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The official Call of Duty Twitter account has just released the image above to remind people about the Ghosts multiplayer reveal in 6 days.

The images look like Perk icons to us but that’s just a guess. If they are perks, what do you think they are? Let us know in the comments below..

UPDATE: Tina just tweeted hinting that some of the icons in the image above are perks, but not all of them are perks.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 12.21.17 AM

SOURCE: @Callofduty

  • X-ManuNator-X

    Maybe Perks But We New More Information!!!

  • leedleleedleedleedle

    The one with the knife might be ninja. the one with the dude running on the left could be marathon. That’s all i got

  • Celestia Ununpentium Ludenberg

    One is obviously Scavenger. It’s the bottom one on the right

    • David Sync

      By the looks of it top is awareness, mid is flat jacket or blaste shield,and bottom is scavenger

      • MeisseN

        Awareness is quite useless in Black Ops 2 because footsteps are so hard to hear, and everyone’s sprinting around. I think it might be something that scans and reveals nearby hostiles (but it won’t be Orbital VSAT-ish or it’s too OP) but can be easily countered by a perk like Assassin

        • David Sync

          True maybe like a quick scan every so often or it’s te replace ghost/assassin

      • Samuel hoffman

        lol i said the same.

      • Voice, Help Meee!

        For me the top one looks like The rainbow of the Death killstreak.

        • David Sync

          No if the put death streaks ill be on my way to buy another game

  • wolf

    Top left looks like run while reloading

    • Brian

      Well shit there goes sprint cancel.

      • It’s not like you have to equip that perk, if that’s what it does. :p

      • MeisseN

        You can choose not to equip, or cancel reloading by switching weapons

    • ccrows

      I bet it’s “Mantle over objects faster” kinda like ECP from MW3…

  • suicidal joker7

    im guessing the one running FAST with the MAGS is fast mags? :p

  • Double Helix

    Someone mentioned reloading while sprinting at top left. Could be.

  • Don’t any of you say they’re Death Streaks. They’re obviously not. I’m not 100% sure they’re perks either… From what I’ve heard, they’ve been completely redone. But I will say the bottom right one looks like Scavenger. Sooo.

  • Luke

    One of them has to be Juggernaut. Allows you to have unlimited health. JK

  • Could the guy in the hood with the knife be Assassin?

  • Osiris

    Perks. Possibly even deathstreaks.

    -Top right (transparent) looks like some sort of perk that lets you either slide for a longer duration (knee pads).
    -Bottom right (transparent) is obviously scavenger.

    -Middle right (transparent) is something similar to Flak Jacket.
    -Top right (transparent) looks like some sort of deathstreak. Maybe allowing a mini radar to go off for a moment around where you were killed (when you are).
    -Bottom Middle (Black) looks like some kind of NubeTube. (Maybe an “Overkill” type perk).
    -Top middle looks like the mix of some sort of juggernaut ninja. At a loss on that one. Just a guess, but maybe a death/support streak allowing after a certain amount of deaths or continuous kills for you to become a juggernaut? .-.
    ***EDIT: Might be a perk allowing you to not be instantly knifed.

    Just inferences people. Tell me what you think.

    • They’re definetly not death streaks. I think they’ve learned their lesson

      • Osiris

        That’s what they said right before MW3 came out.

        • They never said that :p you’re thinking about the whole last stand fiasco. And they were right. There was no last stand. There was final stand. Still a horrible thing but they never lied

          • Osiris

            Same shit.

          • Wrong…last stand-only had pistol (couldn’t be revieved in MW2) and Final Stand- Primary and secondary and could get back up.

          • MeisseN

            Both are same annoying… No last stand no deathstreaks and a good game.

          • Thete won’t be death streaks, but that guy seems to be in denial

    • Why a hole story

    • Heavy gunner , recon , Spec ops

  • iker10er

    I maid a video on it my name on Youtube is iker10er check out thanks

    • Quick question before I watch the video. How old are you?

      • MeisseN

        Sounds like 16-20

    • MeisseN

      maid…. sounds sexyyy

  • Brian

    Oh my god what if the big middle perk protects you from knifing?

    • That would be very over powered. So I’m saying no. But it’s good to see people tossing out ideas πŸ™‚

    • ninjapuppy99

      that’d be cool :O

    • JayZero

      at first i thought it was juggernaut, but now I can imagine it being a perk against knifing, possibly like ballistic vests for knifing?

