Infinity Ward hasn’t talked much about Ghosts MP so far, but they did mention a few features MP features when Ghosts was revealed.

Here’s what we know about MP thus far:

The full Multiplayer reveal is set for August 14th LIVE on and on Xbox LIVE. The event starts at 10:30am PT (1:30pm ET // 6:30pm UK time). We’ll be there live, and we’ll be bringing you extensive coverage of the event.

  • Mitch

    I’m hoping that this game has some playlist which is basically core, but longer matches. 400 point Domination, BO13 SnD, 150kill TDM etc.
    EDIT: This game really needs more modes (next-gen). According to IW and Treyarch, the number of modes is limited on current-gen. I’m hoping for some new modes, splitting up Ground War in GW SnD, GW TDM, GW Dom and GW KC and bring back Team Defender.

    • 400 point dom? Man that’d be a long game. I just want to go back to normal old cod domination.. a 9v9 S&D would be nice or at least more rounds like in MLG. I like your TDM idea.

      • Mitch

        Yeah, I’m hoping they also split up Ground War. On next-gen they should be able to have more gamemodes.

        • I know it wouldn’t be fair for current gen but a 12v12 or 16v16 on certain maps in Ghosts for PS4 & Xbox one would be nice. Idk if they can fit that in current gen. They could hardley fit what they have now on current gen

          • Mitch

            I doubt that can possibly work with the spawns.

          • Ibwont be surprised if the maps are bigger in this game. I’m hoping for bigger maps. If the had a few maps like Derail but adden more buildings and put 12v12 or 16v16 on those I think it would be good. But idk I’m not a dev

          • Mitch

            I doubt they’ll increase map size, it would hurt the pace of the gameplay, especially modes like Domination and Headquarters.

          • Maybe in the future when they stop making for current gen we’ll see that greap leap forward. (No black ops 2 pun intended)

          • Zach

            I’m so with you on the big map thing. Some of my favorite maps of all time have been big maps and i find myself hating the maps more and more the smaller they get…

  • I know it sounds wierd but I am most excited for a confirmed gun list from all the slots. I want to start making my classes already.

  • Henry Gibbons

    I think that the “Squads” in the menu will be League Play, or the competitive Multiplayer.

  • The Flash

    i do love dynamic maps and this does draw me to MP but im still not buying Ghosts, and no dolphin diving again, why?? sigh (im not buying it because it doesnt contain dolphin diving, cause it doesnt have zombies

    • You’re not buying the next call of duty because there’s no dolphin diving. Please leave this website

      • Guest

        da hell did you read, im not buying it because of no dolphin diving im just not that interested if it doesnt contain zombies, i was making a statement about the fact no dolphin diving

        • You should probably go back and read what you wrote. Tou stated that you love dynamic maps and this mp draws you in but your not buying it. Thats what youbsaid. You never gave a reason but then yousaid “no dolphin diving?” So you implyed that’s why you weren’t buying the game.

    • XenoFlare

      Well, they added ‘Sliding on Knees’ instead of “Dolphin Diving”.

  • Mitch

    If they have the MP7, ACR, Support, Machine Pistols or Deathstreaks in MP I’ll cry in a corner. The worse thing about OP weapons in IW CoDs is that they don’t patch them. Also, FFS make a new knifing system. Make people not able to knife if they are hurt, or make knifing only possible if you have a knife out like the combat knife, tactical knife or ballistic knife.

    • The Flash

      its IW, wouldnt surprise me if they still have them

      • Mitch

        True. They’ll also probably bring back proficiencies or something similar so they can add shit to reduce recoil.

    • ACR isnt that bad mitch. But the rest I agree with you on.

    • David Sync

      you forgot assassin

  • fleabag323

    The map on the left looks like the new Downturn and Aftermath.

    Do they not realize that people don’t like maps based in destroyed, gray cities?

    If you’re going to make a city map, make it like ones from CoD4 where the buildings are the main focus and are very vertical, not the streets.

    • Mitch

      IW always makes brown/grey maps, it fucking sucks but hey, they don’t listen to their community.

      • fleabag323

        The MW3 DLC maps were pretty colorful.

        The MW2 ones, base game included, were also pretty varied and bright.

        • Piazza is one of the most beautiful map ever made. I still think Favela is the most colorful map.

          • fleabag323

            Plaza or Piazza?

            I hope the map design in Ghosts is similar to MW3 DLC maps (at least the later ones); I really enjoyed them towards the end. Parish was a small map done right; it was chaotic and there were people everywhere, but it wasn’t like you had to run out in the open and die to get anywhere. You could move along in little sections and control it if you wanted to.

          • I fixed it.

  • I would go with shitty graphics any day if I could have a call of duty MAG. Haha, that’d be the greatest game ever.

    • James K

      Fuck S.V.E.R. Raven forever.

