UPDATE: Microsoft has updated the Ghosts Product page to say Coming Soon

The Official Xbox Magazine UK is starting a new rumor today that Xbox One may release on November 5th along side Call of Duty Ghosts. The Official Xbox website has Xbox One marketing all over theIr Ghosts page which indicates the Xbox One version of Ghosts will release Nov 5th, and since Ghosts is already confirmed a launch title for Xbox One, that would mean Xbox One would also release Nov 5th.. It’s a stretch, we know..

It also appears the Canadian Microsoft store lists Xbox One releasing on November 5th..

Chances are that Microsoft will announce the release date in Germany at Gamescom in 2 weeks so who knows..

Our opinion is that it’s either a marketing mixup or placeholder however, what if it were true? Would this effect your buying decision and what if Xbox One released before PS4?


SOURCE: Official Xbox Magazine UK


    Awesome! Always was getting xbox one don’t care when it’s released. The sooner the better.

  • UncleSamTurret

    I hope the next gen consoles come out the same day as Ghosts. That way I don’t have to get two copies of the game. =P



      • Luis Gomez

        Gamestop is doing a trade in. Trade your 360 COD ghosts, for XBOX one copy for $10

    • MeisseN

      Are they really going to release a game before the consoles are even released?….

      • UncleSamTurret

        I believe so. It does come out on current and next gen consoles.

  • Rock4one

    Yeah if it is true then PS4 will have to play catch-up, ha! ha!

    • MrJDGuns

      catch up on what?

    • Mitch

      Why? PS4 may even release in October…

      • Johnny Neat

        I’m betting on a mid to late October release for PS4 alongside Killzone and or Battlefield 4. Plus, I’ve been staying this since MS said November for XB1 and IW & Activision posted a Nov 5th release for Ghosts. Anyhow the sooner the better. Let’s get this next generation started.

    • David Sync

      on what exactly?

  • lMattW

    I’m going to say this is very unlikely. I think Nov 5th gets slapped onto everything with Ghosts just because it’s the announced date.

    More importantly, Microsoft and Sony both will want to launch their new consoles at a time where they can be assured of the most impressive sales week available to them so they can brag about how well their new system is doing. In north america that is sometime during the last week of November.

    • Keshav Bhat

      With how close Activision and MSFT are with Call of Duty, this Nov 5th date could happen.

      • lMattW

        Certainly a possibility, and there are real benefits to launching the first week of November (primarily giving the XBO 3 extra weeks of sales for the year), I just think it’s quite a bit less likely than the last week of Nov.

  • David Sync

    if this is true than im a lil glad my cousin is getting a xbox one

  • Gimpee

    I find it very hard to believe that they miss out on the opportunity to get sales from people buying copies on the 360, then the X1 later on. Alot of people will not be able to wait just play on the X1.

  • Hou5eR

    I personally will wait to get ghosts with my Xbox One purchase along with BF4 and Assassins Creed 4. No sense in wasting money buying two copies. Ill wait the extra couple days. Patience people. You need to learn it.

    • MeisseN

      Well, I’m gonna get BF4 on PC. But considering the number of players on PC in CoD games, I might get a Xbox One to play Ghosts.

    • Good choice but Gta and SR

      • Hou5eR

        One reason i’m keeping my Xbox 360 on top of getting an Xbox One. What about South Park The Stick of Truth or Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Return’s? Splinter Cell Blacklist is another one that comes to mind.

    • Nice

  • Josiah Johnson

    If this is true, I called it in like may!!!

  • Max


    • Iliekpizza

      No one cares people found that out before u it was even on target but it doesn’t mean that it will come out that day

    • Keshav Bhat

      You’re actually the last. MajorNelson already said Amazon’s date is a placeholder.

  • JKB98

    Well, that is no surprise.

  • emptybrain

    i don’t get the rush to get the next gen consoles , just wait til they stop making games for the 360 and than buy the new console. that’s what i’m doing. . .

    • That’s going to be awhile..

      • Keshav Bhat

        That’s going to be probably in 2017.

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      yep there’s no way i’m buying a new console if they are just gunna release the SAME game on the old console. this also implies that the game is not very next-gen if they made it on the old consoles as well.

      • How does it imply that??

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          because a next gen game shouldnt be able to fit in a game for an old console…do you think and n64 game could fit on an SNES game??? NO.

          • ….

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            case closed.

          • Yes, please.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            no need to say please, it’s already over. u gave up so technically i should thank you for giving up, but i won’t cause you are stupid.

          • Give up on what? You seem to think there was an argument taking place. Maybe there would be if I could actually understand what you were trying to explain. Could you further explain what you mean by ‘next gen shouldn’t be able to fit’?

      • Chris

        They made is for xbox one and scaled it down for the current gen, how do you not know this, it will be so much better ont gen

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          sup chris, if you’re referring to only graphics, i am 100% okay with that. gameplay is more important to me than slightly improved graphics.

    • JayZero

      current gen consoles will run next gen games like shit, have fun with 30fps 720p games while others will have 60fps 1080p games with a better feature set

    • Mitch

      But games on current gen have reached a limit. Graphics can’t get better, there can’t be any more content (unless it’s DLC), render distances can’t be improved, sound can’t be improved, player limitets have been reached etc.

    • ed

      that’s going to be like 4 or 5 years down the road. but if you’re happy with what ya got, more power to ya.

  • sss

    am i the only one waiting one year to buy the next gen consoles.

  • Oscar

    I’m not buying Ghosts on this gen, I’ll buy it on the PS4 so its worth the wait, better graphics and experience, than this gen.

  • OscarTheTitan

    Hopefully the PS4 is releasing soon after! Hopefully within the fortnight.

    • Mitch

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS4 launches late October.

      • OscarTheTitan

        That’d be amazing!

  • To much money

  • Of course it’s releasing before PS4. PS4 is releasing at Christmas and Xbox One is releasing some time in November, everyone knows that, they even said November at the Press Release.

    • xboxoneisamazing……lybad

      You were so sure of yourself too………