  • Brian

    I can’t believe IW finally got the hype going. I love this speculation shit.

  • David

    *cough* Battlefield 4 *cough*

    • Another good FPS coming out this year. Also, you might want to get that cold checked out. I hear one of the symptons is trying to be a jackass

      • David

        I’m getting the game. Plus I will decide in Aug 14 if I get Ghosts or not. I’m actually more excited for Treyarch’s last DLC for BO2 than Ghosts, tbh.

        • If BF4 Alpha footage sold you already then you probably shouldn’t be in these comments

          • MeisseN

            Not Alpha, but pre-Alpha.
            Alpha sucks. Because Alpha “doesn’t represent the final quality”. So it sucks in the way it wants lol

          • Sorry, my bad. I was just trying to prove that guy was an asshole

        • ninjapuppy99

          ah but have you heard the rumor of a possible 5th dlc for bo2?

          • There’s not going to be a 5. It’s already be proven wrong

          • ninjapuppy99

            πŸ™ my world is almost crushed

          • Yeah, it’s statisticly impossible and the website says only 4

          • BobtheCactus

            Yeah. Great, they can release a DLC two months into Ghosts. Not happening. Season Pass holders wouldn’t get it. Bad idea.

        • Agree Ghosts im not now

      • He have to go to Bravo Intel

    • Cough Why you are here Cough go to Bravo Intel Cough

  • Brian


  • Brian

    What we’ve got so far:
    Some Anti-UAV
    Blast Shield

  • David

    If COD wants to succeed in a future, Activision needs to be out. They are fucking money whores. You only save 17% with Season Pass in Black Ops 2 which is almost nothing you save.

  • Eavesdrops awesome in COD4 S&D… I miss the old days

    • Dean

      Up until you’re simply muted. :c

  • My mind is getting fucked. Some are perks and some aren’t yet they used to be perks. Perkception

  • Carter

    Yusss! Scavenger’s back!

    • MeisseN

      It’s never been gone. Can’t live without it

  • Bigi345

    My fav perk Flack jacket!! Yes!!

    • MeisseN

      IW version – Blast Shield πŸ˜€

      • Bigi345

        Close enough

  • I’m done commenting on this post. I went a little overboard. :p

  • WiggleWithIt

    Yes double tap i love Ghost the hint is the turkey theres a saying when you miss with a shotgun shooting a turkey if you had a second youd hit it

    • Brian

      That’s scavenger…

    • BobtheCactus

      I can’t tell if you’re trying to troll… Anyway, that’s a vulture, meaning it is scavenger. And that whole turkey phrase was stupid, because who doesn’t have multiple shells when hunting turkeys?

  • WiggleWithIt

    awarness and flak jacket as seen but the run one stumped me

  • JayZero

    is that juggernaut?!?!? πŸ˜€

    • David Sync

      It looks more like the character customization but it’s just a guess

  • lMattW

    That center one is obviously “scary burglar with a sharp knife”. If you jump out from behind cover and an enemy is within 5 feet he’ll drop all his weapons and run away screaming. The pro version includes MW2’s commando.

  • Samuel hoffman

    Bottom right scavenger, top left extreme conditioning, bottom left is something about being immune to uav or counter uav, middle right is blast shield, top left awareness. Not too sure about the middle two and very top.

  • Oopla

    Assuming that really is recon, I don’t want it back without proper balance. It was so easy to abuse.

    • Recon was a really good perk. Especially the pro.

      • Oopla

        It was a good idea, but it was abused like I said. Only because of flashbangs being thrown into the air.

        • That’s why blast shield needs to be better.

          • Ooopla

            So, take from tactical mask? Because I am not sure how explosive resistance would help stop players from abusing flashbangs with recon.

          • Blast shield pro in mw3 was flak jacket and tac mask combined :p

          • Ooopla

            Ahh, haha forgot. Really they just need to stop flashbangs from getting hitmarkers all the way across the map and it would be fine.

  • Ooopla

    At this point I am starting to think that the big black boxes are killstreaks and the smaller ones surrounding it are perks.