      • I started of with VALOR and realized how bad it was so I went to S.V.E.R. Suck it Raven! Lol

  • Jordan

    it would be cool if they will make another carnival map like mw2 but its during the night time and a snow map that a blizzard is happening

    • The only bad thing about carnival is the players didn’t pop out. The color sceme was very odd

      • Jordan

        Yeah i just always been a fan of maps that were at night time or snowy themed. I always thought it was cool how CoD 4 hoad the option for night vision and can be used anytime you want.

        • Tobi

          Uhh I too have wondered of this, however Mark has responded to me with the fact that night time will not be coming back anytime soon because some player can just turn on the brightness on the t.v and cheat


    i hope kill confirmed makes a return i loved it in mw3

    • Treant

      It was also in Black Ops 2…

      • PHAT PETE

        I Know i didnt like black ops 2 tho

        • StraightEdgeAtheist

          What’s the difference between Kill Confirmed in MW3 and BO2?

          • PHAT PETE

            nothing i just didn’t like black ops 2

          • Anonymous….

            and how is Mw3 better that BO2???

          • Keshav Bhat


          • PHAT PETE

            I just like it better, but each to their own.

          • ben wills

            They both blow.

          • poopster

            same with hardpoint

          • PHAT PETE

            agree I like that game mode it reminded me of early COD4 Headquaters , A shame the hardpoints where always in the same pattern they should of mixed them up.

  • Toxic

    IW, this year really has been very mysterious about Ghost MP. Can’t wait when they are reveling it at 14th tho 🙂

  • NiftyGam3r

    Sweet and sour situation with ghost. All of this sounds sweet when you read it but turns out sour when you actually play it. I expcect little to average difference from past titles

  • Rock4one

    None of the new features or game mechanics matter if Infintiy Ward doesn’t have dedicated servers!

    • Guest

      Dedicated servers aren’t actually always that great. Also, no they don’t have them.

      • fleabag323

        They haven’t said they won’t have them. Mark Rubin even said on Twitter that they aren’t talking MP details yet in response to the question instead of flat out denying it, making it seem like there will be dedis for X1.

      • asdfda

        Dedicated Servers are better than the Host based servers we use

      • DanDustEmOff

        You’re competely wrong. If you connect to a server with a low ping, servers are unspeakably better than a p2p connection.

      • Hou5eR

        every game on xbox one will have dedicated servers thats directly from microsoft.

    • Guest

      It depends on how the matchmaking system has been made.
      For PC, yes. Because there are alot of difference settings and hardware in the PC section, but consoles are all the same. The only thing that is different is the connection, but with a good way of grabbing the best connection in one lobby, you will not have much problems as the PC got.

    • Swagster

      I feel your brother but Activision has no shits to give towards putting money towards servers.

    • Even with all the money Activision makes every time they don’t even bother cos they mentioned something saying that switching to dedicated servers would be a risk of bankruptsy.


      There’s no dedicated servers it’s not happening. Activision already said this a million times.

  • MONEYS504 .

    Revamped Multiplayer completely AH AHA HAH !!!!!

    • SeaSaltSora

      And that’s funny because?

    • Jarhead

      AH AHA HAH ????? What’s so funny? Am I missing something?

    • Keshav Bhat

      Hows that funny? Have you seen MP yet? Haters gonna hate.

    • hjk

      all the brainwashed fanboys are downvoting ur comment

      • Bigi345

        How would you know that you aren’t a brainwashed fanboy? (PLOT TWIST)

  • Bring back Highrise and scapyard

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    They should add where players could make their own camos.

    • SmashDog

      Dude Ive been wanting that since mw2

    • YT: SnowHeroHD

      then people wouldn’t work for camos such as gold and whatever they might have because you can just design it.. also they wouldn’t be able to put out dlc camos still would be awesome if they did 🙂

      • Adam Nord

        sure they could. If you make the custom camo the last to unlock, even after gold. That way you would have to get the gold first, then unlock custom, makes more sense in my opinion. I highly doubt they would ever do that thought because of how abused the custom emblems are. I know I don’t want to see a camo with d***s all over it, or curse words on it, and I’m 22 years old.

        • JJ

          A custom camo creator wouldnt have to be as extensive as the Black Ops emblem creator to the point where we get 12 year olds with genitals covering their guns. All id like is something simple where they let you pick a pattern, like stripes or the actual camouflage pattern and then you select two or three colours for the different parts of the pattern.

  • GromBloodboy

    After not playing CoD since December (Aerospace Engineering as a major has a knack for drinking your time), I am actually kind of excited about this title. I can say that I won’t play like I used to, using a variety of things and trying to max everything, including prestige, simply because I don’t have the time. I will find my favorite gun (like I did with the Famas in BO, PP90M1 in MW3), and just rock it. OP? Probably. But its better than raging at the game because I can’t beat those weapons with weapons that simply aren’t balanced. There is a lot of hate going on with this game, but I think that lies simply in the fact that people are expecting a massive change. Isn’t going to happen. The formula works. The best thing they can produce with this game is a system that is not as prone to issues generate by it being an online game. They will most likely always exist, but they can mitigate them.

