Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin sat down with GamesIndustry.BIZ and discussed how he hopes and wants competition to do better as well. When asked about BF4, he said he wants that game to succeed.

“It’s less antagonistic, from a developer’s side – sure marketing and stuff is all [about that] but on a developer’s side it’s like, ‘Oh, did you see that stuff they’re doing? That’s so cool!’ We could do something that’s like this and that and we get excited about seeing that kind of stuff. So from a developer’s side, it definitely pushes us [to do better]. But it pushes us in a – I don’t know if other studios feel this way – but I hope in a sort of camaraderie type sense. ‘Oh, those guys are doing awesome stuff. Let’s jack up our game.’ But not like two opposing teams. Rather, like the same team pushing in the same direction,” he explained.

“We all want gaming, in general to be awesome, because if gaming isn’t good, then we all lose our jobs in a sense. So for us, I think that the intellectual realization is we want everyone to be successful because if gaming is successful then we’re all successful.”

With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward has changed their vision in campaign to add a new emotional aspect as you have to play alongside your brother for most of the game.

“Every year, every time we made a new one it was the same thing [in terms of competition], and I like that. I think that’s the part that keeps us hungry, that keeps us… we don’t want to feel like the top dog, necessarily. We want to feel like it’s a struggle every time. We want to feel that almost ‘Rocky moment’, which is kind of a weird thing to say, but we do want to feel like that. We want to feel like we’ve got a huge challenge in front of us. We can’t just phone this in and ship a game and expect it to sell. We actually really have to do harder work this year than we did last year,” Rubin stressed.

Rubin also said that after the issues that happened following MW2, they’ve become a much better studio and have “future proofed” themselves.

“And from an industry standpoint games are getting harder to make and they’re taking bigger and bigger budgets and bigger teams, and so this gave us an opportunity to sort of retool some of the structure internally. I think we are better future proofed for making Call of Duty going forward. And we may or may not have done this if not for that [tumultuous] event. It forced our hand to go down that route, which in the long run turned out to be good for us. I think we are much more capable now of doing these big projects. We are only 125 people and it does take more than that to make these big games, so one of the things we learned from MW3 is how to work with outside studios. That’s something we’ve never done the past. The previous games were all very insular, and that’s not really possible now. Working with outside studios like Sledgehammer was a difficult transition but now we’ve gotten past that learning phase, and so on this game we’re getting a lot of help from other studios, Raven and Neversoft.”

SOURCE: GamesIndustry via DW247


    @IWMarkRubin #Ghosts Uses “Cinema Quality”, “Above Next-Gen” Assets to Give Each Platform the Best

  • Ruben Vandersmissen

    LOL,Just LOL

  • Gabriel

    Battlefield and Call of Duty don’t fight for the throne, they share with each other. This is why I love the Game Industry

  • lMattW

    Yup, pretty much everything Mark Rubin says reinforces that he is a champ. He doesn’t talk about the competition unless it’s to say something positive. That’s class.

    • Tony Rambo

      …and he doesn’t talk trash about BF…

  • LegitCryptic

    i’m personally a treyarch fanboy but you dont hear vonderhaar talking about the competition in a positive way. I think infinity ward can and will revive the COD series to its former glory

    • Mitch

      They can’t unless they start patching shit up and start listening to their community.

      • LegitCryptic

        `They seem like they are this time around

  • ElseAndrew

    Hate all this filler news, can’t wait until MP reveal happens, much more information will start to surface after that.

    Hate it when I see a new post and it’s pretty irreverent information.

  • Camo

    I’ve always liked Infinity Ward, and i hope that they will show everyone that they CAN create an Epic Game, i know that the can do it, they showed us with MW1 and (in my opinion) MW2. I’m sure that they can show this us again, well the only thing they need to do is improve the connection coding stuff, cause i lag like hell in Bo2 ^.^

    • Black Ops 2 is by Treyarch, go pester them, they need it, their games are shockingly bad

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Fanboys don’t understand that the companies don’t hate eachother.

    • Mack Nelson

      That “above and beyond the call” tagline with BF3 was pretty good fucking trolling you’ve gotta admit it

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        Yeah it was. I was honestly surprised they took a shot haha. Usually neither companies do.

      • Tony Rambo

        This year it is: ” Frostbite 3 and BF4 put CoD Ghosts to shame” in the back side of the game…

  • BobtheCactus

    Idk why people always try to compare CoD with Battlefield. yes, they are both arcade shooters, but hardly have any similarities besides that, I enjoy both games, and always have. I just prefer the faster action and more rewards for doing well that CoD has, and that’s why it has control of my PS3, but both are great games, so whichever you prefer, quit telling us how you prefer it and go play it. 🙂

    • MrNobodyEpic

      Actually CoD is a Arcade Shooter. Battlefield isn’t it’s a…. well… it’s a realistic shooter. I guess you could say.

      …Just saiyain…

      • Duke of hazard

        I’m sick of hearing “BF is a realistic shooter”. The only thing in that game considered realistic is the bullet drop. Everything else is complete bullshit.

        • 2625yoshi .

          You misunderstand. I hear people saying ‘Battlefield is more realistic than CoD’, but sometimes, idiots translate it into ‘Battlefield is realistic’.

  • MeisseN

    Let’s be frank, I like Mark Rubin and Daniel Matros and love and play and love to play their games. What’s this hatred among the fans all about? Rants and curses ain’t gonna change a thing. CoD series is far from perfect and has much to improve, and so is the BF series (gameplay issues, Battlelog bugs).

  • Cell

    Hummm sounds to me that he is a very polite man but of course he doesn’t want BF4 to succeed. This would take away sales from IW. One thing I’m pretty sure: I’m a CoD fan (maybe fanboy), and I state that If CoD for this time don’t have dedicated servers for Ghosts, I will have BF4 as my primary First Person Shooter.

  • StupidDOGY

    EA bashes COD to dignify BF which is cheap and douchey ,they never thought of rivals can motivate them to achieve a bigger success which is the reason why the world is advancing swiftly

  • sss

    Mark Rubin seems like a good bloke

  • Ross Neilson

    BO2 was the best thing to happen to the Battlefield franchise, in my opinion.

  • Oscar

    I like Mark, hes a good guy, he must play games himself, he probably guys BF, and cod himself x)

  • But Im loving the campaign of Call of Duty more than that from Battlefield

    • Ryan Merrifield

      I’m confident I will enjoy both frankly. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the BF3 campaign or the MW3 campaign as much as I would have liked to, but this year both are looking very strong.

  • Brian

    Why is this a surprise to people. Devs have always had the upmost respect for each other’s work.

  • PhaaZe nV

    I like Mark Rubin, and i think he is definitely going to be the one to make the changes that this game needs to stand out from all the other CoDs and other competition. Really liking all these leaked pictures and videos that we have been getting up to the release of the MP trailer so Great job IW, keep it up. You have lots of great fans sitting tight for this reveal and i can’t wait for all the secrets to be finally revealed!

  • Caleb

    I dont get how you people are not bored of COD yet. I was a big COD player but it is just the same thing over and over again. Especially after the failure and screwup that MW3 was I dont get how you can be excited for IW’s next game. The only thing it has going for it are the improved graphics because of the new consoles. If you want to see good graphics get BF4