  • alex

    Am I the only one the really hope they bring pro perks back? To me it gave me something more to work for. Plus extra effects lol

    • Paul Thomas

      The only problem is that they’ve never been able to balance pro perks, Or did Commando, Ghost, and Assassin pro not be enough proof of that. Personally I think Cod4, [email protected], and BO2 did it right.

      • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

        NO NO NO NO NO u idiot. just no.

        • Paul Thomas

          Well I make a point. Unless you severely under-powered your perks, so that that your pro perks weren’t OP

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            back then is when perks were actually effective. now they’re trash.

          • Paul Thomas

            Like I said those perks were OP, I wouldn’t mind seeing pro perks, but at least balence them

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            no…perks were powerful to be effective…people with brains like you ruin the game when you worry about balance so much. make a F*CKING game fun and effective and stop worrying about balance and NERFING every damn thing.

          • Paul Thomas

            If something is OP then when that one person overuses it. It ruins the game for everyone else. Balance is important otherwise the game loses it’s fun quickly.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            wow! really? say that to the bunch of people STILL playing mw2… and all earlier games!!!… Balancing a game just makes it boring if everything is the SAME and it doesnt even matter what gun you use per each weapon class. that’s just retarded, like you.

          • Paul Thomas

            First, if they want to play a former title, that’s their choice, they may not care about the balance, they may just want to play some MW2. I hate Ghost pro in Bo1, but I still play it occasionally despite that. Secondly balence does not make a game lame. Cod4 is one of the most balanced games out there and it is a legend among-st the Call of Duty franchise. Finally when did I say anything about weapons? I am talking about perks, so stop trying to deflect the topic.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            don’t get me wrong i can talk about perks all day, they are pretty much so useless now I can play with forgetting to equip any perks AT ALL, and still play just as well.. i mean wow, they just completely got rid of Slight of Hand perk… that is just ridiculous!!!!

          • Paul Thomas

            Most of the perks haven’t changed that much, and if you equip fast mags it’s basically the same thing, but to wrap this up. I personally would like to not see pro perks, but if they include them i’ll be fine with it.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            yeah making me use up a spot for my gun attachment was a great idea. you’re right. (extreme sarcasm!!!!!!)

    • Nick800

      yeah but i do not like to see ghost back, maby ghost like it was in blops2 but not like blops1

  • MrNobodyEpic

    The 2 in the middle aren’t. Names are….. Everything surrounding the 2 ……. are perks. Merber.

  • Camo

    the black ones are killstreak and the normal ones are 2 perks in 1.

  • Bryan

    Let me make some more audacious speculation:

    The bigger icons are three distinct classes.

    Top left:Recon

    Middle:Spec Ops

    bottom:Heavy gunner

    Each class has specific perks,abilities and guns that are unique to their class.

    Just a guess…

    • You have right

    • abc

      i doubt they would go the battlefield route. people prefer the freedom in choosing classes in CoD

  • TheCervixPounder69

    on the right side i see reduced grenade damaged (received damage from grenades), and scavenger (resupply ammo). I feel as if the one on the left is reload when sprinting. Those are my opinions. What do you guys see?

    • Guest

      Never thought about that… reload while sprinting does seem to fit the picture… We’ll see.

  • Hou5eR

    i’ll wait till the 14th before I jump to any conclusions.

  • louis.bowles

    I think the bigger ones may be pro perks? And is that Vulture Aid with the vulture and the ammo?

  • LockyRT

    The very bottom one in the left looks like a UAV/CUAV, the one to the right of it looks like a launcher, maybe a weapon, the one right to that looks like the perk scavenger. The one above that is most probably flak jacket, or a perk that protects you from explosive damage, the one above that could be a killstreak? No clue, the biggest one in the middle could either be a perk, similar to Ninja/Ghost, or it could be a killstreak regarding there’s a knife under it, no clue for that either, the one left to that looks like extreme conditioning but regarding there’s a clip icon on it as well might include faster reloading or something like that, maybe there is a return with Pro perks? The icon above that looks like Marksman to me and that’s all of my guesses, let’s see how much I got them right on the reveal πŸ˜€

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    maybe the big icon in the middle with the knife is maybe a killstreak, it makes you have a cloaking device, so enemies cant see you, but you only have a knife to kill the enemies. and the enemy can shoot you while you are invisible, though they just cant see you

    • OG_Trapavelli_Tha_TrapGod

      your retarded

    • BobtheCactus

      Yeah. The moment they give you things that make you completely invisible, I’m out.

