Treyarch has just released a new ‘Origins’ video that hints of a storyline from beginning to end of Zombies.

Every story has a beginning…and an end.


UPDATE: Hidden images placed together to form hi-res image (via @LiamFTWinter ):


UPDATE 2: Treyarch has posted another image on their Facebook page

  • Fetterlein

    looks a little bit weird. but i would like to find more about the map:)

  • kieran

    “We need to contain the giant” ” der reise is in France”

    • anthony

      retard even when you start der riese it says germany

      • Mitch

        Der Riese is set in late 1945, have you ever seen a map of Germany in late 1945? Look at the pic below.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Der Riese means The Giant. The map that we played on is not in France, the giant is. On the MOTD loading screen, it said “Der Riese is in France.”

          • Fabregas

            can you point out with exact area does it say “Der Riese is in France”

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            It’s in code, you have to decipher it. You know all those random letters on the right? It’s a code.

      • Oriole5

        Der reise translates to “The Giant” in German. The next zombies map takes place in France. Der reise is in France means The Giant is in France, the big metal thing in the trailer.

  • Mitch

    So many questions!

    • One word : Frankenstein

      • BSOG

        Technically, Frankenstein is the Scientist, and the monster is just named “Monster”. I just wanted to point that out.

        • Aarad the Chode

          KK This may Sound retarded, but can someone please explain to me why everyone is mentioning Frankenstein?

  • RdJokr

    I literally shat bricks when I watched this.

  • Alex

    Lol ptg predicted this last month lol

    • StraightEdgeAtheist

      They didn’t predict anything. They have inside information.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        He meant to say “PTG “predicted” this last month.” lol

        • StraightEdgeAtheist


        • Your picture man !?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            lol it’s spiderman

    • iSwedishVirus

      maybe because the guy who made the video ‘Benn’ works with Treyarch and has information…

  • TomTomTomTomTomTomTom

    what is this? only a map or more zombie maps?


      It’s all zombies maps.

      • NiftyGam3r

        Sadly probably not..:( Vahn has a tweet where they show some guy working on a trailer and on the screen it looks to be a mp map. Mp so far has 13 dlc maps almost as much as standard amount of the game which has 14. Hopefully is just one mp map and everything else zombies

      • Aarad the Chode

        You are wrong, Its actually 1 zombies map and 4 Multiplayer maps. The zombies map is called Origins, The multiplayer maps are Pod, Frost, Takeoff (a 2025 version of Stadium from Bo1-DLC1), and Dig(a 2025 version of Courtyard from WAW)

        • XLKILLA

          Obviously I know that I said that before they officially announced it.

  • john stokes

    Please say that we get to battle the giant

  • HAisodbhao’sdbasdb


    • killzoner

      TitanFall Zombies.

  • Ross Neilson

    Transit style map ???

    • Fetterlein

      just because there were a map that was different from all other maps that have been made before, doesn’t mean that every other upcoming maps is going to be like that…

      • Mitch

        I think PTG said it’s a TranZit style map.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Tank instead of a bus.

  • Adam

    looks like Optimus Prime will be making an appearance. Lol. xD

  • Joshwoocool

    All I have to say is HOLY Crap

  • Mitch

    At the end when the 4 guys just stand there, is it just me or does the 2nd one look like Reznov and the 4th one like Alex Mason?

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      They’re younger versions of Richtofen, Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo. They’re dressed differently because it’s WW1, not WW2.

  • iSwedishVirus

    It feelt more like a trailer for a new game then a DLC trailer which is awesome 😉 haha
    GG Treyarch!
    However i wounder if the map will be called Origins or if it’s the DLC…i mean i guess it’s the map but idk we have to wait until a official announcement! 🙂

    • Where da hell is Sam?

      Origins…Originals….Original….Original Characters…Original Characters Are back! – Call of Duty Zombie-Fans Logic (NOT A HATE COMMENT) IMMA ZOMBIE FAN MYSELF 😉

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        You can clearly see the O4 though..

