Not sure about getting Ghosts on Nov. 5th or waiting for the next-gen version to release? Well GameStop just made it a little bit easier for you. Bring Your current-gen version of Ghosts back along with $10 and pick up a copy of the next-gen version when Xbox One launches.

GameStop today announced a new exciting offer that will allow customers who buy the Xbox 360 version of Ghosts to trade that version in for a minimum guarantee of $50 to buy the Xbox One version of Ghosts when that does launch.

GameStop is offering PowerUp Rewards members a special, limited time opportunity to receive a $50guaranteed minimum credit for select standard edition Xbox 360 titles when a member upgrades to the new Xbox One standard version of that title.

β€œThis is an amazing opportunity for our PowerUp (PUR) members to enjoy their favorite Xbox 360 game until the Xbox One version becomes available,” said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of merchandising at GameStop. “This offer gives PUR members the chance to upgrade their current Xbox 360 game for the new Xbox One standard version of that game for $9.99. This is a great example of how GameStop is helping gamers make the transition to the next generation of consoles economical and seamless.”

The announcement almost implies that GameStop is aware the Xbox One will launch AFTER Ghosts.

Ghosts will be available on Nov 5th. for Xbox 360. This offer will allow you to give the game back for $50 to buy Ghosts for Xbox One.

This offer is eligible for PowerUp Reward members and is only for certain titles, including Call of Duty: Ghosts.

SOURCE: GameStop

  • Bladeroth

    Too bad the majority of people will be getting the PS4

    • David Sync

      Believe it or not but a lot of people bought the Xbox one

      • DarkFire

        Where’s your proof?

        • David Sync

          Do the Xbox one reverse policies ring a bell?

          • Chris

            They do, all the people who were buying the XBOX one before the policies are not going to now because they wanted those things and then people figured now that the policies are gone, the PS4 is better than what the Xbox is after the changes, just a downgraded expensive clone with ads and a sticker.

            Look at the polls, before and after.

          • Bladeroth

            Yeah, after their money making, think for them selves stunt failed, they reversed it realizing that they’d lose money by doing that.

          • David Sync

            So their only hope are Xbox loyals,clueless people,people who know nothing of the policies in the first place,and kids who just hate PS4

          • bladeroth

            You would think Xbox loyals would hate PS4…

          • David Sync

            Not all of them but yah a majority of them

          • Derpy

            Really? Come on guys it’s players choice! I mean if the want want the Xbox ONE let them! If they want PS4 let them get whatever they want. I’m getting both tho =P

          • Mike

            Telling you the same thing I told the other guy. You are the clueless one buddy. Xbox Ones have already sold out in most stores. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to buy one. Mine are: Better exclusives, better controller, better online, better OS, and the possibilities of kinect.

            Stop mindlessly following the (internet) crowd and try to think for yourself.

          • David Sync

            I thought for myself,Xbox being “ok” but my last opinion behind a new N64 and I’m going to buy the PS4 to add to my shelf of PS1,2, & 3 and listen buddy I don’t follow crowds I know facts when I see them and that’s Microsoft is twisting their balls off to sell Xbox ones so they can make a profit before it collapses right before their eyes

          • Bladeroth

            Everything you just said can be countered from PS4. Better exclusives? I could say the same thing about the PS4’s exclusives, along with its controller. Better online? You’ve never experienced the online for PSN, so why say it’s better? Better OS? The hardware in the systems are almost the same, although PS4’s is slightly better. Possibilities of Kinect? Playstation Eye. Your argument is invalid. Please try again.

          • Mike

            “Better exclusives? I could say the same thing about the PS4’s exclusives, along with its controller.”

            Well, duh. It’s all preference. I’m just stating my opinion.

            “Better online? You’ve never experienced the online for PSN, so why say it’s better?”

            And you know this how? I owned a PS3 before I owned a 360. I found XBL to be much better.

            “Better OS? The hardware in the systems are almost the same, although PS4’s is slightly better.”

            Hardware has very little to do with the OS. Not sure why you said that. The hardware in the PS4 was also “slightly better” and everyone knows the 360 had a better OS. That’s not even an opinion.

            “Possibilities of Kinect? Playstation Eye.”

