all over the place and the LMG kids camping in the back of the map.

        • Chazz

          They had to increase the power of tacticals for BO2 because you’re spending 1 of your 10 points on them. If they functioned as weak as in other CODs people wouldn’t run them at all.

      • lolwut

        That still stalls you for a split second though, and it is really fudging annoying.

        EMP sometimes seems to last as damn near long as the killstreak EMP!

        AN-94 was not balanced. Take out the weird firing pattern it has and it probably would have been.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Tac mask, cold bloodded and hardwired will help.

      • aetrfhkbns

        in exchand for dexterity toughness or scavenger

        • DanDustEmOff

          Not really you can use wildcards to allow extra perks. Switching your game to cope with dirty tactics is what seperates the good and the bad in CoD.

    • Markdg23

      That’s what I’m saying! Since when has the AN-94 been considered OP? The Tac-45 (2)hit kill cqc, AN-94 (3)hit cqc!?!?

      • Edwin Cortez

        yeah the tac is 2 but move a little bit back and then it is 5. range is a key factor in the tac and they are ment to be CQB weapons.

    • Well here on PS3 the AN-94 is considered OP, in fact its the most OP assault rifle in the game.

      • ElseAndrew

        There are guns that are way better than the AN-94, the nerf wasn’t really justified.

        FAL: 2 hit kill and med to semi-long range.
        SMR: 2 hit kill at almost any range.
        M8A1: 3-4 shot kills (short to long range)
        Scar-H: Also has a 3 hit kill at med-long range.

        • lolwut

          They are semi-auto guns though, and the M8A1 is not 3-4 bullets at range. Takes two bursts from not that far away.

          SCAR has high recoil.

        • afbsadvljnsv

          The Scar-H has been buffed to be a contender for a good AR but its slow fire rate downs it. I agree with the M8A1 but I like the fal & smr damage because try using a single fire gun that takes 3-4 shots to kill against the pdw or the msmc

          • mary

            glitch tree is patch

      • Matthew Arroyo

        then again thats why its unlocked last just thank god they diddnt give use the storm psr in multi player or a lot of people would cry

    • Big Boy

      Shotguns are not OP

  • Cell

    Dear Lord so many issues addressed for FUC*ing Zombies and nothing for multiplayer netcode issues… Treyarch shame on you!! No more community playlists, nothing has been released for Hardcore for years… Treyarch you are a whore and just want our money with camos and DLCs.

    • Bigi345

      The camos and DLC’s are probably Activision’s idea. Activision were like: New ideas for more $$$? Treyarch: Microtransactions? i highly doubt our fans would like that though. Activision: Don’t care do it!

      • Cell

        No matter who implemented this, I’m pretty sad about this game, the playlists, the multiplayer issues… One thing that gets me mad about this game is that I can’t escape from bullets… when I’m getting damage from bullets and try to escape and hide, it’s impossible, I die… no matter I do, I die.

        • yolo

          so basically u suck and your blaming the multiplayer

          • Cell

            For a person that the nickname is “yolo”… I won’t take that as an offense, I’ll take that as you are an perfect idiot.

      • Cell

        I forgot to tell that the lack of the simple option to DISABLE DLC is the proof that Treyarch is doing nothing about this game. I had to move the DLCs to the harddrive and when I want to play the game I have to take it off from the XB. I live in Brazil and it keeps trying to find lobbies around the world when I use DLC.

        • Bigi345

          Well, sorry to hear that for people like me PS3 users i can Disable DLC’s with ease (open this then deactivate this).

          • Cell

            Yeah I know, in PS3 this is too easy!!

        • yolooooo

          the fuck? no one move dlcs lol thats your fault not treyarchs or xbox

          • Cell

            are you retarded? did you even understand what I said? I moved the DLC files to the harddrive and when I play the game without the harddrive on the Xbox 360 I can find lobbies much easier than with the DLC. I just wanted an option to disable finding lobbies with DLC maps like in MW3.

          • Keshav Bhat

            Vahn already said no cause he wasn’t willing to fragment the matchmaking anymore than it already is.

          • Cell

            Shame on Vahn. MW3 had this option and it was nice. I see that this may cause some kind of fragmentation or something else but having DLCs causes matchmaking takes so long and I always enter in lobbies of foreign people and my connection bar gets red or yellow all the times.

        • Michael

          That’s probably why I can’t find any matches nowadays. So does DLC affect your matchmaking? I live in South Africa and haven’t found a match in months

          • Cell

            If you think your ISP is ok, your ports are well forwarded and you have enough broadband, than 100% chance this is the problem. Move the DLC files (they are over 1.8gb, 1.9gb) to the harddrive, remove the HD (ensure your profile is in the memory of console) and restart. I think you will find lobbies very soon. Let me know if it worked.

    • OscarTheTitan

      what if i told you, you don’t have to buy downloadable content and lag comp is to do with the engine and it cannot be just undone with a patch. It’s in the game so shut up. I don’t like it so do you know what I did? I play different games!

      • Cell

        Your solution is too simple and doesn’t sound very mature. I like fighting games and racing games but it’s not so dynamic and fun like FPS. I do well in FPS online gaming so why not stick to what I like?