    • Blops 2

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      Well im not retarded, it turned out to be a kill streak, though it was obviously no cloaking device but its a killstreak so whos the retarded now uh

  • Ooopla

    Am I the only one that thinks the perk in the top right is Dead Silence? I noticed some thought it was Awareness but the skull just makes me think otherwise.

  • Abhishek Jain

    is that danger close or flak jacket perk above the scvanger..the shield behind grenade says that .hmm

  • swig

    i Think the middle 2 Are Scorestreaks/Deathstreaks and the rest are perks, Because the top Middle one looks Like Juggernaut to me and the one under it looks kind of like a War machine or some kind of weapon. And some on the outside are obviously perks. Scavenger, Flak Jacket, etc.

  • kyle

    middle right. blast shield

  • Thunderwolf

    that image with the guy running and you see a magazine next to him could mean there is a perk that allows you to run while reloading!

  • Bigi345

    Wait why is every comment getting at least one downvote?

  • louisrj

    maybe the centre image is some dumb juggernaught killstreak or maybe a perk like cod 4 ,the others are perks.ones scavenger ,another thought about the centre image is that it might make you knife proof like some sought of stab proof vest

  • Swag

    Now that I look at it carefully, top right looks very much like a skull sending out signals.

  • Blaine

    The top big black-background icon is a knife-resistance perk. FINALLY. The fact that IW put it in the game shows that they for once are listening to community feedback. Reload-while-sprinting is another community idea as well. happy to see blast shield returning too, but I hope it’s a little more effective this time around. Still, the most important thing for me is no death steaks. If they include death streaks again, I refuse to buy the game.

  • Sony

    Dont See a final stance looking one THANK GOD

  • Dimitri

    How to win back cod fans after what happened to blops 2 and mw3 MAKE COD GHOSTS LIKE BLACK OPS 1 AND NO DEATH STREAKS

    • smayo

      Damn right, and some better hit detection/lag comp or whatever its causing the problem of shoot first die instantly, other then that that’s the road they should go

    • BO1? CoD franchise started falling during that game. MW2 was the last respected CoD. And the best. Ask any veteran CoD player. Ive played Since #3. and own all Prestige editions of the games that had them.

      • ben wills

        LOL! MW2 with its commando, nade damage, noob tubes and all around broken game. Good joke. BO1 > WaW > CoD 4 >>>> MW2 >>>> Getting Robbed >>>>>>> Getting Raped >>>>> Liver Cancer >>>>> Getting Castrated >>>> BO2 > MW3

        • abc

          the series’ peak was at CoD4. That was the best one by miles

      • Jeffrey Grimes

        HAH! Hilarious. Dick-scopers, DC, Commando, nuke boosters… The community needs to shape the Hell up, and the devs need to give Activision the bird. That’s why we keep getting crap the majority doesn’t like: Activision force feeds BS for the minority that DOESN’T MATTER.

      • Sam

        I want a game like MW2 with no noob tubes, no commando, balance out the few over powered guns, and for the love of all things sacred, add some ACTUAL revolutionary shit.

      • David

        I guess BO was well more balanced/harder to play than mw2. MW2 = ONE MAN ARMY, DANGER CLOSE, NOOBTUBES.
        BO make Pro perks harder to get, kills by killstreaks don’t count to get the killstreak, anti-sniper game too. MW2 was in one word, EASY. I’m so glad I still have BO and I regularly play multiplayer to have some fun. Btw I only play for now BO2 cuz zombies.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Is that a death streak I see in top right!?


  • yo momma

    I see recon, flak jacket, reloading while you’re sprinting, scavenger, blind eye, looks like an “anti-knife” juggernaut, a UFO being struck by a lighting, wait, are you saying there’s gonna be a perk/killstreak that allows LegendOfThunder to struck a UFO? Hell yeah! Now the skull w/ the rainbow is probably a deathstreak… that sucks… but at least there’s a rainbow, so who ever uses it is a official fag

    • Ooopla

      The UFO thing is what the Counter UAV killstreak usually looks like. The Skull (I assume) is Dead Silence.