            LOL. Everyone knows it is inferior to the Kinect. It’s also not required with the console, so no devs will support it. Nice try.

          • Bladeroth

            Not many devs support the Kinect either way. How many Kinect games do you see for the 360? Also, the online is different for next generation consoles, so why would you base this off of current generations. Can you use your brain?

          • Mike

            You just proved my point. The kinect wasn’t required with the 360, and it wasn’t supported. Hmm.. sounds a lot like the PS eye for the PS4… Obviously since every single Xbox One owner will have a kinect it will be supported.

            I’m sure PSN will be better because it’s paid now, but I’m sticking with what I know and that is that XBL is simply a better experience.

          • Bladeroth

            I’m talking next gen consoles. What are YOU talking about? You switch generations everytime you comment about the same thing.

          • Mike

            …Ok now I know you’re trolling. YOU brought up the 360 and the kinect. I replied to that.

          • Bladeroth

            “Too bad the majority of people will be getting the PS4”
            Took you long enough πŸ™‚

          • Mike


          • Bladeroth

            Also, most people would prefer not to have to spend the extra $100 for something they’re most likely not gonna use.

          • Mike

            And that’s fine. If you don’t want what the Xbox One offers, don’t get it. Get a PS4. I disagree with you on the “most people” part though. The internet is not most people. If you just read the internet, you’d think the Xbox One will sell very little. When in reality, it’s actually selling very well.

          • Voice of Reason

            Ok, you cant compare PS4 exclusives with xbox one exclusive
            , Halo 5 (I think is way better than a Ratchet and Clank . Second PSN is way worse than the XBL really i tried both of em i approximatly take 2 minutes on finding a game lobby and on psn I waste up to 8 min. Also the OS of Xbox is in a much cleaner appearance having everything in order and classified.

          • blackburnt7

            watchout! we’ve got a fanboy over here!

          • Mike

          • Kevin

            The ps4 has sold out in a lot more places and quicker than the Xbox One just getting that out there.

        • Mike

          They’ve already sold out in most stores… you just choose not to hear that though I guess…

          • Chris

            They sold out because they shipped less to stores…

          • Mike

            Wrong again. They are shipping more units than Sony.

          • Bladeroth

            Proof please.

          • Mike

            The burden of proof lies on Chris, as he made the original claim of “They sold out because they shipped less to stores.” Where’s his proof?

          • Bladeroth

            Exactly. There is none. Invalid.

          • Mike

            Actually if you bother to google it you would find reports that MS is outshipping Sony. I’m not seeing any reports that say that opposite. So there’s my proof. Where’s his?

          • Chris

            I did google.


            Also look at the Amazon numbers now too. Look at polls by Amazon, IGN, NGU.

          • Mike

            Nice. A 2 month old article. Once again, polls on the internet are such a minority. The people on those polls are probably at most 5% of the people getting consoles.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            Mike i think it’s clear you are a FANBOY in a marching band for XBOX ONE. Just take a breather…leave….

          • Mike


          • NippleTwister

            Its just funny to me how because Mike is getting a xbox over a playstation he has to give all the ‘evidence’ but all you playstation people dont. GG

      • Mr. Jay

        Yeah, people who are either clueless or just a fanboy…

        • David Sync

          And they have that YT$ (Alia A being the #1 example of it)

        • Mike

          No, I really think you are the clueless one. You’re just jumping on the bandwagon and really have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m getting the Xbox One for these reasons: Better/more exclusives (IMO), better controller, better online, better OS,and voice commands on kinect are going to be sweet.

          • Chris

            Better OS, what? The OS actually takes more memory and space than what the Xbox One is actually allocating to the game. The controller looks the same, but the PS4 basically has motion tracking built into theirs. Better online, what your 2 free games that PSN has been getting for a couple years. And don’t forget the exclusives for PS4.

          • Mike

            Yes, I think it has a better OS. It doesn’t allocate more to the OS than it does for games. It’s 5 GB for games/3 GB for OS. That’s a lot of memory for games. The PS4 is supposedly only giving 4.5 GB to games…

            The controller is the same because the 360 controller was already perfect. A few slight enhancements and now it’s even better.