    Just my 2cents. Hope to see some interesting things in about 10 days.

  • WhiteBoy7thst

    Just keep watching. You will find more details

  • lolwut

    Maps need dynamic weather. Better weather too, not the piss-poor snow IW puts out. Looks like someone with dandruff scratching their head.

    Treyarch’s rain in Uplink is OK, but nothing on the rain during single player mode.

    I’m a little sad about no maps being symmetrical. This makes Domination a fair game. Hopefully they mean not being symmetrical as in the routes being the same and instead having lots of differing routes but still an even-balanced map.

    If not, that might suggest we’ll see round based Domination in Ghosts, which sucks balls. I quit Domination along many other previous Domination players including a few big YouTubers because of it! Fuck MLG!

  • Anonymous….

    How are they gonna troll us this time???? even worse death-streaks and more assault-killstreaks in support-package?

  • MathewM7

    I always wanted to play a Ground War Search and Destroy. That’d be pretty cool.

  • Zyxaiz

    I know CoD leans towards its famous complaints and its what we love/hate about it. In all honesty tho I play because its a short, fun shooter. I just can’t wait for Ghosts for new maps and a new/upgraded engine to adjust to. For me, the first 6 months makes the game. I can easily put in 200-300hrs in actual in-game time. So something that is $60, sure does bring in enough playtime for me to enjoy and to be worth it.

  • ego

    Not sure if this matters much in the larger scheme of things, but when Mark is talking about the Dynamic Maps, his phrasing is such: “earthquakes, floods, player driven actions; doors, explosive traps…” Meaning that those two things are examples of player driven actions, not separate things.

  • daryl

    I hope the Dynamic maps are more than rushing water or a lava flow. Those added nothing to Hydro or Magma yet the developers seemed very excited about it.

    Now, destructible maps like in BF, excite me and actually add something to the game.

    • Keshav Bhat

      One example that they’ve mentioned – a satellite falls from the sky and makes a crater in the center in the map.

      • Mitch

        I already see me going on a sick streak and then she satellite crashes right on top of me.

    • Uzair Chief

      Explosive traps and breaching doors would be cool.

  • Cell

    I’m so excited for this new generation. BF4, Ghosts, Forza 5, tons os new games with amazing graphics. And we are in the beginning.

  • Stefan

    Sounds like the game is gonna be good this year. If they can balance the weapons right hopefully it’ll get more people back on the IW boat. I just hope they dont bring back weapon profs being unlocked weapon level wise, but they should be wildcards if IW use the same point system from Black Ops 2. The only thing I really hope for are customizable camo clothing and gun camos for clans so players can really feel set when battling others. Make us proud of you IW.

  • This is my wishlist
    1- BRING BACK WAR (game mode from World at War) the devs should not listen to the community telling them to add more smaller maps, because of adding smaller maps and less bigger maps on BOII they were not able to bring back War. I know small maps are more fun and competitive BUT WE ALSO WANT WAR BACK!
    2- Make weapon DLC possible this time. Add weapons that we’ve never seen in CoD, bring back fan favorite weapons from previous games like M40A3, AK74u, for example
    3- Special character customization unlocks and DLC character customization: Since character customization is now gonna be possible they could add stuff like tattoos, shades, masks, facepaint, and hopefully they could add special types of those like when you prestige you can unlock something special like a Ghost mask, and or special Tattoo or uniform and it would also be nice if they add DLC for character customs like the camo, calling cards, and reticles for BOII they should still do that.
    4- multiple environments for maps. Rainy maps, nightime maps, at least add 2 or 3 arctic maps this time just don’t make them terrible like Derail, and Array. And if they wanna add city warzone maps fine but don’t make them terrible like Downturn and Aftermath, keep the jungle, woodland, and desert maps coming.
    5- maps better for REAL sniping. I have nothing against quickscoping or trickshotting, but I would like for most maps to be good for realistic sniping.
    6- Make a Dog game mode where players can plays as dogs.

  • Abhishek Jain

    i like the idea of sattelite innovation ever in cod..and yeah bring back war mode

  • kirby_

    Removing the classic symmetrical map layouts
    One map has a point where a satellite crashes into the map – whichever teams gets to it first gets a UAV
    Removing symmetry from maps in a game like Call of Duty is a terribad decision. Removing it from some isn’t bad, but removing it from all maps is a bad decision. A lot of asymmetrical maps are also lop-sided maps and team A, who has the good side, will normally stomp over team B, who has the bad side. I’m not saying lop-sided maps automatically determine the winners when the game starts, but it definitely doesn’t help anything really.

    As for a map with randomly crashing satellites that gives a UAV for the first team to get to it is a neat idea, but it’s taking away from the competitive aspect Call of Duty is trying achieve, albeit their attempts not being that solid in the first place.

    It will just bring more luck into the game when that map is played considering how the UAV is one of the most overpowered kill/scorestreaks in the series. Yes, I said overpowered. Think about it for a minute before you say I’m wrong.