  • owl

    the mask with the knife might be a protection from instant kill stabbing

  • Ghost

    Extreme Conditioning, UAV Jammer, Eavesdrop, Blast Shield and Scavenger, atleast!

  • Hassaan

    Sitrep (Eavesdrop), Flack jacket, Scavenger, Extreme conditioning and hardwired. While the knife thing is character customization

    • ONE BAR

      Sitrep and Eavesdrop are not the same.

  • Cataclysm

    Don’t do it. I see that skull with the rainbow. Don’t you dare bring back Deathstreaks.

  • BIGWORM4_45

    I just hope they put in some old perks like Stopping Power and Juggernaut.

    • ONE BAR

      Maybe Commando and Martyrdom too?

      • BIGWORM4_45

        I don’t want Death streaks but if they have matrydom as tier perk I hope its not the from WaW and Cod4 because it was impossible to get away from the grenades in time.

        • Semtex stick

        • ONE BAR

          I really hope you picked up on my sarcasm there… There should not be any perks that change your health or damage of the gun in any way.

          • BIGWORM4_45

            Those perks are part of the reason why the old games were good. And their better that people camping in the corner with ghost. And Juggernaut is one of the reasons why quickscopers and snipers weren’t running around like retards until after the game’s year cycle.

          • ONE BAR

            Those perks were the main thing wrong with the old games. Not what made them good. How is it any different when everyone is running stopping power compared to when everyone isn’t running it? The only difference is you don’t have to waste a perk on stopping power or Jug just to make it a fair game..

          • BIGWORM4_45

            Ok but look, most people had those perks. Stopping power made your weapon take one less bullet to kill, Juggernaut gave you 25% more health. If you shoot someone with juggernaut and you have stopping power its won’t make much of a difference at all. It’s not like a to shot lmg will be one shot. There’s more to the damage increase of stopping power that I can’t remember. That’s better than the OP perks in the last 2 games.

          • ONE BAR

            Okay, so it is wash. What is the point then? Either it is a huge advantage over the other player or there is no point in having it.

          • BIGWORM4_45

            It’s really not as huge of an advantage, well juggernaut is kind off. But if that’s the way you see it, thanmaybe in your view it those two perks would act as fillers so they don’t put in OP perks.

          • ONE BAR

            Those ARE OP perks…

          • BIGWORM4_45

            Yeah whatever, they’re probably not coming back anyway.

      • Stopping Power

  • kirby_

    Top left looks like something that allows you to reload while sprinting, considering the magazine clip and a person running. It could also just be Extreme Conditioning/Marathon. Not sure why the magazine clip would be in the image if that was the case, however.

    The one below that is pretty much a recreated icon for Counter-UAV. I’m writing this as I’m thinking, by the way. Now that I’ve come to the realization that it’s probably CUAV, then the left side could be kill/scorestreaks while the right side are perks. That or maybe the second one on the left is a perk like Cold Blooded/Assassin. Can’t be too sure.

    The skeleton head in front of a rainbow is something I’m not at all sure of what it could be. Below that with the shield and the nade, it feels like it is most likely a Flak Jacket-esque perk. Not much more I can say for it. And the one under that is obviously Scavenger.

    The top one in the middle has me kind of confused. I figured it to be some type of juggernaut thing, but then there’s the knife, so I have no idea. Judging by the two in the middle, though, I feel like what some other guy said is correct and those are default classes.

  • aiden haggar

    i reckon the black ones are killstreaks and the blue ones are perks.bottom right has to be scavenger, surely.

  • Television Jay

    Im guessing the biggest icons are ”Wild Cards” from BO2 and the smaller ones are ”perks”

  • Primeshark

    The big pictures are exacly 4 times bigger,maybe those are more powerful perks that take up 4 perk slots instead of one

  • Briaaaaan

    They better bring my love Sleight of Hand back.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    I do think that the big perk in the middle is to protect against knifing. Maybe it takes two knifes to kill the user. Bottom left seems to be some sort of counter UAV or something. The 2nd big image might be some sort of war machine. Then there is blast shield/flack jacket, Scavenger, Sleight of hand (Or some sort of reload-while-sprinting kind of deal). Top left might be some sort of UAV, and the one next to it isn`t legible. The one with the skull kind of has me worried. I just pray it isn`t a deathstreak

  • I see sleight of gernade

  • David Soto

    If they even dare to add deathstreaks they better count them as a perk.