            I really don’t care about the free games. I was just talking about the stability and quality of the online overall. I find it much smoother and less laggy than PSN.

            Finally, absolutely none of the PS4 exclusives interest me.

          • Chris

            PSN had way better connections for what is was worth for free, while I paid 5$ for ads on the Xbox. The PS4 can give 5.5 GB to game, and has a total of 8.

          • Mike

            Ok. So .5 more GB. That will not be noticeable at all. I just disagree with you about PSN though. I found it to be lower quality than XBL. Just my opinion.

          • lolwut

            What a failed troll you are.

            Suggesting originally that Xbox One has 5GB of game for games and that PS4 has “only” 4.5GB but then when someone suggests that actually PS4 has 5.5GB available to games you brush it off as only 512MB so won’t make a difference.

            But previously you were trying to use the same difference to your advantage.


            Also do not forget that the Xbox One has DDR3 RAM whilst the PS4 has GDDR5 RAM, which offers a vast improvement on speed – which will have a great effect on load times and allow for improved streaming meaning open world games will have reduced texture pop-in and the like.

          • Mike

            I’m not replying to these anymore. You guys are a lost cause. Please, if you want a PS4, buy it. No one is stopping you. I’m simply stating that there are pros to getting an Xbox One.

          • PlayStation have more lag than Xbox and now you have to pay for it Xbox one cone have 3000 servers wich has no beter internet !

          • Walter

            ps4 is better, has more memory, and 500 more gig RAM. xbox one exclusives, what sombrero spartans and quicktime romans?

          • Mike

            Are you serious right now? They both have 8 GB of RAM. 500 more GIGS of RAM? Yup. You’re definitely trolling or just have no idea what your talking about. Please stop replying to me.

          • Zyxaiz

            As a PC hardware guy, the PS4 has DDR5 if I am correct and Xbox1 has DDR3 which is the old model that standard PCs have. DDR5 is way faster and handles a ton more. At slight glance someone may not notice the difference but honestly, you have to experience the quality of DDR5. AND Im a PC guy xD

          • Alec Tackett


          • Voice of Reason

            SInce when does something has 500gb of RAM , since we are talking fanboy nonsense let me help you: “Uh your moms a man, ps4 is better.” I also agree that Xbox Ones OS is better
            but, hardware wise both consoles look the same with the ps4 slightly superior.

          • PlayStation has copied the controller of Xbox 360

          • Mr. Jay

            I’m an xbox person, so don’t treat me like I’m so sort of playstation fanboy. I simply chose the better console. I like the xbox one, I just don’t trust microsoft anymore with all the bullshit they tried to pull. Now their changing everything because they were going to lose money, NOT because they care about the community. Also, who the fuck gives a shit about the kinect??

          • Mr. Jay

            Also, 1. the Ps4 has more exclusives and 2. You haven’t play online on either console so how the fuck would you no which plays better online? You are just basing it off last just and only a fool does that.

          • Mr. Jay


          • Esteban Sandoval

            Better online?? It hasn’t even come out yet so how would you know. And PS4 has announced over 30 exclusives already while Microsoft only announced 10. Also all XBOX ONE games shown at E3 2013 were played on a Windows 7 PC. So I guess your clueless one.

          • TachyonicPack

            but with the same specs as the Xbox One!

          • Agree PlayStation copied the controller of the Xbox 360

          • Kevin

            Copied it? It has the same design a lot bigger, touch pad, share button, speakers, mic jack. You must be a troll because Mike never mentioned anything about the controller and I saw your other post above. You’re just mad the Controller got better than the Xbox one’s controller

          • Not that but the design how it is in your hands

          • tha_online_gamertz

            better exclusives is something very personal. Better controller? You haven’t even experienced the new PS controller, and if you’re going to say that it’s to small, well they made it bigger. Better online? Are you saying that because 360 had better online than the 3? They are both improved so you can’t possibly tell which one will be better. It’s probably going to be even.

          • ditto express

            sure, call me a fan boy, but Microsoft tried to screw their fans over. i have no respect for them

        • PlayStation copied the controller of Xbox 360

      • Jarhead

        I think that’s pretty obvious.