    • Aarad the Chode

      The DLC is Called Apocalypse and the Zombies map is called Origin. Unfortunetlly It isn’t zombies only. There are 4 Multiplayer maps. Pod, Frost,
      Takeoff(Which is a 2025 version of Stadium from BO1-DLC1) and Dig(Which is a 2025 version of Courtyard from WAW)

  • Mitch

    Hidden picture:

  • Fozzie Bear

    I need some new pants.

  • David Sync

    No fucking way…..I’m speechless this will be awesome!

  • James Jai Morrison

    The trench blip with the mech warrior looking thing reminded me of the WWI scene from Sucker Punch.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I just jizzed.

  • Woah

    Wait! These are the young versions of the main characters!

  • Trizay

    PTG did it again!

  • Toxic

    Amazing teaser, can’t wait. They really have done it this time and got everyone hyped.

  • WhiteBoy7thst

    Going to be amazing dlc

  • This is Call of Dutys retaliation to Titan Fall.

    • Treyarchsticktozombies

      ahem. treyarch’s* dont you dare say treyarch represents CoD

  • NiftyGam3r

    This is very interesting, this map taking place before the testing means Takeo wont be shy, dempsey wont be agressive and nikolai wont need vodka to function. Im interested to see what there personalities would be like. Also i hope takeos sword is a new melee weapon because honestly i was dissappointed that the only NEW melee weapons in bo2 was the galvaknuckles, and a gold spork.

  • emptybrain

    wow !! awesome , haven’t been hyped like this for a DLC

    this is definitely gonna hold us over til GTA 5

    • Joshwoocool


  • Now the multyplayer

  • That big Robot

  • It is Frankenstein

  • Two words : Frankenstein and Transformers

  • Bigi345

    So we are getting 2 maps? A prequel and a sequel? These types of trailers makes my cranium hurt

    • Its gunna be like Rezurrection from BO1. 5 Zombies maps (4 old, 1 new)

      • Where da hell is Sam?

        Actually its 9 maps (8 old, 1 new)

      • RdJokr

        Vonderhaar posted a photo up today, of someone editing the trailer for DLC 4. Seems like it’s still 4 MP maps, 1 ZM maps.

  • (Big Edit) I accidently said Nazi Zombies. Forgot that Germany was an Empire ruled by Wilhelm from 1888 to 1918. I’m sooooo sorry. “German Zombies”

  • Carter

    Good stuff here!
    And it looks like the Original 4 are making a comeback!

  • Joshwoocool

    nikolai looks likes reznov.Dempsey looks like mason

  • sss

    this is going to be a prequel

  • So are those seriously the old zombie characters? With different looks? Cos if they aren’t… *sigh* I’m gonna be so freakn dissapointed.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Don’t worry, they are 🙂

      • I fucking hope so, I wouldn’t care much if they looked different as long
        As they are the characters we know, and still have their personalities I’d be happy

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          They won’t have their personalities, since this is before Richtofen experimented on them. Nikolai won’t love Vodka, Richtofen won’t be batshit crazy, Tank won’t love killing (Well, maybe..) And takeo won’t say all those chinese proverbs.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    This trailer was better than COD: Ghosts tbh… no one wants to see fish moving out of the way. I WANT TO BE TRAMPLED ON BY OPTIMUS PRIME FGS!!!

  • Elektrobanq

    Every wallet has a limit…I’m screwed for this DLC. Better cash in some emergency money at my bank.

    • xx420xx

      or stop bein poor lol

  • uareseven

    Anyone else think maybe the 2nd last picture of the zombie strapped down to the table could be where it all started???

  • Samuel hoffman

    I havn’t seen the bottom image, TBH it’s very creepy.

  • Samuel hoffman

    Someone try to explain why the people flying the planes are not alarmed.

  • Abhishek Jain

    that’s why i got bo2 only for the zombie story mode

  • bluezombieslayer

    this is gonna be a challenge for me but we must still continue to look at the secrets that are hidden in plane site