Mark Rubin has just posted a tweet with a 6 seconds video showing the Ghosts MP menu.

The video shows off some sort of “Squads” menu with “Online play” listed underneath it. We’ll be getting the full reveal on August 14th.Original Video.



UPDATE: In the Behind the Scenes trailer for Ghosts in May, someone spotted something called ‘Squad Customization‘ in the background as seen in the image below (via @HuskyMcNasty). This could be related to the ‘Squads’ from the video above:

SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin

  • Bigi345


    • Mitch

      Yeah. I would guess this is the new coop mode.

      • Bigi345

        Or a new MP mode? Maybe

        • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say my paragraph is the most correct so far. 😉

          • Bigi345

            Probably, You’re right Squads doesn’t sound like a New multiplayer gamemode

  • It’s the third game mode for COD Ghosts. #Squads. Hopefully instead of 2 player its 4 player or even 8 players. Seeing that it says squads, it could be 2 teams of 4 or 4 teams of 2. Who knows. Lets hope it’s just more than 2.

    • Keshav Bhat

      I don’t think Rubin would tease another mode when MP news is what everyone wants.

      • I dont know…They showed Spec ops before MP. And I won’t be surprised if they show that first so then they can end in a big way with MP.

      • Mitch

        IMO there’s 0 chance it’s the main MP menu. I’d say coop or something new within MP.

  • Jarhead

    BAHAHA! Oh god. People, squads is not a new coop or multiplayer mode. It’s basically like a party list. 😐

    • James K

      Yeah, I’m not going to overthink this.

    • jordanxbrookes

      And then it turns out you were wrong and everyone was right saying it’s a mode, BAHAHA!

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    If squads was a gamemode, It would be with all the other gamemodes. Maybe it`s some sort of league play or the new spec ops.

  • Adam

    Where is the split screen option?! 🙁

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Don’t think it’s multiplayer. Wish they would have showed us a different menu -__- there is too much speculation on what this is.

  • birchy

    fucking beautiful :3

  • Future Impact Gaming

    What I think is happening is they are making it to where if you go into a game by yourself, you don’t play against parties. Squads gives you the option to join or create a party and then go into a match, only playing games against those in other parties. Make the game more competitive for party players and makes it less difficult for soloists to get annihilated by a full 6-man party team.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Would be awesome. Let’s hope they think of it as well haha

    • James K

      So matchmaking would be: Soloists vs. soloists and parties vs. parties?

      The rest of your comment is nice, but matchmaking would suffer if this was segregated like that.

      • Future Impact Gaming

        It all depends on HOW they segregate it though. They may end up only allowing parties of 4, 5, or 6. Parties of 2 or 3 will just be with the soloists. This would also allow the option for bigger parties to be more frequent as well. Full parties of all the way to 9 could be in Squads. And if they do it like Face-Off, then only parties with 6 or whatever would only face other parties of that same size. So I wouldn’t think it would suffer too bad because think of how many parties you see in Black Ops 2, MW3, etc. There may be more soloists, but parties are just about in match in every single team-based mode in multiplayer.

      • Mike

        I’m sure they will have the usual matchmaking like in every other Call of Duty, but with Soloists and Parties as an additional matchmaking feature.

    • MeisseN

      How long must you wait before you can pair up with another 6-man party?

  • sss

    l love this time of year

  • CodandBF

    background looks awesome. gonna be new Spec Ops or something theres
    Online Play
    so there should be single player if its spec ops. who knows

  • Howard Anthony Collings

    That menu is looking pretty great.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I wish we could make out what that locked option said.

    • ██████████████████████████████

      looks like it says “████”

      • MeisseN


  • Ooopla

    I have always liked how each CoD has simple menus. They are always easy to navigate and usually look pretty good.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Idk but that menu looks like a reversed bo2 mp menu and different colors

  • MeisseN

    To me Squads sounds like Multi-TDM in BO2 or SQDM in Battlefield 3

  • I don’t hope it’s gonna be like Battlefield :(. I hope this is like League Play or the not-Spec-Ops-Mode.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I’m just so worried they will get lost since they are making it for current and next gen. The past 2 games, they couldn’t even keep up on one generation of systems.

  • B123C

    I think this is going to be the bonus game mode instead of spec ops

  • dududududududiididididid

    Wait… DLC 4 reveal is in the same time??? awesome!

  • lolwut

    YES! They’re not using that crappy MW font!


    I think its the co-op mode more than the Mutliplayer menu.


    Deffo Co-op

  • iswedishvirus

    Looks like the zombie menu form BO2…except the fact that the earth is still ok…


    Squads? New way of Clan battles? It could be a separate menu for clan battles. You create a clan and go play with other clans or in this case “Squads.” You could level up your clans through CoD Elite this way.

  • Spec Ops I hope they are OP guns in the game

  • Or you go online white your party for good connection to get no lagg

  • FartSniffer9

    I bet squads is the new zombies/spec-ops!

    • Jarhead

      Please. Just. Stop. Squads is not a new mode, it is basically like a party list. This comments makes me sad whenever I read them. 😐

  • Mitch

    That’s one hell of a spot.

  • David Sync

    Ok I might be wrong and this sounds extremely crazy for call of duty,but I been looking at this video for a while and made a small and yes very dumb theory but what if the new spec ofs mission is about killing creatures? Yes black ops had zombies and if you think about it,the story is almost surrounded by this end of the world theme and if you look closely at the earth,there’s almost a creature face in it,of course it can be the blur but it’s just a small and really dumb theory

  • Could be the new special Gamemode (Instead of Spec ops)

  • ( . )( . ) <===8

    What if it was like a new type of multiplayer, where you had to work together with a squad of other people to complete various missions, against a team of other people online?

  • iswedishvirus

    Looks like the zombie menu form BO2…except the fact that the earth is still ok…

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    I think squads is going to be some sort of league play

  • TheInactiveWall

    That menu looks quite a lot like the BLack Ops 2 Zombies menu, only mirrored.