Call of Duty’s Create A Class feature in MP is one of the most important features that Call of Duty has. It’s been in every game since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and has kept a similar format till Black Ops 2.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 

All the games from CoD 4 to MW3 had the similar create a class system that we all came to know and love. The simple – one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, a lethal grenade, tactical grenades, and a three slots of perks to chose from – is the basics. Each game has had the choice of new perk varieties, new weapons, etc, but the overall design of Create a Class was the same. We didn’t get to change it fully to our likings.

For Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward added the ability for each Create-A-Class slot to have its own Strike Package layouts.

Treyarch changed this whole system with Black Ops II.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 

With Black Ops 2, Treyarch introduced the brand new Pick 10 system for Create a Class. This system gives you 10 allocation points, and we choose how to allocate thse 10 points. We can choose no secondary; two primaries; two perk ones’; and many more “rule breakers.” This new system has gotten lots of love and attention from fans as it allowed us to customize our load outs to how we want too. You aren’t forced to fill any slots.

What Create a Class system do you want to see in Call of Duty: Ghosts? Do you want to see the return of the Pick 10 system? Or a brand new system?

  • Jo

    Pick 10

  • Mitch

    Pick 10. A lot of times I CoD I never use my secondary, So I can spend those points on something different.

  • OMG it’s AliA

    Pick 10

    • Almog Acco

      dude,what’s your real name?

    • Your real name boy ?

  • iswedishvirus

    Pick 10

  • Pick 10 is a great idea, but it seems to be the most abused and somewhat unbalanced creat a class system to date. Too many not so skilled players seem to make very irritating classes. Dont get me wrong, I like BO2 MP, but I think the pick 10 could be greatly improved and not make it so noob friendly. Just my opinion, I wish to here yours (in a positive manner).

    • Jo

      Well i see what you are saying Alex but that was the point to make it friendly for everyone you just need to make a class to counter their class. That is the point u need to think smart when you are making the class.

      • Kind of hard to counter akimbo B23Rs C4 and scavenger. But I understand what you mean.

        • Quinton Aj Stevens

          Use long range weapons maybe? Akimbo is short range and so is C4

    • Mitch

      True. It could see some great improvements. One thing I find wrong is 3 attachments on primaries.

      • MeisseN

        What is wrong with 3 attachments on a primary…… Before I played BO2 I spent a lot of time in Battlefield 3 and I’m quite used to 3 attachments. One sight, one modifies aiming and another modifies bullet. It might be a little overpowered in Black Ops II (you can leave out a sight and pick some more powerful attachments), but you need 2 points for 1 attachment, right? So, I think 3 attachments on premaries is overall balanced.

        • Maybe he doesnt like how you have to use a wildcard to have 3 attachments. I would like to just have 3 attachments off the bat and not have a wildcard.

      • What do you mean when you say that? I like having more than 2 attachments. Please explain more

  • Samuel hoffman

    Pick 10

  • MeisseN

    Pick 10.

    Perk 1 Greed: Lightweight + Ghost
    Perk 2 Greed: Fast Hands + Scavenger
    Perk 3 Greed: Extreme Conditioning + Tactical Mask
    C4 explosives

    Running and knifing and busting campers with C4. No enemy ever sees you on his radar and nothing slows you down. Just be ware of explosives…. If you are feeling lucky you can also pick up enemy weapons to enhance your effectiveness…
    PS: Not working in Nuketown 2025…….

    Or this:
    AbS0LuTE N00B
    Vector K10 + Fast Mag + Laser Sight + Long Barrel (Primary Gunfighter)
    Fast Hands or Scavenger (I would pick Fast Hands because Vector K10 is so popular I always pick up ammo from dropped guns)
    Dexterity or Tactical Mask

    Well in IW games I can never do anything like that! Mostly I’m strafing enemies with my SCAR-L / ACR or rushing with a SMG. And migrating hosts lol. It gets dumb and boring over time.

    I would love to see Pick 10 making a return in Ghosts! It is the most player-respecting Class system I’ve ever seen.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Why don’t you have toughness in your “AbS0LuTE N00B” class? You’re doing it wrong.

      S00P3R 3Ff3CT1v3 Tr1HaRD Class:

      AN-94 + Quickdraw + Adjustable Stock(Or any LMG with said attachments)
      Toughness(Must have for almost ANY class)
      Dexterity + Tactical Mask

      This class shits on your “AbS0LuTE N00B” class. But yeah, Pick 10 should definitely come back. With a little bit of work, Pick 10 would be perfect.

      • MeisseN

        I don’t equip Toughness because my build has a lot of running and hipfiring. Vector K10 has awesome Rate of Fire so paired with laser it’s really effective. Also kick is high and you don’t want to ADS a lot…. Last but not least, I need to throw C4 so I need Fast Hand..

      • Guest

        Lmg target finder

      • You forget your Lmg target finder

    • MeisseN

      @xx420xx:disqus but where the fuck is your comment now?

