Activision today reported their Q2 financial results call and confirmed that Black Ops 2 is the #2 best selling game in NA and EU, falling behind Activision’s Skylanders franchise.

Activision confirmed that Black Ops 2 has outsold MW3 in both retail and digital sales. Activision is still worried about the new competitive titles coming this fall launching around the same time Activision games are launching. They are also fear risk about the next-generation consoles launch due to a divided sales.

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Activision CEO also confirmed that Call of Duty DLC has had significant growth this year.

Our solid performance across our franchises and strong digital sales, including continued significant growth this quarter in our Call of Duty® downloadable content business over the previous year, validate our belief that we will enter this new period of independence in a position to leverage the flexibility and focus that it provides.”

Activision also confirmed that Ghosts preorders are lower than Black Ops 2 preorders due to console uncertainty. However, the preorders for Ghosts are higher than Black Ops 1 and titles before that.

  • i like cod

    Don’t worry CoD, I won’t move. I play other games, but playing CoD stays my favorite thing to do :3

    • Mitch

      Same. With CoD, I just know I get a year of fun for €60,-.

      • James K

        and an interesting ride.

    • StupidDOGY

      Its so true

  • James K

    While I can’t not wait for Destiny but I don’t understand the popularity of Skylanders. Is the toy+game hybrid really that effective on the market?

    • Kyle

      They charge like 10 bucks a character little kids go crazy for them

  • lMattW

    Link to the source of this info?

    Edit – Found a recording of the call –

    I listened to the part about Call of Duty (starts at about the 20 min mark) and I’m pretty sure what was meant was that quarter 2 BO2 sales are better than q2 MW3 sales last year, not that BO2 has sold more in total than MW3.

    • Keshav Bhat

      The source is in Activision call.

  • xx420xx

    bo2 is terrible

    • lMattW

      Wow you are so brave and different from everyone else. You don’t dick-ride Treyarch like all the other people here and you have the balls to say so. I respect you so much for that comment. Keep up the good work telling the truth to the people who need to hear it.

    • MeisseN

      Black Ops II is innovative and generally fun but there are some issues.

    • Zealocy

      I can’t play BO2 anymore without throwing my controller at the ground and having to pay for another one. You would think that a CoD game would be ruled by AR’s and SMG’s, but it’s only ruled by overpowered snipers, LMG’s, and shotguns. So far, I’ve realized that the best CoD community is on PC. It takes much more skill to aim, saying there is no aim assist, and the lobby’s aren’t a bunch of kids.

      • xx420xx

        wow guys the game is ruled by snipers lmgs and shotguns!!!!!!!!
        stop with this shit its not even funny
        ur just fucking terrible and if u think that those guns can ever rule the game u mite aswell just end yourself

        • Yo

          What’s wrong with the community ^^^^^^^^^^

  • Cell

    Incoming Battlefield rage…

    • MeisseN

      No they won’t rage about this. Battlefield never truly wins over CoD in terms of sale.

      Well if they do they must be stupid harhar

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    So does this mean BO2 is currently the best COD to date?

  • Cod is a great game, the thing that has ruined cod is the community. Look at all these young kids that watch these YouTube videos and are now playing Search and Destroy spinning like a ballerina sniping. YouTube videos that show exploits in a game have their advantage and disadvantage. Mostly disadvantage, because then every Noob and thier mother uses or does that certain problem or exploit. Why am I saying this you ask? Because people think, just because of sales that a game is great. Dont get me wrong I love COD & I always will, but if you think Call of Duty is the best game because of sales, you’re wrong. COD gets more frustrating, but that’s not us hardcore COD fans fault. Its the YouTubers. Not all of them, but a lot of. For example:Faze…and more but that’s a really good example. I want to hear your opinion. And to hear if I’m a total jackass.

    • Mitch

      True. When the DRS got nerfed all of Faze was complaining like little bitches. I watched them on twitch and all they were doing was spinning around with fucking snipers. If IW can make a very balanced game with no shit like the ACR, FMGs etc you already make a big step forward.

      • First Black Ops Snipers, LMGs and Shotguns and this will be the best COD. Assault rifles and SMGs were very well balanced. People say the Famas and Ak74, but the Aug, ak47,and cammando were all great too. The mpl, spectre, and mp5k were also great choices. Still one of my favorite CODs

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          Nerf the famas and ak74u with rapid fire and remove second chance and just like that, you have the most balanced CoD.

  • Abhishek Jain

    black ops 2 frustrated me with heavy duty lag..even though i have 25 mbps down and 40 up

    • osaid

      Stop complaining about lag. Lag is the player’s fault.i don’t get any BTW

      • xx420xx

        thats coz ur internets shit and u get advantage lmao

  • Notacop

    Sorry but I only come to cod for zombies now. Hopefully the trend changes to IW being lower and 3arc being higher. I know alot of people who only buy this game and the dlc for zombies now so take that into consideration when viewing these “trends”

  • MeisseN

    Just saying, Call of Duty Online is super stupid.

    Hold on… What is Skylanders? Am I the only one that haven’t even heard of it before?

    • Zealocy

      CoD Ghosts is taking half of their “new innovations” directly from CoD Online. Character customization, dynamic maps, and many other things. If you look at gameplays of Online, it looks like a lot of the things Ghosts will have. Skylanders is a 3rd person RPG that uses action figures as your in-game characters.

      • MeisseN

        I don’t literally need to look at gameplays of CoD Online. I’m from China and I actually played that game (by getting into the closed beta test). Do you think there are dynamic maps in that game? No way! CoD Online only contains maps from COD4 and MW2. Well when I look at gameplays of CoD Online, I only think of the Modern Warfare series. And sometimes Black Ops I as well. This game features MW1 & 2 weapons and maps, MW1, 2, BO perks and killstreaks. Even the medals (Revenge, Savior etc.) are stripped right from Black Ops II.
        In general, CoD Online is a big pot of stew, consisting of ingredients from recent CoD titles. I don’t see how you come up with the conclusion that Ghosts takes half (damn, it’s HALF) of their innovations directly from CoD OL. I can’t help asking.. Man are you serious?
        Although Ghosts and Online both feature character customization, I don’t think Ghosts is inspired by Online. You see, CoD OL is a free-to-play online game so players will want to be super-stylish. Especially these Chinese 10-15-year-olds. And that’s how corporations earn money from the game. So Raven added customization just like other online FPS titles do. Most of these customization options will cost actual money, for it’s the price to being stylish. But it’s more likely that character customization options in Ghosts will be unlocked by doing certain challenges, since people have already paid $60 to get their hands on the game. Additional payments will only further destroy the already infamous reputation of the series, you have my words on that.

      • MeisseN

        If words don’t convince you, here are some screenshots I took.

        Note how you can choose from MW2, MW3 and BO perks? They don’t even bother to change the icon, but just ripped it off and pasted it in this game.

        In China, getting an AAA FPS copy normally costs ~300 Yuan, which isn’t really cheap and somewhat unbearable for the majority of the audience. So this game is made for Chinese players that haven’t played the original series online. It’s a move by Activision to open the Chinese market. So, for them new players, it’s a fresh online experience, but for players that have already played Multiplayer of the original series (like me), this game is just boring and ugly (graphics are downgraded).

        That’s why I say it’s super stupid. At least I base my words on what I feel after playing, not simply watching some clips of gameplay. (I’m still confused about how did you possibly thought there’s gonna be dynamic maps in CoD OL, when everything shown in the clips are pretty much old stuffs)

  • Bo2 is not the best game everyone told is coen be agood game im buy it