Check out these side by side comparisons of old maps Stadium and Courtyard with the new maps coming in Apocalypse, Takeoff and Dig.

Stadium was a fan favorite map from Black Ops 1, and now Treyarch has re-imagined it for the future with Takeoff.

Apocalypse DLC will be available August 27th, first on Xbox LIVE.

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  • Takeoff: Fans of Stadium from the original Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC will find themselves at home on Takeoff. Marooned in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this remote launch site is all about close-quarters combat, combining tight corners with open spaces for intense encounters.

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  • Dig: An adaptation of the fan-favorite Courtyard from Call of Duty: World at War, where two archeological dig sites in Afghanistan become the perfect playground for combatants eager for hectic, unceasing confrontations. Treyarch, has retained the spirit of Courtyard with two major chokepoints, a wide open layout and raised platforms, but has provided fans with a fresh take on the multitude of paths.

Thanks Jon and Seb!

  • Joshwoocool


  • Siftblade of Rivia

    So does the rocket in Takeoff launch, and does it cause an earthquake like in Launch (BO1).

    • Nitro Splicer

      I’ve gotta think that it does. But on the topic of WaW remakes, imagine a huge map like Seelow in BO2. I would love to see that.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Haha ikr. Apparently big maps don’t do well in BO2 though. Ex: Turbine, Aftermath. :/

        • Nitro Splicer

          Good point. Aftermath, Turbine, and Yemen are all considered “big” maps in BO2 and they are my most hated maps.

          • boye

            no aftermath, turbine and Yemen are pretty good maps the hated maps have to bee carrier and drone

          • worldsbest98

            those two are mazing maps. I cant stand plaza.

        • StraightEdgeAtheist

          I love Turbine and Aftermath very good maps if you’re sniping.

          I wish Treyarch would go back to make huge maps like in WaW.

        • boye

          don’t forget carrier and drone

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I like carrier, good for AR. Drone, not so much.

        • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

          I don’t mind Turbine but Aftermath is honestly one of the worst Cod Maps ever the layout is just trash and it’s almost as bad as fuel from MW2.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I hate both, lol. I’m more of a rushing guy, I want a big map with lots of close quarters action and I don’t get sniped from across the map (Dual band snipers -.-) whenever I take two steps.

  • I can’t be the only disappointed with the Courtyard remake? I mean I’m happy to see one of my favorite maps return, but I don’t like the reskin at all. Oh well. At least Launch 2.0 (Stadium remake) is in BO2

    • sss

      it will still be a good map to play in.


    DAMN.. must be hard to work at Treyarch…. pressing CTRL+C then CTRL+V so much. Then charging people money to buy it again. Please just hit ALT+F4

    • _BBS_

      You realize they had to build it from the ground up again, right?

      • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

        You realize it is only a copy of a map that had already existed, right? Launch was also a theme in BO1. They basically took the layout of Studio and also used the Launch facility theme from BO1. Lazy ass bitches. That’s right, I said it.

        • You seriously have no idea what you’re talking about kid. Theme and layout have nothing to do with it. Better yet it’s even harder to do a remake of a past map than to make a new map. They have to account for the exact size when making their 3D models and making sure that the old lines of sight are not obstructed by their new theme and 3D models. With a brand new map they can just lazily throw a bunch of random shit everywhere and call it an original map. Take it from someone studying and learning level design. Stop talking with your head up your ass.

          • klover

            your learning level design? me too!

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            The new Treyarch team failed that course.

          • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

            I Just wish they would go back to basics. I mean WAW and Cod 4 where the best games from both companies. If the hacking didn’t ruin WAW or Cod 4 id still be playing those and MW2 i mean gameplay wise they ran the best and smoothest i honestly don’t know what happend. I just wish they would stop adding all this useless shit to Multiplayer. If they ever do a Next Gen remake of any of these games i would put all my money on it that they would sell better then any new COD coming out these dayz. Which is why i can’t wait to play me some Titanfall shit’s gonna be amazing.

          • And engine

          • MrNobodyEpic

            I like how Omar keeps on mentioning engine because it’s true.