        • OscarTheTitan

          That’s fine but the are other FPS’s other than CoD. Like BF3, Crisis 3, MoH the list goes on. As for the dynamic aspect, you can’t go wrong with Battlefield bad company 2. sorry if I didn’t sound mature 😀 I was just sick and tired of people bitching all the time about BO2. Hell, it’s still a lot better than mw3 IMO

          • Cell

            Yeah I know about all of others First person shooters but I enjoy much more playing CoD. And I tried all others and didn’t have the same fun. By the way much of the online gaming are in Black ops 2, 2 or 3 versions of CoD are in top ten played games in Xbox Live. Not just about this but I’m very fan of CoD, despite of its network issues. In time, sometimes people gets me tired and sick about bitching here… hahaha but this is a public place, people write anything… Read and forget it.

    • betosovreira_sucks

      Umm because zombies is a lot better than stupid multiplayer mp is for nerds

      • Cell

        Oh my God you created a account on disqus just to reply my commentaty… man, you are awesome… You are my fan number one!! thanks!! I appreciate your maturity. ROFLMAO 🙂

  • recless

    fucking treyarch messing up the An-94 wich was perfect and not nerfing the fucking lmg and remmington shotgun this fucking irritates me

  • Pissed off BotMW

    So what was wrong with the AN-94? Absolutely nothing!

  • NiftyGam3r

    Looks like zombies had a lot of issues. And why would they nerf the AN?! I would beast with it.

  • They have patch the snipers , yes but the an-94 is now like the pdw

  • David Morgan

    I’ll never understand the Call of Duty community. AN-94 is one of the guns I’ve heard the most complaints about, and is regarded by a lot of people has the most OP AR in the game. Also, erm, they just nerfed snipers! Wasn’t that everybody’s other big request? It’s impossible to satisfy everyone I guess.

  • reddeadgr

    now thw ps3 users na pc users can enjoy more the AN 😉

  • David Morgan

    Did the update like….uninstall everything for anybody?

    • Huge Big Al

      It’s a slight glitch I think 🙂 It happened to me, asking me to re-download Nuketown 2025 but then after a while I got back into it and all my stats were back! But I did it again and now it’s asking me to re-download the map again 🙁

  • help me out

    Hey Charlieintel, can you help me out with that Ghost calling card:
    I play on PS3 and I got free a CoD Ghosts Weapon Camo code a few weeks ago so I have Ghost camo on my account. So does that mean I’ve been registered as CoD Ghosts preorderer and I will receive this calling card once this patch arrives on PS3+

    • Huge Big Al

      Yeh you do! I got mines through Xbox today 🙂

  • Edward

    Balanced the the an-94? but yet don’t balance e the lmgs with target finders? wtf. That should have been addressed not the an-94.

    • lolwut

      The target finder doesn’t affect the guns performance, so I’ve no idea what you’re on about. You can’t nerf a gun with an attachment.

      • Edward

        Are you serious it’s like (aimbot), they should Nerf the guns because it is so easy to kill people with those guns, that attachment is the worst thing in this whole game. You enter a game and 4 out of the 6 team memebers are using the mk48 with target finder and grip.

  • monkie

    Now you all see how different IW is from Treyarch. IW burfs weapons not powerful enough to balance game, Treyarch nurfs weapons powerful enough to balance game.

  • jared henderson

    Hey Treyarch, I like the update but it really isn’t necessary to nerf the dsr 50 and ballista from quick scoping its more of a player thing to do. Please change it back (But i doubt you will). The AN-94 was perfect until you updated. I recommend you look at video’s in Youtube make sure to look in the comments as well and see what the players want. Thank you Treyarch.

  • Player

    No not a good job treyarch u make bo2 boring come on

  • Luminations

    AN-94 was a bitch. I’m glad it’s nerfed. And they patched alot of collisions for Buried. Doesn’t bother me, but hey, you can’t let people cheat on them.

  • fucking treyarch! Why the AN94? Why not remington? Ballista nerfed!? If so, they should make the damage higher. This is unacceptable

  • M8Hater

    What bout the M8A1?..

    • Bigi345

      are you complaining about it being OP? Because it don’t think it is

  • ccrows

    AN94 worked just the same as the AK47 in previous COD games. Sure there was slightly less recoil in BO2, but to say that it was “OP”? *sigh* Whatever.

    It’s no secret that “certain people” are whispering into DV ear’s with weapon nerfs.

    ^ The AN94 nerf is a classic example of that. Glad to see other people in the community finally saying to Treyarch, “Enough is enough” already with these nerfs!…

  • Mylo Krush

    Treyarch you actually make me sick, reduce the rate of fire on the DSR and Ballista? Why “fix” something which isnt already Broken? You’ve pissed alot of people off because alot of people snipe in the game. Sort it out. And also why not fix something like an actual problem, how easy is it to get target finder on an LMG and how OP are they? You have to pull the trigger for about 2 seconds and you’re dead.

  • Derpy

    treyarch I love the an-94 over powerd

  • James Stoubas

    Can someone explain to me what you get from this patch when you have already pre ordered cod ghosts exactly ???

  • i like turtles

    An94 = }:[ Rage

  • Tmacmagrady

    I love how all of you are complaining about LMGs and Shotguns being OP… You have three options. 1. Stop playing. 2. Use the damn things yourself. 3. Put your big boy pants on and fucking deal with it… I manage to hold my 2.5 consistently using the assault rifles against the pricks that use the OP guns. Learn the game before you complain. If people are raging on you how about you stop bum rushing the shit out of B and learn to use cover and your surroundings to your advantage.

  • anon

    why is the ghosts camo for pre order?