  • Dave

    All of you are hyped for a game you will be hating in s month

    • ElseAndrew

      It’s the cycle of Call Of Duty and I wouldn’t have it any other way! πŸ˜€

  • David

    unbelievable the amout of cod fanboys here.

    • NEON

      What a surprise, we’re on a COD themed website! Wow I didn’t expect that to happen at all o:

      • David

        Being a cod fanboy is an embarrasment.

        • hfn’wbv

          Being a David is an embarrassment.

          • David

            Pointless. Just pointless. Back off.

  • Notacop

    Who cares, we’re all waiting for origins and then we have to wait two years for another good call of duty. And by that I mean zombies because the multiplayer has gone downhill since MW2 and Black Ops 1’s cycles ended.

  • sharoclaw

    I think its going to be like bf3 with specilizations and squads

    • Epicsand

      BF3 took specializations from CoD.

  • hnTr

    Man, those big ones could be class mods, that would be awsome add-on (or maybe not) Think about it. A class mod would i.e. be something like “Resist to stun and flashbangs + increased melee speed / Decreased Stun, flash, frag damage dealt by the player + Decrease magazine size -20%” anyhow back to borderlands 2 ->

  • inkognito

    I Think the jug mask over the Blade means that you dont die after getting stabbed once

  • Jason

    Heres what I think:

    top left: similar to recon perk from mw3
    left: reload while sprinting/mantling/climbing
    bottom left: looks like it could be either jammer from mw2 or ghost/assassin
    top right: awareness from black ops 2 maybe??? hear footsteps louder
    middle left: definately flak jacket or has the same purpose
    bottom right: looks like scavenger to me (bird + bullets = scavenger in pretty much all CoD’s.)
    middle: probably not a perk, maybe a class type/ability
    middle bottom: same thing, seems like its an icon for a class type/player role

    just speculation πŸ™‚

    • Epicsand

      What if the top right is a perk that can highlight people or anything around your corpse in a short radius?

  • Robert Trolling

    Any Death streaks Selling the Game for 5 dollars ._.

    • ONE BAR

      Or! just don’t buy it..

  • Kinectamaniac

    I’m not hyped…at all.

    1. They have to show me something that makes me say, “Wow! That’s new and so friggin cool and brilliant!”

    2. I’ll be waiting to see how the multiplayer runs…to see if it runs as god-awful as Black Ops 2.

    You all remember that youtube vid of split screen Black Ops 2…not even going thru an internet connection, but yet both screens were NOT in sync. There was a delay between the top screen and bottom screen.

    Awful game development.

  • Matthew Pugh

    scavenger bottom right

  • Chris

    Doesn’t matter, Call of Duty is fucked. Ghost is never going to be as good as its predecessors COD 4 and MW2. I’m sorry guys but lets face it. BO2 did the same exact shit, and look at it now.

  • Smith N Wesson

    I would like something new, reinvent Hardcore, and let it mean realistic as possible. For example, if you swap your mag with ammo still in it, then you should lose whatever ammo it contained. LMG’s should not be as accurate and mobile as assaults. Strafing, or any other movement, while shooting should reduce accuracy, especially jumping. This would reduce lucky shots that are mostly done by Noobs ( No offence) If you stay in one spot for more than 5 seconds (camping) the consequences should be reduced aim speed by 35 %. As these are realistic factors that are necessary.

  • OBEY

    What I was thinking was [Top Right Black – Recon] Then Recon split into [Middle Black – type of Recon Assassin] [Bottom Middle – Assault Recon] All Transparent boxes are perks. Basically my inference is there will be a main class like Assault, Heavy Gunner, Recon etc. The main class will have one perk (That explains that transparent box top middle) Then it will split making that class different then just a sniper (Explains middle boxes being smaller then the Top left) So middle boxes I think is Recon Assassin –> a little more focused on knifing / being silent / in general being a Assassin. Second box –> focused on being loud, using explosives (Noob Tubes), using a Assault Rifle. Highlighting one of the secondary boxes will show the perks involved with that class. The Transparent boxes i think are–> Sprint while reloading, Awareness (I think this because it would explain the rainbow like bars, and the skull would be you since you are death to the enemy team), Flak Jacket, some sort of Hardwired like perk (Keeps your radar on from EMP / Counter UAV, then Scavenger. I would call my guess educated but others would call it stupid. It’s fine but looking at the way Create – A – Class and the way it changed from Regular COD 4 –> Mw3, Black Ops 2 being different with the Pick Ten system. I think IW will totally change the way Ghosts plays in terms of creating your class. It’s all pretty but I want it being innovated in a bunch of ways.