    • lMattW

      Doesn’t this apply to both?

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Well Xbox One pre-orders are well ahead of that of the 360 so I’m pretty sure a great amount of people will be getting the Xbox One.

    • You want the console war


    does this confirm: the xbox one wont come out on 5th Nov?

    • Josiah Johnson

      I bet so,
      Gamespot would know, and if they didn’t they would annonce this until they knew.

      • Keshav Bhat


        • Josiah Johnson

          Good catch, either I have dislexia and never noticed, or I turned on auto-correct…

          • Gooses


    • Esteban Sandoval

      XBOX ONE release date is already confirmed but PS4’s isnt

      • Abd3l4l

        No it isn’t!

  • I’m a person. I just stated the obvious. I’m talking to myself. I make no sense. This has nothing to do with the topic.

  • LegitCryptic

    I am sick of this fan boy shit! if you don’t like the Xbox one simply don’t comment if you don’t like PS4 don’t comment… god damn either way there both great consoles just personal preference doesn’t mean one is better than the other. all you social rejects searching for drama cause in real life you have no social life and it revolves around video games. Hate to be harsh but YOU ARE ALL FAN BOYS! Fuck the new consoles PLAY A SPORT, GET A JOB, GET GOOD GRADES, GET OUT OF YOU MOMS BASEMENT

  • Fozzie Bear

    I love how this turned into a massive console war. At this point pretty much everyone who is going to pre-order has already chosen, just leave it be.

  • Hou5eR

    The only reason Gamestop is doing this is to sell the used Xbox 360 copies and make a ton of money. The developer will only see the profits from new game sales. I don’t think the $10 dollar profit margin for the Xbox One copy is worth it.

  • Hou5eR

    Support game developers order new copies from amazon. No tax depending on state and you don’t have to wait in a long ass line.

  • Iliekpizza


    • Keshav Bhat

      Nothing on PS4 yet.

  • i like cod

    I preordered PlayStation 4 because:
    1. My user history is on PS3, I don’t wanna earn “gamerscore” on Xbox. I currently have 335 trophies since December 2012

    2. Cheaper price

    3. The same as 2, no PlayStation Eye. And that is why it is cheaper.
    I don’t care about Kinect or camera: I will never be using them nor I would use PS4 Eye. Why would I say “xbox turn on” when I can simply press PS button and it starts -__-
    4. Honestly, not a reason, but none of the exclusives interests me. I mostly play CoD though. 1 and 2 are the most important reasons I preordered PS4.

    About controllers, I don’t care. I used to be a PC gamer until I got PS3 8 months ago. The controller was just good for my hands but it was a little uncomfortable to use because how the analog sticks were placed, but I got used to it. I don’t wanna get used to another controller.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    WHAT!? Gamestop turning away an opportunity to make $60? Great move on their part.


    wow F*CK this…NO, Microsoft! i dont want your SH*TTY Kinect infected, entertainment focused, all audience based, non-true gamer console. F*CK YOU. i’m staying with my xbox360 and buying Ghosts on that, because it’s the same damn game, the graphics aren’t even that good on the new Box. Stupid ass name too…Xbox One???? they are so retarded….They’re so DESPERATE for people to buy their new GARBAGE console that they are gunna PAY YOU to get the newer version? WOWWWWWWWWWWW…so desperate…

  • Nice but I’m not living there

  • NiftyGam3r

    Oh wow cool, so in essense pay $70 for a game.

  • Alec Tackett

    YES! Now I have a reason to get BF4 for Xbox 360 now!

  • Jack S.

    And I’m just here like; PC?

  • Connor

    Ugh, once again the XBOX is getting babied. What about the Playstation?

  • Brian

    Stop arguing about which to buy this November. I can tell you what the beat thing is, don’t buy either! Wait until November 2014 and both systems will have a ton more games developed exclusively for next gen. Also I can almost guarentee that either system will be only $299 a year after launch. Not to mention all the problems both consoles will have on release. If ypu buy a console at launch you are paying to be a lab rat.

  • DFWGameNut

    what they don’t tell you is that you get the upgrade through some convoluted offer in your power up account. And if your a new subscriber the discount doesn’t show up. Great way to win over new customers.