          • Thankyou you are Epic 🙂

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            big words from a man powered by a female hormone. all they did was right click on an old BO1 file and hit “save as” BO2 map.

          • boye

            dude just go make ur own game then since u hate bo2

          • Don’t forget the engine

          • Adam Nord

            Right!? It drives me crazy when people say they just copy and pasted. I guess it could be easier if they saved the block out from the original because then they would just have to re detail it. But if they didn’t save the block out, or it wasn’t compatible with the updated engine, then yeah, they had to completely rebuild the map from scratch as you said making sure the sight lines and scale were almost identical. I’m also studying level design and 3D spaces.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            i’m so proud of you for going to school for it then you can work for treyarch and hit ctrl+c and ctrl+v all day 🙂 have fun recreating the same map layout every year with different skins 🙂

          • Adam Nord

            Thank you so much for your support!!! If only it was that easy…

        • Don’t forget the engine boy

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            the engine’s are the SAME with a fraction of “improvement” , and FFS, I, uncluding many others, do not notice any improvement?? I’d say the BO2 engine looks worse. BO1 is silky smooth. it’s highly possible to use the same file(s) ! This may be hard to understand, but have you heard of such things like “file conversion” ? EVEN IF, BY SOME STUPID ASS REASON, they couldn’t use the same F*CKING file(s), which seems highly possible with conversion, all they had to do was make the same map again and COPY the same layout. Hence, my Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V joke, which you men lovers lack the capability to understand cause you’re more focused on finding a shaft to ram.

          • Iceember

            You sir are an idiot. Do you know how much work goes into the Quake engine so that it can run call of duty. Not to mention the features like dolphin dive and the tac knife animations were actually added to the engine. Now with the map stuff. Yes they can use copy and paste but there is still a shit ton of work that goes into these redesigned maps. If you actually look at the uplink screenies compared to the stadium ones you will realize some of the routes have been changed up and what used to be a right angled corner now has a smooth curve ect. That takes hours of time to do. Now treyarch says that dig is “Inspired by courtyard” which means they changed alot of the map dynamics and completely remodeled it. A simple copy and paste was not the answer. Maybe some flanking routes aren’t there maybe a spaceship does a flyby just for shits and giggles. Who knows but from the side by sides the map dig looks completely different then it does on the [email protected] Courtyard. BTW I indeed am looking for a shaft to ram on. Could you please direct me to one?

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            i stopped reading after you said “Yes they can use copy and paste” because that’s the only point I was making in my……….. J O K E…..a JOKE. who gives a shit how much work they do, it’s the same damn map we’ve ALREADY played that layout. If I want to play older maps I play the older game.

          • yousirfail

            you are really stuck on that joke that nobody cared about arnt you? it was a bad joke, deal with it, half baked and ignorant.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            i’m not the one stuck on the joke… it’s all you fools stuck on my dick. All of you guys won’t stop trying to support Treyarch’s creative laziness.

          • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

            Black Ops 1 engine looked worse then WAW so clearly your blind or need to get glasses

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            no, you just proved that COD gets worse over time 🙂 i agree

          • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

            Nope i didn’t just shows they got lazy with Black Ops game engine the game looked horrible but the gameplay was awesome just looked like trash. But Black Ops 2 was the completely different the Graphics were awesome but the gameplay sucked hopefully Ghost will be good all around.

    • xx420xx


  • Ray’

    My memories of courtyard are of me getting nade-spammed like a bitch in those little bunker thingys. Cant wait to play it again though!

    • DeathAngel

      YES! For some reason when I saw the picture of Courtyard the FIRST image that popped in my head was my person getting his legs blown off by a grenade.

      • Ray’

        haha, oh i actually miss that from WAW. The violence in that game made it actually feel like war

  • B02 future and the remake a map in WOW past is not going with future

  • J

    in all the comparisons of Dig to Courtyard, all the camera angles where completely wrong except for the first picture…

    • Dig is not an exact copy though, only inspired. So it was hard to get the exact angle… I believe Takeoff is almost identical though so it was easier.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    For some reason, maps like Nuketown, Firing range(Studio), and Summit(Uplink) played better on BO1.

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      you’re definitely right.