  • blackburnt7

    i want the mw3 system back. in that way the secondarys dont have to be overpowered like in BO2. not talking about the c4 spam. campers with shock charges and claymores to cover their back. which they can resupply by one scavenge pack. i like the way MW3 delivers everything. 2 flashbangs or stun grenades and 1 lethal each life. which prevents spamming the crap out of it. i love it. BO2 is to noob friendly and if Infinity Ward will bring back the pick 10 system, Ghosts will be to noob friendly to.

    • Mitch

      Wouldn’t that be fixable with nerfing Scavanger? IMO Scavanger should only refill bullets (and maybe tacticals).

      • blackburnt7

        true. but that way most people wouldnt use scavenger because its just like a waste because other perks will offer much more.

        • Mitch

          Having scavanger is a great perk for people who go on great streaks. I purely use scavanger so I can go on big streaks without picking up a gun. IMO Pick 10 was perfect except the fact you can have 3 attachments on your primary. Then of course you still have to balance the perks, but that’s another problem. And for me it’s add even more value since I don’t use a secondary.

          • blackburnt7

            yeah but like you mentioned secondarys… those secondarys will be like in BO2 which are very f*cking frustrating because they have like shotgun power at close range. far to good in my opinion.

          • Jack L

            If they are really a n00b then why would you care about scavenger. I never run my lethals or tacticals w/o scavenger because then it like every life is one free kill. If your a good player you realize that its better to spend that on an attachment that can last all your life so you get the benefit always. A n00b’s logic is get one kill die and repeat. I think your problem is you don’t like it when good players use scavenger and lethal/tactical. Their is no way to stop n00b logic unless you completely nerf the lethals/tacticals.

          • Off topic

            I agree with Mitch.
            Scavenger is great for people who go on great streaks (i should know, 3.35 on mw3 and 2.75 on BO2 :P). I need to use it on BO2 thanks to people barely ever using stock on their ARs, which is the main reason why i win lots of fights incase you were wondering. MW3 i used specilist just so i can get scavenger like at the 6th point since i don’t need it straight away.
            Back onto everything else Mitch said, for balancing perks out, get rid of toughness, bring back stalker, then the world (cod) will be a lot happier place and that could stop people using a third attachment since it may have been stock, just saying.

          • BudEagle26

            I know very few people that ever use stock. So ur last sentences are invalid.

          • Off topic

            But my point is to get rid of an OP perk so that this underated attachment (which should be a perk) can be made. Honestly if you guys used Stalker or Stock i can guarentee ratio will be higher, unless of course you still stick to corners then stick with dump like target finder and what not 😛

          • BudEagle26

            Bro, the ability to put 3 attachments on your primary is because there are a ton of new attachments and most of them are replacing perks from past cods. Plus if you choose to have 3 attachments, then that is already 5 points in its self.

      • blackburnt7

        true. but that way no one would use scavenger because other perks would offer much more.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Scavenger should only refill bullets and lethals except C4, Claymores, and bouncing Betties. Flashbangs would be acceptable. Concussions should be removed entirely.

        • SivertOlsen

          How ’bout a twist? How about Scavenger ONLY refilling bullets, and…and… hang on now.

          And, Lock On Rockets(Ground-to-air) + Lethal IF, and only if, that person has the same lethal as you, and hasn’t used it yet. How’s that for measure?

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            Pretty good measures.

    • Young Hernz

      I extremely agree with you, I perfer the MW3 Create a Class system then Black, cause MW3 has Pro perks and Proficiencies and i also like when choosing a SMG with Silencer while adding Range Proficiency, but insted in Black Ops 2 you have choose either Suppressor or Long Barrel and you can have both Attachments at the sametime that effects on Range also can have fast Mags and Extended Clip cause it effect on Ammunition

      That’s why MW3 has one of the best Create Class system, of only Treyarch brings backs Pro perks, and fan favorite perks like Slight of Hand and not added Wildcard feature which you have to waste 2 points for an extra Perk, Primary Gun, Attachment, Explosive

      • blackburnt7

        well that didnt irritate me at all actually. but thats probably because i always use specialist on MW3. and thats another thing. i absolutely love the specialist strike package and i think many others. with the pick 10 system its very unlikely that they can bring it back.

        another thing, i dont think pro perks will be there if the pick 10 system is in Ghosts just because it will be too overpowered. if you have all perks pro and choose to just have 8 perks and no guns or whatever. with the pro perks your a f*cking machine that will destroy people.

        • Young Hernz

          the perks in Black Ops 2 are not that good it only effects on person instead of any Gun you choose, thats why I hope Ghost don’t bring back the Pick 10 system and bring back the create class features from Past COD games

          I don’t like Treyarch add Attachments like Fast Mags, and Quick Draw, and Stock, the only use the Fast mag on SMGs and AR that has slow reloading animation, PlusI tried doing that and I get killed easily while I run around with a knife, instead of Pro Perks it would be nice if fix Wildcard cause I hate to spend two points on Perk Greed and and Extra Perk

      • BudEagle26

        I think you just dont like the restrictions that are in black ops 2 because other than that, a pick ten system is better. The restrictions were to make sure the game was balanced.