    ”They said: HINT: Only two are “familiar”

  • MaRico Spikes

    Middle: customize body Armor/head+knife
    Below in middle: gun/class/attachments
    The 5 icons minus X starting clockwise:
    Fake death/ dead man hands+ awareness;
    Extra armor(flak jkt) + extra grenades(flash,concussion ,etc);
    Cold blooded+ dead silence +extra ammo( bullets);
    Engineer, eavesdrop+?;
    Marathon+ rapid reload

    Plus this is only one section to the whole class/perk setup

    Remember it’s called tease for a reason

    Just my guess as a long time CoD player

  • Josiah James

    OMG i think the one in the middle with the knife under the guys head is Commando making a return -_- fml

  • daniel webb

    its probably separated from character-power-ups to gun power-ups
    black ops 2 had that but the gun power-ups where attachments so maybe these perks are divided into gun perks and character perks just a guess

  • Lightning1432

    Seems to me that the 3 main big black things down the middle are different setups for specific classes. The radar one at the very top being Recon. I think this will be your sniper setup with the more tactical weaponry. The assassin with the knife is the more stealthy set-up. This includes all the silenced weapons and the sub machine guns. The last one with the rocket launcher thing is the support. This is the LMGs and heavy weapons like rocket launchers and such. I would like some feedback and thoughts on my theory. And I don’t know if somebody had said what I said above.

    Note: I have another theory, I think they will have combining perks. But not like BO2. If someone shows enough interest in my theory for the perk combination I will reply with the theory.

  • zomboyboy

    I swear to god if the skull with a rainbow over it is a deathstreak, im going to murder someone…on BF4, because thats what i will be getting if thats a deathstreak lol

  • lolwut

    So looks like Blast Shield will be returning.

    I’m wondering if the running person with magazine is perhaps ‘run and gun’ kind of perk/proficiency.

    A counter UAV or EMP bottom left.

    If top right is Dead Man’s Hand then FML.

  • Cody Miller

    I REALLY hope they’re not considering bringing any type of “listening” perk. Those have been pretty much useless:/

  • iiBeast

    blast shield ( shield and grenade). Scavenger ( vulture and bullets). All I got

  • vontae LlZ

    Bottom left could be a UAV jammer

  • Danny

    i think character customization will work with perks because if there are pro perks, completing challenges to get that certain pro perk will unlock “cooler” customizable options and the pro-perk will be the “best looking” one

  • Kyle

    im going to guess that if some of those are perks i see at least scavenger and blast shield maybe extreme conditioning or sleight of hand

  • ssssafa

    The running one looks like faster running and reloading and the middle one is more health when knifed

  • Dat Lag

    Come on guys, it’s infinity ward we’re talking about here, so with my past experience, let me give you insight of these perks:
    Top left: Recon, when you use flash (which will have blast radius of 1km) it will show every enemy on radar for 10 mins like Orbital Vsat.
    Middle: Commando, duh. It will let you knife someone on other side of the map, through any walls.
    Top right: Dead man’s Nuke, after 3 deathstreak, you can call in a MOAB which kills every enemy player.
    Right: Blast shield, it won’t do shit against any explosives (placebo)
    Bottom right: Scavenger, give you unlimited ammo hack.
    Bottom: It’s a new perk called Pro-tube, it basically gives you dual automatic war machine which shoots at 1000 rpm Rambo style.
    Bottom left: It’s new UAV jammer, which makes you invisible on rader ONLY when camping in corner with shock charges and claymore/ bouncing betty.
    And Finally to your left is a new slight-of-hand-while-U-sprint which basically allow you to reload without any reload animation (basically instant reload) while sprinting.

    There you go guys, it’s going to be a very balanced game!!

    Oh, if you couldn’t tell, I am being sarcastic…

  • King

    I’m Pretty sure middle is jugg maniac

  • Matt

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