Call of Duty Weapon Progression system has changed ever since Modern Warfare 3 was out. All games before that had the basic system of getting x kills gives you x attachments. Let’s take a look at how the system has changed over the years.

Modern Warfare 1 through Modern Warfare 2:

For all these Call of Duty games, the weapon progression system was similar. You had to get “X” number of kills with a certain weapon to unlock “X” attachment for the weapons. In order to unlock camos you had to get “x” amount of head shots.

Black Ops 1: 

For Black Ops 1, Treyrach added the COD Points where you had to buy attachments for guns. You don’t have to use challenges.

Modern Warfare 3

In Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward added the ability for guns to have their own leveling system. Every gun had a highest level of 31. Getting kills with the weapons would help progress the weapons levels, and with each level you got new attachments and camos. And, in MW3, they added the new Weapon proficiencies. These added abilities for your gun to have less sway, better aim, etc.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II


With Black Ops 2 Treyarch brought back the leveling system for weapons, however they varied it slightly. The game only used the leveling system to unlock attachments. Camos still require head shots and other challenges to unlock. Each gun had a different number of levels.

What system do you want to see in Call of Duty: Ghosts? Something completely new or the original style?

  • Mason Lyons

    Bo2 is the best create a class in my opinion but has the worst back end network

    • ben wills

      I’d like a combined system of Pick 10 and CoD Points. Not to big on leveling to be honest.

  • HurroGuy

    Didn’t Black Ops 1 have the CoD points system so you could buy any attachment at any time? Basically I’m saying it’s different from CoD4 and [email protected]

    • Keshav Bhat

      We fixed it!!

      • ██████████████████████████████

        u wot m8

  • Keshav Bhat

    Note: I fixed Black Ops 1 information.

  • I want that system from Mw3 with leveling weapon and class points from Bo2

  • I’d like to see the MW3 system reintroduced. That game was, and still is in my opinion, the best Call Of Duty ever made, along with the dedicated IW team who have amazing game creating ability’s.

    • sss

      that better be a joke

      • Jon Herring

        Actually I don’t know why mw3 gets so much hate of course the hit detection and lag compensation is a little off but it is a good game in its entirety

        • ben wills

          no… just no.
          – small maps
          – akimbos
          – death streaks
          – strike packages (support hint hint)
          – spawning behind people if ur doing bad
          – people spawning behind you if your doing good

          and that only scratches the surface. one of the worst games in general ever made. catered to no skill casuals.


      i agree with you

  • Bring back MW3 System, Im hated getting headshots for camos then removing all my perks and attachment to get the rest of camos (In Black ops 2). Also Bring back Gun Proficiencies from MW3!

    • Mitch

      IMO Proficiencies was just plain BS and unbalanced. If you give someone the option to reduce recoil, they’ll always do it. In MW3, try to find a game without anyone using the ACR Silenced with Kick or the MP7 silenced with Kick. Trust me, you wont.

      • blackburnt7

        I lol’d at this one. no one uses kick everyone uses attachments in mw3. check your facts son

        • James K

          It’s like stopping power, almost every people is carrying it on their character.

    • Matthew

      Every thing has to be easy for you, doesn’t it?

  • Mitch

    I like the idea about Black Ops 2 challenges the most, but some of the challenges are frustrating. I like how you had to have at least some skill to unlock gold, where in all others you could get gold by just playing the game. The only thing that really frustrates me are some of the special challenges for the camouflages. I always find the challenges where you have to get kills without perks/attachments a bitch. Also, I’m currently doing launchers diamond, and all I have to do is shoot down a Dragonfire. Frustrating as fuck. Some challenges are just retarded.
    If Ghosts would copy BO2’s camo system (without the shit challenges) and MW3/BO2’s weapon leveling for attachments, I’ll be happy. If I could make the challenges for ARs: 100 headshots, 10 longshots, 50 hipfire kills, 5 triple kills, 15 double kills, 10 bloodthristies

  • luke

    Edited version of black ops 2 CaC for example i want a lethal concept of where in CaC you can choose to have a throwing knife in the left pocket (LB) and/or a Semtex- Right (RB) or not at all. But i don’t want it to be like Black ops 2 where it is using wildcards #GhostIdea

    • Mitch

      Without wildcards, it would be unbalanced.

      • MeisseN

        Sacrificing 1/2 relatively less useful tac grenade(s) for a lethal? The idea is cool.

        • Mitch

          Sorry, I was talking about the idea of getting 2 different lethals. Without wildcards that would be OP.

  • Ps3 Donantonio99



    Make sure every time you prestige, your challenges and weapon level don’t reset. (I hated that whenever I’d prestige.

    • Mitch


    • Chris

      Thats the whole point of prestiging though… You have to trade a little bit for the ” prestige “… Prestiging would hold no value if you didn’t have to trade anything for it. & in my opinion it was the least painful to do in BO2 because your weapon progression didn’t reset as far as headshots & so forth because of the separate weapon progression system. I think its balanced the way it is now.