    • Ryan Merrifield

      That same person has to sacrafice other things too, like attatchments or even enitre guns. I like the Pick 10 because you can play it traditionally, or do something totally unque.

    • Cubes

      MW3 is too newb friendly with assassin and commando lunge knifing. The reason secondaries compete is because they take up a point and so do primary weapons. The pistols were just as easy to use in in mw3 and you can have a modded controller in mw3 and spam semi automatic weapons. Overall, MW3 is more newb friendly than Black Ops 2. and black ops 2 is more competitive

      • BSOG

        MW3 didn’t have Commando, but it did have Assassin. It doesn’t matter either way, because it wasn’t as noob friendly as BOII. Either way, the MW3 Create A Class system was better, especially considering that you could choose your own Strike Packages for each class, but that’s just my opinion.
        Also, who keeps down-voting these comments?

        • Sand Nigger

          whoa calm down their child no need to rage about a little downvote itll be okay the bullies cant get you if you hide under your bed

          • blackburnt7

            wow your really funny.

    • Bouncing betty with shockarge

  • MathewM7

    I hope Ghosts uses the Pick 10 System with the option to choose different killstreaks in each class like in Mw3.

  • MrNobodyEpic

    I believe the Pick 10 System was awesome and the best create a class made ever. I hope they bring it to Ghosts.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    balanced pick 10+ balanced strike packages= pretty good CaC IMO

  • ridderradar

    Pick X, with different points allocating the weapons, perks, attachments etc. For example: 25 points for a primairy, 30 points per perk, 10 for attachments etc.

  • Notacop

    If you play TDM it’s really Pick 7 since you have to use hardline and lightweight to get high streaks….

    • xx420xx

      >lightweight to get high streaks
      for real kill yourself

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      If you’re good than you don’t even need hardline. More like Ghost and Lightweight.

  • Young Hernz

    Pick 10, but in diffrentway with Gun Proficiency(point(s) will not count) from MW3, Balance Deathstreaks and Pro Perks, and reduce point for wildcard so we don’t have to waste two points for a wild card + extra perk, attachment, Primary Weapon

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      No. Just no.

  • Bigi345

    Pick 10. I never use grenades in some of my class. Finnaly i can switch them for 3 attachment for my primary

  • Conor

    Pick 10, just more balanced weapons and attachments!

  • ProDutchie

    Pick 10 is nice, but I prefer the older systeem (MW3)

  • Gatlin Weyer

    Pick 10 with COD Points. That would be interesting to see.

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    Pick 10 is more efficient… Ghosts better have something like this

  • WhiteBoy7thst

    There gonna have a mixture of both

    • DeathBringer935l

      When it releases are you going to make people rage?:D

      • I don’t think that’s the real WB7ST

        • DeathBringer935l

          I know but hey its worth a shot 😀 (“)0.0(“)

  • Atom

    Pick 10 + each class own strike package-system

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Pick 10 with more balanced strike packages would be nice. Support shouldn’t have any offensive rewards and specialist should only award 3-4 more perks.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Pick 10 system= best create a class system eva

  • oscar

    I like Pick 10, its so nice and easy to do, its all infront of you, then MW3 , is horrible, you go though all the options, it takes ages, its not infront of you, and you sometimes forget what you have

    • blackburnt7

      lol? biggest troll ever.

    • You have been treyarchd

  • Derrick Wingler

    generally i dont like treyarch’s multiplayers, but the pick 10 system was absolutely something they did RIGHT. it will be a huge disappointment if Ghosts doesnt implement it. I’m also going to be disappointed if the campaign doesnt allow you to customize your loadouts like in BO2

    • Treyarch didn’t import the strike package now treyarch get payback

  • AcePhoenix007

    No forcing to fill, bring back wildcards, no pick-ten system, and no unlock tokens

  • Who’s on a dislking spree? Anyone else see this?

  • GromBloodby

    Please return to the BO1 system. Always have a primary, secondary, and grenades, and equipment. It did have the Claymore plus grenades issue, but the feeling of being a complete solider in the field was something I felt was lacking in BO2. That and I liked how the Perks were setup, compared to that of BO2. Just my opinion.

    • Lag Ops 1

      • GromBloodboy

        That is something that will be present in most online games. It can be countered to some degree, and lag-comp is a fair system (theoretically) for handling it, but it will always exist. In regards to CaC, its my preferred.

  • Dre

    I think CoD Ghosts should keep the pick 10 system. However, they should definitely make it to where each class had its seperate scorestreak slots like in MW3. That was one big feature that BO2 was missing in my opinion

  • Ray’

    Pick 10 ftw

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Pick 10 is clearly the best system we’ve had yet.

  • Makaveli

    I’d rather want the black ops 1 and or Mw3 create a class system

  • Cell

    The ability to customize killstreaks/scorestreaks/pointstreaks (no more deathstreaks please) in the class is awesome. I hope it’s back in Ghosts.

  • VTM4

    i think pick ten was a very well crafted system that improved the MP of CoD but….. id also like to see something new from IF i feel that they can pull out a more refined system in response to treyarcs pick ten…. as long as it doesnt go back to the old system ill be happy