      • TAKANYAN

        I’m okay with the BO2 way, but MW3 was bad for the reasons you replied to. But I agree that with Prestige you need to sacrifice something important or else it wouldn’t be called prestige. I definitely like BO2’s way of weapon level prestige though.

  • MeisseN

    I would love MW3 and BO2 weapon level systems combined. That is, levelling up your weapon unlocks camos and attachments (and maybe proficiencies, if they exist in Ghsots), but reticles are unlocked by getting kills with weapons with a certain sight. Getting heatshots for camos is annoying. Also decrease the gap between lvl 30 and lvl 31. 80K is wayyyy too much. It’s like telling you to move on to next weapon when you hit lvl 30.

    Here’s to hoping that proficiencies return as challenge unlocks. For example, ‘Attachments’ is unlocked by getting X kills without a single attachment on the weapon (and it increases the attachment slots from 2 to 3), ‘Impact’ is unlocked by getting X penetration kills, etc.

  • I enjoyed the Black Ops 1 system. I would either make the attachments prone to overuse (namely, the grenade launcher and the silencer) more expensive to purchase or get less points per match.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Black Ops 2’s system return as well – I thought it was perfect for what it did. I can’t see anything else working.

  • I didnt like the pick 10 system. It was well thought out, but poorly executed. To many casual players and Noobs abused it (like they do with every other game) more in this game than I’ve ever seen. Just my opinion, that’s why the commenting system is here.

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    Black ops 2

  • I prefer the pick 10 system in BO2 over MW3. Personally I love how they did the camo unlocks – it forces you to do extra work to get those “high end” camos as it should be – not just buy them. I actually wish they would do the same with attachments. Let reticules be unlocked with kills but work for everything else.

    As always I think IW will do their own thing probably quite different once again.

  • Adam Nord

    I like the leveling system in mw3, but I also like the weapon prestige system in Bo2. In Ghosts, I think the mw3 leveling system but a higher level to max at like maybe 50. Once you hit 50, prestige it maybe 5 times or so. This would mean there would have to be more to unlock for the weapons, (not a bad thing i don’t think). Just a thought.

  • lance

    ORIGINAL! It just made more sense

  • Camo

    i just want the Modern Warfare 1 through Modern Warfare 2 CAC
    its simple but very nice, get kills with the weapons to unlock attachments

    • Super_Deluxe

      Lol that’s how MW3 and BO2 works but not BO1 where u buy the attachments and camos.

  • Josh

    It should be exactly like how it was in mw2 except if you capture something, plant a bomb, defuse, etc then you get another point toward your killstreak. So basically like mw3 except you have to get headshots to unlock camos. And the challenges should all reset when you prestige not like bo2 where it takes no skill to play that game.

    • bigchester

      yeah mw2 level system was the best

    • Mitch

      The weapon levels resetting was a mayor bitch.

  • Name

    I don’t have a problem with the way it was done in BO2. I do NOT want them to bring back weapon proficiencies from MW3 though or support killstreaks. I want the perks that altered how your gun acted to be attachments like they are in BO2 as well. (Laser is Steady Aim, etc.)

  • tripiin

    is it me or is this article completely useless? I mean, what would I like to see in Ghosts? is that not a little too late at this point? haha

    • James K

      Every article doesn’t have to be the most current Call of Duty related news. It can be an opinion post, Activision financial news, or how certain elements change throughout the franchise.

  • The Flash

    i prefer COD points, then again everything from BO1 was pretty much Ace, and who is it disliking every comment?

    • ben wills

      I love you.

      • The Flash

        urr ok

  • RizZzaK

    Black Ops 1 had the best system for attachements!

  • WhiteBoy7thst

    I like black ops 2 way but not the headshot for camos. I like the mw3 way of camos. But the bo2 way

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I personally would like to see BO2 weapons leveling in Ghosts. It took what MW3 started with the whole prestiging of the weapons thing and took it further with being able to prestige multiple times. The question is will Ghosts be able to do this because there are no clan names or emblems to go on the weapons(which is what you got in BO2 for prestiging your weapon). Well if they don’t do multiple prestiging for weapons then at least I hope they take what Treyarch did by not having the weapon attachments reset after prestiging. Besides the pick 10 system I think the weapon attachments not resetting after prestiging was probably one of the smartest additions to BO2. IMHO Ghost won’t come close to what Treyarch was able to accomplish with BO2. Until something comes out that is better(maybe it will be Ghosts) I will be comparing every future title to BO2. I can’t wait for BO3 from Treyarch on the next gen systems! I hope they don’t puss out and do a Zombie only game for their next title which is all the rumor right now.

  • Samuel hoffman

    In all, I’d have to go with the black ops 2 wepon progression. mostly because if you decide not to prestiege, then your wepon will remain the same, but in bo2 you can prestiege your wepon.

  • King Jaylan Forlife

    pick 10 or Cod points but make more and different camos like a all chrome/black camo